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“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding” — The Kybalion.

As I work to complete my first book, “The Truth About Everything,” I have have begun to read many ancient texts and legends in order to uncover the ontological truths that, due to the obfuscation of the origin of man and our true history, has mainly survived through a type of veiled verbal symbolism, known as esotericism

The exoteric teachings are better known as the “outermost layer/surface level” that is taught as the verbatim “word of god”, which is the official way of preaching most of the world’s Judeo-Christian influenced theologies and is therefor not allowed to be challenged or questioned in anyway for it is not up to individual interpretation.

This is how most mystery schools of ancient societies ensured only the those steeped in enough esoteric symbology were able to follow their “illuminated” teachings; which contained everything from the philosophic nature and ontological origin of man to the dates of the equinoxes and solstices which in turn assisted in crop production and proliferation of civilizations through elevated communication (or consciousness). 

Through the intentional changing of language throughout history, the origin of man has become just as veiled as the esoteric texts that are ascribed to them; take this into consideration while reading an excerpt from Manly P. Hall’s, “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”, (a classic in esoteric hermeticism).

After first introducing a general background for Thoth, in his many characters and representations throughout history, I will conclude this segment with my own esoteric interpretation of these texts.

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Police State USA:

How the NDAA & Illegal Gun Laws Paved the Way For Chicago’s
“War Zone”

By Eric Anthony Crew

AP Authors Note: Having lived in Chicago for 3 out of the last 5 years I have to add that none of this is particularly new, just alarming in its numbers. Yet as many in the city would point out; this is nothing too surprising considering the numbers of impoverished that live in the ghettos of Chicago as well as the growing number of both the unemployed and the current rise in inflation will only make things worse before they get better.

There is also very real evidence to support the effects of summer on crime rates in Chicago, for some need only to walk outside to consider how the rise in temperature directly impacts and increases the rate of crime and subsequently murder rates in Chicago.

In this segment (a first of three) I hope to detail the history of how Chicago fell into this predicament and then how this is being used as the model for the rest of the United States and what would happen if gun control and Fear tactics are allowed to supersede the last of our constitutional rights.

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 4.46.04 PM

Welcome to the Beginning of the End of the United States and Say Hello to Police State USA.

Military Response to Chicago Shootings Sets New Precedent

Let us first remember, this is the model for what happens when you let the government strip you of your right to bare arms (aka the 2nd Amendment) was put into place to protect the people from a potentially tyrannical government first and foremost, but also from the possible violence of others. Without this Constitutional right in place, those that obtain their firearms illegally (which as the numbers below will show has only increased since firearm prohibition) have a severe and extreme advantage over citizens that cannot protect themselves.

In Chicago the record shows the desire to bare arms was increased by the government’s prohibition which in turn created the “need” for the black market, as it manifested due to supply and demand as it has with any other society in history under these circumstances. If you follow history it tends to repeat itself in this regard and unfortunately always gets worse; for then the government steps in and makes this a military issue.

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has called on the assistance of the United States military to help patrol the blood-soaked streets of Chicago. The unprecedented move is one step away from declaring total martial law in the nation’s third most populous city.

This is bad, since Obama declared the United States to be a “battlefield” as of signing the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) on January 1, 2012 he now has the ability to place standing armies on American soil as well as the authority to indefinitely detain any American citizen without due process. The result could very well be any American voicing opinions to be labeled dissidents and considered Enemies of the State.

During 4th of July weekend, 82 people were shot in an 84 hour period, with a total of 14 succumbing to their injuries. Though the number of murders has fallen drastically since the 1990′s, the violence in Chicago seems to be increasing dramatically.

“It’s groundhog day here in Chicago again,” Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said this morning, in a statement that touched on the violent weekend. “The results were a lot of shootings and a lot of murders unfortunately,” he said. “Yesterday was the day that really blew it up for us in our strategy.”

With their failing strategies to protect the public, city officials will now go in a different direction and call upon the services of the National Guard. The U.S. military will act as a liaison for the Chicago Police Department and will not be given free rein to enforce the law, at least at this moment. The city, which has been given the nickname “Chiraq” because of it’s violent present, will now see increased police presence and armed guards in dangerous neighborhoods.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 2.15.39 PM

Do Gun Laws Work? Crunch the numbers yourself. “Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy announced Chicago Police have seized more than 3,390 firearms to date in 2014.”

The disconcerting number of guns seized and the even higher average number of gun related violence in Chicago can now be shown to be a  result of the ineffectual prohibition along with the increasing number of impoverished and unemployed.

We should ask ourselves then, why is this city being cited as the example for why more strict gun laws to be put in place?

Let us continue this examination next by listing the demonstrably Unconstitutional laws and acts the Obama Administration has participated in since taking office in 2008. For a reference to each act, please click on the underlined words (to follow tab indexed link) to obtain the information needed to make an even judgement for yourself on the path we have allowed our country to walk as well what that will ultimately mean for our future and our children’s future in America.

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The Christ Allegory, December 25th & Archetypal Consciousness


Be sure to listen in to my very first radio interview! On the cusp of a powerful new year I am joined with the wonderful Salini as we delve into the truth about controversial topics such as the possibilities of a historical Jesus as the last of the Ptolemy Kings, the Archetypal Consciousness and embodiment of ascended beings such as Jesus the Christos as well as some comparative mythology in the other anthropomorphized depictions of the “son of god” that all share the December 25th resurrection allegory.

Learn the cosmological influences on this important date in history and a break down of ego consciousness and the 3 parts of the Self and prepare for a great time as we look forward into the intense energies of 2014.


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The War on Consciousness & Modern Warming

To understand the history of global warming is to understand the cycles of the Sun as well as to understand and observe the impedance of deceitful legislation on human development, proposed since the days of Margaret Thatcher, that would cause further hinderance to the wellbeing of humanity and the ecology alike. Do not get tricked into supporting legislation that will continue the lies and avoid the real truth of the matter; the current state of extreme weather and warming is caused by the Sun and not by trace gas elements.

A war on the consciousness is another way of saying there is a war on the perception of the way we see our Earth, as well as the Universe that surrounds it; which greatly impacts the wellbeing of all life on this planet and causes a great detriment in the physical and mental development of the human race. The reasons for this aren’t always as nefarious as some “conspiracy theorists” would have you believe, but in the course of this 3 part series, “The Weather Wars: The Global Warming Fraud, The Chemtrail Experiment, & It’s The Sun Stupid!”, I will thoroughly explain the use of politics and perception to sway the consciousness of the people away from the reality of the Earth and its relative neighbors in space.

the sun from space

Weather Wars Part 1: A Look Into The Facts & Fallacies of The Global Warming Fraud
By Eric Anthony Crew, originally written September 2011

By now everyone with a television or computer is familiar with the terms “global warming,” “going green,” and of course “carbon emissions,” but what do these words actually mean?The theory of global warming reaches as far back as the 1880’s according to historical record.  The natural conclusion of climate specialists was to factor in the impact of human evolution on the changing of the climate, but belief in this theory requires the omission of important data that must be incorporated to better understand the entire scope of this topic. The Earth has been in a cyclical pattern of heating and cooling for millennia and we need to look no further than our nearest star for the proof. The problem of global warming is not that we need to create more laws and restrictions, rather that we need to revise the entire structure of how we view this issue and its source cause.

The hypothesis of global warming began as one of many uncertain scientific hypotheses, specifically stating that the burning of fossil fuels would increase the CO2 levels in the atmosphere which would in turn enhance the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect was then calculated to create an exponential increase in temperature if CO2 emissions continued unimpeded. This hypothesis was regarded as unfounded for almost a hundred years in the scientific community because the original calculations from the 19th century indicated that the average global temperature should have risen more than 1° celsius by 1940, which did not happen.

As Prime Minister of the UK in 1979, Margaret Thatcher returned the hypothesis to the public and attempted to make it a major international policy issue. This issue would set the tone for years to come for all aspiring politicians, whether they believed in the theory or not, so as to not appear weak on protecting the environment. However, her reasons for doing so have come into scrutiny, as the 2008 ABC documentary, “The Great Global Warming Swindle” has described in great detail. Her position was a reflection of her political affiliation’s goal to endorse nuclear programs without international backlash. The way to accomplish this task was to alter the public perception of nuclear technology, which the UK’s Conservative Party desired for ulterior reasons. After the General Elections of 1979, the majority of the coming Cabinet members were former members of the government that lost to the campaigns sanctioned by the National Union of Mineworkers in 1974. The returning politicians sought then for any excuse for reducing the power of the coal industry and their forerunners. A solution came in the revelation that coal-powered stations gave off CO2, whereas nuclear power did not. Global warming contributed the perfect excuse for reducing the UK’s dependence on coal by replacing it with nuclear power.


That industry’s large nuclear processing facilities were also required for the proposed upgrade of the UK’s nuclear weapons program, which the rival Labour Party vehemently opposed. Yet, after the accidents at Chernobyl and Three-Mile Island, public opinion of nuclear technology was severely damaged. That and the privatization of the UK’s electric industry, which held stake in coal remaining the dominant energy source, disclosed the fact that nuclear electricity cost four times more than UK coal-fired electricity. Thus, global warming became the only remaining excuse for the unpopular nuclear power facilities needed for nuclear weapons.

Therefore, Mrs. Thatcher and her associates created the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, and the newly appointed councils were encouraged to place priority in garnering climate-related research. The Hadley Centre persisted as an influential component to this movement and later developed into the well-known and respected IPCC, or International Panel of Climate Control. All of the research and data compiled by these scientists have been funded directly from the government via public taxes. With economic systems beginning to wane, research funding began to lose importance to the public, but global warming remained as an important concern of  the world’s leading governments. Therefore whenever monetary support was needed, politicians would include fearful references to global warming if possible to scare the public into acceptance of further funding.

Understanding the history of global warming’s political influences is an important factor in balancing the views on how society should deal with legislation concerning waste and pollution. Superficially, the essence of global warming was an issue of environmental protection and saving the earth, and so the environmentalist and conservationist movements also began to endorse the effort to stop CO2 emissions. Public opinion was swayed from fear based rhetoric and thus man-made global warming was now the most influential international political topic of debate. The possibility of potential risk became undisputed “facts” in the form of proposed legislation to restrict CO2 emissions. It wasn’t until the Kyoto Summit in ’97 that we would see America truly jump aboard this issue, alongside UK political champion Tony Blair in proposing actions to have nation states commit to the limitations.


The outcome of these legislations resulted in serious economic damage. The industrial and economic growth of any nation requires an abundance of available energy supply and whatever obstructs the supply and usage of energy will then reduce the economic exploits it is based upon. The governments were pressured to reduce their “carbon footprint” to nearly half of their emissions averaged in 1990.

However, there are those that believe that man is not the main cause of this change. To verify this claim, the rise and fall of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels as well as temperature change need to be observed and cross-examined with each hypothesis. Records of atmospheric levels of CO2 since 1940 show a continuous rise, but during this same time the global temperature decreased until 1975 when the temperatures began to rise again.  All models of greenhouse effect suggest a temperature increase indicates warming will be at its greatest for a given location in the troposphere and at its lowest near the surface of the earth. However, both NOAA and NASA’s websites release graphs showing that current satellite and weather balloon data do not support this model. Instead these empirical findings show that the surface warming rate is greater than or equal to the rate in the lower troposphere.

Another part of the theory of green house effects suggest that the Earth’s temperature will change in accordance to the increase or decrease in CO2 levels, however details released by NASA indicate data for the complete opposite. As the Earth cools the oceans begin to absorb carbon dioxide, and as the climate warms the oceans release carbon dioxide. Although because of the very large mass of the world’s oceans, it takes hundreds of years for global temperature changes to register with the oceanic mass. Thus, studies conducted by scientists at drilling stations in glaciers, such as the Vostok station, show changes in the level of atmospheric CO2 follow changes in global temperature at around every 800 years. This does not fit the government and media endorsed postulate that our recent Industrial Revolution is the cause of climate change.


To fully comprehend what comprises the theory of green-house effect we must also understand the catalysts for the argument, namely what CO2 really is and does. Carbon dioxide accounts for only about 0.054% of the Earth’s total atmosphere. The Earth’s atmosphere is but only one part of the total Biosphere, or all of the areas of living and non-living organisms within the Earth.  According to the American Institute of Physics, humans are responsible for less than 1% of that, or around 6.5 gigatons of emissions each year. While that number may sound staggering, these numbers pale in comparison to the 150 gigatons of emissions caused by other plants and animals annually. Decomposing leaves produce even more, volcanoes more than double the average emissions caused by man, and the ocean remains the largest producer of emissions in history. Therefore, collectively analyzing the data thus far indicates that man-made emissions alone cannot be causing global warming.

Even with all of this data being available to the public, there is still a majority of opinion that wants to believe in the notion that man is responsible for a sudden change in our global climate.To get a better idea of why this is, we must return to the panel of scientists that evolved from Margaret Thatcher’s Hadley Center, now known as the International Panel of Climate Control, or IPCC. By using the data findings released by the now infamous, “Fourth Assessment Report’s Working Group I Summary for Policymakers,” we can assess the opposition to this theory and where the relative science has led them. The report, which has been referred to in nearly every piece of global warming legislation since its release in 2007, finds that it is “very likely” that emissions of heat-trapping gases from human activities have caused “most of the observed increase in globally averaged temperatures since the mid-20th century.”

The United Nation panel, the IPCC’s “Fourth Assessment Report’s Working Group I Summary for Policymakers” combines certain scientific understanding of global warming and then predicts what the climate changes will be in the future if not maintained. The Working Group I included the input of more than, “1,200 authors and 2,500 scientific expert reviewers from more than 130 countries.”  The report concludes that it is irrefutable that Earth’s average temperature is rising exponentially, stating that it is proven from what is “now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global mean sea level.” The report also concludes that the two most important heat-trapping gases, carbon dioxide and methane, “exceeds by far the natural range over the last 650,000 years.” Finally naming that the industrial revolution is the prime source for the start of this cycle which is “very likely to have been unprecedented in more than 10,000 years.” Other important points expressed by this report claim that 11 of the last 12 years rank among the 12 hottest years on record and that in the last 50 years, “cold days, cold nights, and frost have become less frequent, while hot days, hot nights, and heat waves have become more frequent.”


This is all very compelling information if only examined in itself, especially if not double-verified which is what is supposed to be attempted in accordance to the Scientific Method. To re-examine the above claims by the IPCC, we should also evaluate their disclaimer made directly under the aforementioned information. The scientists, after quite a lot of controversy in the refutations of certain findings, decide to create an addendum for their use of the word “likely,” even going so far as to create a graph of what “likely” entails. When the IPCC associates the word “likely” to a scientific finding, the term is merely a reflection of a specific range of certainty as defined by a chart on their own homepage, therefore it is not a Universal truth if they create the definition of their information.

To dissect the data released by the IPCC was a complete career killer for both politicians and scientists alike, whom would receive no further support if public statements or questions were made. This continued until the release of the leaked emails and subsequent book entitled, “Climategate,” by Brian Sussman. The “Documents” folder in the enormous data-file released by a whistleblower within the IPCC contains many segments of computer program code used by the IPCC that indicates intentional doctoring of the Climate Research Unit’s global temperature series. The data-file also contained a 15,000-line commentary by programmers concerned that the code and the data used by the scientists were fabricated to substantiate their original hypotheses. In one section titled “seldom-tidy code,” the immense number of filtering, processing and altering programs used on the raw data is unsettling at the least. Alterations that were so blatant included the removal of proxy data that inadequately correlated the measured regional temperatures, and even showed a complete replacement of proxy data altogether with forgeries to conceal the discrepancies between what the proxy data actually showed and what the IPCC wanted it to show.

Within the emails, The team’s programmers even admitted that they were artificially adjusting or “correcting” the proxy data from tree-rings. In the “tech world,” a programmer’s comment following data produced by mathematical algorithms is usually preceded by the statement “REM” for “remark,” indicating that the text on the line following the word “REM” should be ignored by the data collector that compiled the research at a later time. One of the remarks most often included in the program fragments disclosed by the whistleblower stated, “REM Uses ‘corrected’ MXD [proxy data from tree-rings] – but shouldn’t usually plot past 1960 because these will be artificially adjusted to look closer to the real temperatures.” Even going so far as to continue by saying, “These will be artificially adjusted to look closer to the real temperatures.” These are statements made by the authority on the subject of global warming, with an admission that the data are being routinely tampered with for the sake of making the proxy data comparable to the instrumental temperatures.


In one of the most revealing and controversial emails leaked, Professor Phil Jones of the CRU wrote to the authors of the highly popularized “hockey-stick” graph used in many arguments supporting the global warming hypothesis like the documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth.” In the emails the authors of this graph, Michael Mann, Raymond Bradley and Malcolm Hughes, admitted to falsely abolishing the medieval warm period to continue with current beliefs. Professor Jones wrote, “I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline.” These are statements made by the chosen experts on the subject of global warming, showing they are at least perverting their findings, which is fraudulent and should be addressed as such. It is disconcerting to think of all the time, energy, and money that has been wasted just to support hypothesis that, when examining every supporting claim, falls short and even contradicts itself.

The National Academy of Sciences report reaffirmed the existence of the Medieval Warm Period between 900 A.D. and 1300 A.D. and period that followed called the “Little Ice Age” of around 1500 to 1850. Both of these periods occurred long before the invention of the sport’s utility vehicles or the industrial activity that could have possibly impacted the Earth’s climate. In fact, current research shows that the Medieval Warm Period saw the Earth to be much warmer than today and going so far as to claim the Vikings even were able to grow crops in Greenland.

The manipulation of public opinion and funding aside, there has been some positive changes that have occurred thanks to this global myth. People have become more responsible in their daily contribution toward the pollution of our planet. Even though our carbon emissions are not enough to cause the claims of catastrophic and irreversible events, it only benefits the Earth and it’s inhabitants to limit our waste potential. We all share the same air, water and earth on this planet and would be wise to continue to understand that there is always a reaction equal to or greater than the cause of an event. Yet that does not merit the manipulation of the world’s citizens into believing a theory for the sake of legislation and carbon taxes alone.

There are over thirty-one thousand scientists that disagree with the UN’s global warming claims by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM), released by the National Post, which proves once and for all that this is not a view shared only by an uneducated populace. In fact, each of the 31,000 scientists have signed a petition rejecting claims of human-caused global warming. The claim by most media-fed propaganda that only a “few conspiracy theorists” refuse to believe in the myth of man-made global warming completely contradicts the “31,072 Americans with university degrees in science – including 9,021 PhD’s” that signed the petition. The world needs accurate reporting on scientific claims, as well as accountable representatives as the figure heads for the experts that we are to rely on. By allowing legislation to be passed based on faulty, inaccurate and intentionally misleading information we are allowing ourselves to be manipulated into whatever laws will best suit the political endorsers of this claim.


The world now needs new representatives and experts to trust, ones that will base their new research on all of the sides of the issue and without the omission of data that detracts from proposed taxes. By revising our view on the cause of global warming, from the byproduct of the dangerous machinations of man to that of a cyclical process inherent in nature, we will be creating a future free of fear-based propaganda and misinformation. Mankind should continue to limit his contribution of detrimental pollution for the betterment of all living creatures and not for the propositions that will end up only benefiting of a handful of wealthy elitists. The Earth will continue to have cycles of rising and falling temperature and CO2 and in discovering this to be fact we need to correct our perspective regarding our personal impact on global warming.

Now that the political history has been explained we can continue the examination with Part 2 of “The Weather Wars – The Chemtrail Experiment” before ending this 3 part series with the evidence for the actual cause of global warming and cooling; the waxing and waning of the cycles of the Sun in the article, “It’s The Sun Stupid! How Solar Cycles, Solar Flares, & CME’s Cause the Extreme Weather on Earth”, (a semi-literary response to the Bloomberg Businessweek propaganda article, “It’s Global Warming Stupid!”

Eric Anthony Crew


AP UPDATE: Free EBook/PDF Downloads


Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 9.23.53 AM

Click The Above Picture to Download A Copy of Daniel Crew’s, “Man Made Global Warming? Watch Your Wallet!”

Of the reference material used; the first and most inspirational for myself was when reading my father’s short paper entailing the nearly laughable sciences behind Global Warming. This paper inspired the above essay, available for free download is Daniel Anthony Crew’s “Man Made Global Warming? Watch Your Wallet!

“Today’s global warming is part of a natural 1,500-year, plus or minus 500-year, solar cycle operating for at least a million years. The Earth’s climate has warmed and cooled nine times in the past 12,000 years, in lock step with the waxing and waning of the sun’s magnetic activity (Science 2001;294[7 December]:2130-2136). Over the last 1,200 years there has been a “Medieval Warming” (900-1300), when Greenland was green; a “Little Ice Age” (1300-1850), when New York harbor froze, and people could walk from Manhattan across the ice to Staten Island a mile away (in 1780); and the current global warming (1850-?). Rather than “global warming,” a better term for this phase of the solar cycle is “Modern Warming.” Since 1850, temperatures have risen 0.8 degrees C, most rapidly in 1850-1870 and 1920-1940. Temperatures in the 1,500-year solar cycle fluctuate within a 4 degree C range – two degrees above and two degrees below the norm.

The Modern Warming is not confined to this planet. Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and Triton (Neptune’s largest moon) in the solar system are also warming.” – Daniel Crew

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 12.29.24 PM

Click the above picture to download a free copy of, “Climategate: Caught Green-Handed!”

The scandal that blew the lid of the “science” behind this global scam. Indisputable proof these scientists have been faking evidence for years. A must have and as always, free to download from my 4Shared page here, “Climategate: Caught Green-Handed!

Large PDF Breakdown of Time Table for Climate Gate Events

Click to download – Large PDF Breakdown of Time Table for Climate Gate Events


Click to download – Large PDF Breakdown of Time Table for Climate Gate Events


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Shredding the “climate consensus” myth: More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims – Challenge UN IPCC & Gore



“On November 17, 2009 some 3,000 e-mails, software files, and other documents from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit were covertly released onto the Internet. In his November 28, 2009 article “Climate Change: This is the Worst Scientific Scandal of Our Generation,” Christopher Booker summarized the far-reaching ramifications of what was exposed in these emails….”


Causes of global temperature changes during the 19th and 20th centuries


Global Warming Is Media-Hyped Hysteria
by James M. Inhofe. At Issue: Is Global Warming a Threat?


April 21, 2011 marks the one-year anniversary of the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) First Light press conference, where NASA revealed the first images taken by the spacecraft.

In the last year, the sun has gone from its quietest period in years to the activity marking the beginning of solar cycle 24. SDO has captured every moment with a level of detail never-before possible. The mission has returned unprecedented images of solar flares, eruptions of prominences, and the early stages of coronal mass ejections (CME’s). In this video are some of the most beautiful, interesting, and mesmerizing events seen by SDO during its first year.

“We check the main predictions of the climate models against the best and latest data. Fortunately the climate models got all their major predictions wrong. Why? Every serious skeptical scientist has been consistently saying essentially the same thing for over 20 years, yet most people have never heard the message. Here it is, put simply enough for any lay reader willing to pay attention…”

DECEMBER 21, 2012:

The Beginning of the Age of Aquarius

Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 11.01.43 PM


DECEMBER 21, 2012

“The mayan calendar was never about time. It was always about measuring, and keeping track of, the flow of Creation. And the intent of Creation and the aspect of Creation every single day.” “What you pay attention to, you become conscious of; so what if every day, you were paying attention to, the energy of this flow of Creation?  Imagine what would you become conscious of?” – Dr. Ian Lungold



To begin, there are a few issues that are important to keep in your mind while examining the real history, facts, and fallacies of this world-wide conscious phenomena. It seems like there are about as many misconceptions, venerations and even Fears surrounding this well-known date as there are people walking this Earth. However when one actually takes the time to address the original prophecies and viewpoints of the Maya; one would immediately become alleviated in learning that the actual philosophy expounded by the Mayan’s had nothing to do with doom, and yet had everything to do with creation (it’s exact opposite).

With the alteration of language over time comes many problems for archeologists and anthropologists alike. The basic iconoclasm and conquests that we see throughout history have proven detrimental to those trying to paint an accurate picture of the past. This is also because as each conquest is made over time, the history is written by the victor and the result is a disjointed, highly inaccurate (at best) and intentionally fraudulent (at least) retelling that benefits the same people whom are now the “conquerers”. The resulting theft of history and of human consciousness often changes what we know (and later what we think we know of) history; leaving only symbolic clues and hieroglyphic hints begging for someone to put the remaining pieces together and rediscover the truth and history of the origin of man.

To truly understand the implications of the prophecies of the Maya people it is important to listen to both the Ancient Maya and the modern Maya elders as their theology and philosophy have been preserved intentionally for over 1,000 years.


It is also very important to understand consciousness and what time and consciousness have to do with our direct view-point on reality. In fact, our consciousness not only alters our reality; it dictates it as we are only capable of being as aware as our current level consciousness allows. Thus if we have a “pea sized consciousness, we will have a pea sized understanding of something” to paraphrase a popular quote about consciousness. Expand your consciousness by fearlessly examining all of the information presented, for it is only then that can you make an honest and unbiased judgement of the facts you will see today.

We as humans are powerful beings, often only limited by our own misconceptions of the nature and structure of consciousness itself (the very foundation of the Universe). That being said it is important to understand how reality manifests itself. Our thoughts are a combination of our egoistic desires, our emotional reactions and of something else entirely. This “something else” is the soul energy of a man or woman, it is the ether or “unity consciousness” that ties us all together from the micro to the macrocosm.

The combined desires of these parts of the self create our thought patterns, which if you haven’t noticed directly manifest your reality. This is done through intention and action (the latter part of the natural processes of conscious and subconscious manifestation).

Check out my last article on consciousness, “The Current Shift in Consciousness” for more on this.

Now with an understanding that we literally create our individual reality, it is equally important to understand that we “share” our reality due to entanglement (do not get caught up in the nomenclature or wording specifics of entanglement, as it is more important to comprehend the idea that we are, if even only at the atomic level, all interconnected). This means that we “co-create” our reality, which is why there are so many different viewpoints of reality which explains (vaguely) why two different people can experience the very same thing and have two completely different view-points of what they believe they have experienced.

Going forward; is there a version of truth that is in fact the “real” version of events that have taken place, or are we truly doomed to use metaphor and comparisons to forever try to understand the individual reality that each of us experience?  Check out my video on, “The Fear of Truth & The Death of the Ego” for more details on the possibility of a Universal Truth.

The first of three interlocking segments of my personal philosophical entries pertaining to the ontological quest for truth; specifically what can be known with certainty?Are there any absolute truths that can be known or is everything that we know truly a dream made reality by the immense power of our consciousness?

Continuing at this point in our examination it is now important to consider that, due to media attention and world-wide “fame;” more than half of every person in the world (that is about half of 7 billion different consciousnesses), will each at one time be focused (if even lackadaisically or nonchalantly) on the exact date and time come December 21, 2012.

What we have is now a potential for a massive uprising in consciousness, a “jump start” if you will; simply because enough of us will be concentrating on the “present state of man” – meaning we will not be focused on the regrets of the past, nor will we be hoping or dreading the future. No, we will be presently focused on the idea of our individual and collective mortality, the idea of time, and (if even inadvertently) the idea of consciousness.

What you get from this may be debatable, but the fact stands that enough collective minds can and does alter reality (reality being simply an emanation of vibrational frequency/consciousness) and so it becomes, at the very least; a pivotal point in the evolution of human consciousness.

Now comes the tricky part; how to get those that have not accepted co-creation as reality, to understand that it is imperative that we at least continue the vibrational energy of thinking about and working towards a positive outcome for humanity? For those types of individuals I would ask to consider this; if enough people are being Fearful of a certain “impending doom,” pessimistically recalling apocalyptic scenes from such blatantly ignorant films as the 2012 “hit” of the same name; we could possibly create our own collective negative outcome simply by manifesting what would not have even been otherwise.

However to be fair, some people do not believe us to have such powers of the mind, nor that we can find ourselves to be as connected as we truly are. Yet even if the forces of our collective consciousness does not prove powerful enough to change our immediate future to a negative consequence; it should be enough to understand that when we are being Fearful, we LIMIT our intake of the consciousness around us. This means that if there is a chance (and there is) that humanity can concentrate together and GROW from this experience by thinking about love, positivity and healing; that we would miss this opportunity if we remain in a Fearful state. Meaning you could literally miss out on a once in a lifetime chance to have a direct impact on the world around you.


 “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Ghandi

This is because when a person is in a (lower vibratory) state of Fear (or even sadness; a manifestation of Fear and pain), that person’s normally functioning areas of the brain literally shut down to prevent the individual from becoming overwhelmed with stimulus (Fear) which would kill the brain through nervous system shock. The fact that humans are literally kept within an “ORANGE” state of emergency all the time with nothing but negative news and media fed lies should be your first clue that something is not quite right. The use of pervasive entertainment in the media and sensationalism of the material world and the 5 senses is meant to keep us entrained; we find ourselves often even unable to conceive of a life outside of this paradigm. Yet the truth of the matter is that this was not always the way it was for man, nor will it remain this way forever.



 The history and calendar system of the Maya are so well known, debated upon, written about and discussed that I have decided to save time and a lot of space for this article by providing the “historical” accounts of the Maya as according to the Canadian Museum of Civilization (which can be found here). If you find yourself new to the details of the Maya, I would suggest to read the portion containing the Long Count calendric system as it is the main focus of the 2012 debate. Other wise if you are well versed in this area I would recommend perhaps skipping to the “Ancient & Modern Prophecy” sections below.

Maya Civilization

 Deep within the jungles of Mexico and Guatemala and extending into the limestone shelf of the Yucatán peninsula lie the fabled temples and palaces of the Maya. While Europe still slumbered in the midst of the Dark Ages, these innovative people had charted the heavens, evolved the only true writing system native to the Americas and were masters of mathematics and calendrics. Without advantage of metal tools, beasts of burden or even the wheel they were able to construct vast cities with an astonishing degree of architectural perfection and variety. Their legacy in stone, which has survived in a spectacular fashion at places such as Palenque, Tikal, Tulum, Chichén Itzá, Copán and Uxmal, lives on as do the seven million descendants of the classic Maya civilization.

The Maya are probably the best-known of the classical civilizations of Mesoamerica. Originating in the Yucatán around 2600 B.C., they rose to prominence around A.D. 250 in present-day southern Mexico, Guatemala,northern Belize and western Honduras. Building on the inherited inventions and ideas of earlier civilizations such as the Olmec, the Maya developed astronomy, calendrical systems and hieroglyphic writing. The Maya were noted as well for elaborate and highly decorated ceremonial architecture, including temple-pyramids, palaces and observatories, all built without metal tools. They were also skilled farmers, clearing large sections of tropical rain forest and, where groundwater was scarce, building sizeable underground reservoirs for the storage of rainwater. The Maya were equally skilled as weavers and potters, and cleared routes through jungles and swamps to foster extensive trade networks with distant peoples.Around 300 B.C., the Maya adopted a hierarchical system of government with rule by nobles and kings. This civilization developed into highly structured kingdoms during the Classic period, A.D. 200-900. Their society consisted of many independent states, each with a rural farming community and large urban sites built around ceremonial centres. It started to decline around A.D. 900 when – for reasons which are still largely a mystery – the southern Maya abandoned their cities. When the northern Maya were integrated into the Toltec society by A.D. 1200, the Maya dynasty finally came to a close, although some peripheral centers continued to thrive until the Spanish Conquest in the early sixteenth century.”

Maya glyphs were also painted on codices made of either deer hide or bleached fig-tree paper that was then covered with a thin layer of plaster and folded accordion-style. The inscriptions in the codices were painted by highly trained scribes, and record rituals, chronologies and important events.

Most of the Maya codices were burned by the Spanish during the sixteenth century when they tried to convert the Maya to Christianity. The few codices which have survived, however, are a valuable source of information about the religious beliefs of the Maya and their ritual cycle, and record information about the gods associated with each day in the Maya calendar as well as astronomical tables outlining the cycles of Venusand other celestial bodies.

Following the arrival of the Spanish in the sixteenth century, many Maya dictionaries, glossaries and prayer books appeared. These are an important resource in the interpretation of Maya hieroglyphics. The Maya also learned in the sixteenth century to record their own languages using Roman letters, and later Maya works do not feature hieroglyphic writing, but a phonetic rendering of Maya languages in Roman script.

The four known prehispanic codices discovered to date deal exclusively with religious and astronomical matters. They are mostly written in archaic Yucatec, one of the 31 Maya languages.


  • The Dresden Codex is 78 pages long, and was probably written at Chichén Itzá between A.D. 1200 and 1250. Some archaeologists believe it may be a half-century older and that it could have been written elsewhere in Yucatán. The Dresden Codex contains almanacs, accountings of days, predictions, tables of eclipses and movements of the planet Venus, as well as prophecies. It is three and a half metres long and is believed to have been painted by at least 8 scribes.

“Calculations of the congruence of the 260-day and the 365-day Maya cycles is almost exactly equal to the actual solar year in the tropics, with only a 19-minute margin of error.”


The Maya devised over 17 different calendars that varied from tax calendars to ones used specifically to record sacred rituals and dates. What is popularly known as the “Mayan Calendar” by most people in our current Age is what archaeologists, scholars, and anthropologists call the Long Count. The “secret” of the Long Count is that it is a “count” and not a basic calendar. This distinction is important at this part in our examination because the Maya had calendar systems that went far beyond the 2012 date and even measurements that preceded the supposed start date of the Long Count. A few questions naturally come to mind:

  • Why does this calendar, or more accurately, “count of days,” end on December 21, 2012?
  • Why a period of 5125 years?
  • Why the “start date” of August 13, 3114?
  • What is so important about these dates that merited at least a 1000 years of preservation and perseverance by the Maya (whom still exist and have much to say mind you)?
  • Is there something else to the dates that merits more than just a dismissive (and Fear mongering) Hollywood Flick?

The truth of the matter is actually quite simpler than it has been made out to be; the Long Count was used by the Maya to measure a large segment of time; the Precession of the Equinoxes which takes about 24,000 to 26,000 years to complete. The Maya (like nearly every Ancient and Shamanic culture) claimed that the Ages of Man were cyclical, measurable, and something fluid rather than linear like we perceive time to be.

The slow wobble of the Earth makes it appear as though the stars move in a counter-clockwise motion of about 1 degree (of the 360 degree sky around the Earth) every 71.5 years (approximately). This slow “wobble” is called the Chandler Wobble and is not accurately explained by today’s scientists or astronomers (check back in February for my first book, “The Essence of Prophecy” for the truth about our solar system). However, it is a known fact that the 360 degree “band of stars” that we perceive as fixed against the sky, changes its constellation once about every 2000 (to 2100+) years. The actual rate of precession is the topic of much debate, but what can be stated is that the sky was turned in Ancient times into a band of 12 equal parts of constellations of approx. 30 degrees each; which (taking into account that the precessional cycle takes about 25,800 ish years to complete) means that in this model each constellation would take approx. 2100 years or so to complete.

Each of these 30 degree constellations – which pass over the skies of man over a long period of time – were anthropomorphized or made into animals and people to personify and safe guard the knowledge of what happened each time the Sun (God’s Son) would traverse each of the 12 constellations (ie. the 12 apostles, 12 calendar months, and 2 sets of 12 on the clock face – as above so below). These precessional constellations, now given fanciful names and stories relating the history of man to events in space, were called then what it is still called today; an Age or Aeon. The esoteric or intuitive and deeper meanings of the teachings each Age has been lost to many over time (there are many reasons for this as I will explain later, as it is part of a natural structure of rising and falling states of consciousness) and unfortunately for our current Age; it is mostly the the exoteric, or literal interpretation that has survived.


There are many reasons for this other than the cyclical ascending and descending levels of consciousness, but for now I will just say that it is a part of a much larger movement towards a higher order of creation. One of the major problems we face in our current Age is the conundrum of too many people believing in the exoteric or literal interpretations of their faiths; which even their religious leaders know the truth of the matter.

The truth being that this, “End of Time” apocalypse theme does indeed happen every Age because all it means esoterically is that our “time” is ending in this AGE. Religious and governmental leaders know this and understand that with each new Age the people of the Earth shake off the consciousness of the old Age and massive changes occur in both consciousness and progression. The evidence is abound in our culture and one only needs to look to the past (without cracking a doctored history book please) to see the proof for yourself.


Pre-Christian Savior Slaying the Bull of Taurus with the help of the next Age’s Deity, the two twins or Gemini Constellation. All anthropomorphizations, not literal history. Notice even the “cosmic snake” of time and the dog star sirius as well as the crab or scorpion (scorpio) assisting in this Ending of an Age. The Ancients knew well of what we are afraid to address, that time and consciousness are cyclical and can be measured with the “Heavens” or stars.

The previous Ages before ours tell a similar story as our religions and faiths have told us, but taken into context esoterically; this make a lot more sense. Moses was a key figure at the beginning of an Age in the Old Testament and his story is as follows; Moses became overwhelmed with anger when he came back down from Mount Sinai to give the 10 Commandments to his people only to see them worshipping the Golden Calve or Bull. He was so angry he smashed the tablets and instructed his people to kill themselves in order to repent (AP Note: the original ten commandments we often use and talk about were the ones he smashed, the story continues that Moses went back and received new commandments; which differ slightly from the ones we have been told.)


The Golden Calf or Bull is Taurus, shown just as in Ancient Egyptian days as having the solar disk (and moon crescent) atop his head showing “this is where the Sun or God’s Sun” currently resides as the moon and sun are currently in the House of the Bull.

The truth of the matter is that Moses was furious that his people, the Jews, were worshipping the Golden Bull of the constellation Taurus; and with the new Age of Aires (the Ram) the people were supposed to shed the belief system of the old to make way for the changes of consciousness in the New Age. Other Bull Worshipping “religions” (I say this word mildly because they did not believe in the exoteric interpretations as most of us do) included Mithras – the Pre-Christian savior born on December 25th of a virgin whom also slayed the Bull. There is esoteric artwork at the time depicting a bull breaking open an Egg. This is to show that the Age of Taurus has ended, displayed as the Bull Taurus (masculine/destructive) breaking open the Egg of Time (feminine/creative) so that the next Age could begin. As the Age of Taurus ended, the Age of the Ram of Aires began; this is why the Jews still blow the Ram’s horn to this day.


Abraham or “Ab-Hi-Ram” Blowing the Ram’s Horn

After the Age of Aires has been the Age of Pisces where we remain until December 21, 2012; when we will finally and for the first time in about 24-26,00 years, have the winter solstice sun in the constellation of Aquarius. I will explain the details of this further but for now it is important to distinguish the characteristics of the Age of Pisces in order to understand why it is we live the way we do and why things are going to change with the New Age.


The Age of Pisces is esoterically understood as an Age of Division; the “two fish” constellation meant that man had to be told what to do, how to feel and what to believe, while the Age of Aquarius is supposed to be the exact opposite; man can think for himself, live for himself, police himself and look for truth collectively, yet still individually as well.

Evidence that the authors of the current incarnations of the bible knew of this precessional truth is available for those with eyes trained to read sacred texts esoterically. Let me provide some examples:

“We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish,” they answered. – So Jesus fed his people with bread and “two fish.”

In the Ancient times Bethlehem translates directly to House of Bread, meaning the constellation Virgo (whom is always seen as a virgin woman carrying a sheath of wheat; meant to represent the fall harvest at the time of the Sun’s passage through autumn and summer). The reason why it is called “House of Bread” is because each of these constellations were and are still known to these days as the 12 Houses. Bethlehem thus literally translates to the House of Bread, and as others have noted this means it is a place “not on Earth but in the sky” (Heavens).

Mark 6:41 – And He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up toward heaven, He blessed the food and broke the loaves and He kept giving them to the disciples to set before them; and He divided up the two fish among them all.

Zodiac Window (c.1220): Pisces

If you are interested in hearing more about the levels of religious control over our conscious and subconscious, I would suggest to watch such films as, “Zeitgeist” or “The Ring of Power” to name a few. But we must continue now as our examination of the maya and their prophecy of this Age is far from complete.

The current problem many of us face is that we foolishly believe that simply because the End of an Age occurs, so must our lives or fate of man then be tied to this “ending” paradigm. Yet this is not the case time and time again, although to be fair; major events are synchronized to the ending of Ages, yet I believe many of those can be explained within the relevant shifts of consciousness in accordance to what had happened in that state of consciousness each Age and especially that of the Age that preceded it.


One of our current conundrums is also that the religious leaders of the world know about this process and are tying to prevent the majority of us from figuring out this is a natural process. Of those keeping us in the “dark” is especially that of the Vatican whom hoards 90% of the world’s wealth while knowingly asking for more of the people’s little possessions and money (and paying no taxes mind you, and is all the while able to put illegal “gambling” via “put options” from having insider information with their bets on the stock market, but that is another story entirely).

The Vatican understands the esoteric implications of the world ages and also understands that this means an end to man needing to be told how to interpret his path to God and is basically saying that man will understand having a person, place, or institution put before you and the divine source is actually hindering your spiritual and mental development rather than furthering it. We unknowingly pay “tribute” or worship to idols such as the Jesus (the “Christos” or Anointed One, which is a title and not a “name” for namesake) and tell ourselves it is better to not ask questions about the “divine whatever” and instead are told to be a GOD FEARING man or woman.

Why, I wonder, is it so important that we FEAR our CREATION/CREATOR? This idea plagued me as a child because the idea of an infinitely loving GOD and being required to Fear “him” made no sense to me at all, even at 5 years old. The reason why is that Fear is one of the best tools of control and as long as we fear the divine spark of creation, we will never come to understand it or pour place within.


The “Jesus” Fish is also known as the Vesica Piscis or the sacred feminine “womb” of creation. This is why you will commonly see feminine products with two interlocking circles (such as the Chanel sign) because it subconsciously speaks to the feminine consciousness of men and women.


Now that you understand the importance of each Age, you will also be able to figure out why it is so important for those whom have so much to lose from the world waking up to keep us Fearful about the “End Times” which is a literal mistranslation meant to inspire Fear and keep those away from learning the truth. Insert now the Maya calendar; the Maya understood that the Long Count was not the END of ANYTHING other than a WORLD AGE (and the consciousness associated with said Age). This is illustrated by the fact that the Maya claim (along with the Hopi and the Aztec, amongst a few) that humanity has had 5 “Suns” or periods between Ages. This is because the Long Count is actually a marker between the 1/5 points of the of the 26,000(ish) year cycle called the Precession of the Equinoxes.

The 5125 and 132 days of the Long Count) multiplied by 5 (suns, or ages according to legend) and you would get 25626 (and 295 days) which is almost exactly the projected 25,800 year cycle according to many astronomers and scholars.

The Long Count, a span of 5,125 years (and 132 days), was further divided into 13’ths, 20’ths, and then 260’ths. The parts grouped into the “13’ths” is a period of about 394 years and are called baktuns. The parts grouped into “260’ths” were periods of about of 19.7 years were called katuns. The 20ths of the Long Count were groups of 13 katuns (256 years) sometimes referred to as the “short count,” this was clearly used as a way to measure and record Maya prophecy. This can be demonstrated to be true due to the fact that each of the 13 katuns has a specific “fate” attached to it; which the Maya believed that the arrival of each katun brought with it that particular fate or essence depicted by their symbols. For those unacquainted; I will provide summaries of the calendar systems and how they inter-relate (for those that understand please continue to the “REAL PROPHECY OF THE MAYA” section below.

The Calendar Round

“It was used to name individuals, predict the future, decide on auspicious dates for battles, marriages, and so on. Each single day had its omens and associations, and the inexorable march of the 20 days was like a perpetual fortune-telling machine, guiding the destinies of the Maya.”


The ancient Maya and other Mesoamericans used a 52-year pattern, a calendar round, referred to as a bundle, similar to our century; is a count based upon two cycles which fit together like cogwheels with unequal numbers of teeth, each turning the other as an inseparable form of the function of time.


260-day Count

The Maya (Mayan, by custom, refers only to language) divided their year into four quadrants with 65 days in each. The number 260 has many possible origins such as the natural human gestation cycle or perhaps the interval between the planet Venus’ emergence as eveningstar and morning star. Regardless of where it comes from, the 260-day cycle is the first in the Calendar Round. It is made by intermeshing the number symbols (dots for units and bars for fives) from 1-13 with the glyphs for twenty days named after deities who carry time acros the sky.

Vague Year or Haab

A second, solar calendar (named “vague” because it only approximates the 365+ day calendar) is composed of 18 months with 20 days in each. The 20th day makes use of the Maya’s concept of  zero since, instead of its being numbered 20, it is described as the day of the seating of the following month.

Since the least common multiple of 260 and 365 is 18,980; these cycles run concurrently after 18,980 days (equivalent to 52 years of 365 days) which is called a “Calendar Round”, at the end of which a designated day recurs in the same position in the year.

The Tzolkin

The Tzol’kin or Count of Days, is formed by the combination of numerals 1 through 13, moving through each day in an ordered series of 20 Maya day anthropomorphizations or names. From the study of Long Count inscriptions found at various ancient Mayan settlements, evidence has been uncovered to suggest that the Maya believed the current world age began on August 11, 3114 BC (at least according to our Gregorian calendar but would be seen as September 6, 3114 BCE on the previous, Julian Calendar). To provide a firm grounding for all of the history and record keeping of the past, the Maya started the Long Count on their purposed creation or “zero” date; about 3 114 B.C.E., which completed a round of 13 baktuns. There were several ways in which one could indicate the position of a Calendar Round dated in the Long Count.

The Daysigns

IMIX crocodile New beginnings
IK wind Versatility
AKBAL night Spirituality
KAN seed Abundance
CHICCHAN snake Transformation
CIMI death Death
MANIK deer Opportunities
LAMAT rabbit Fertility
MULUC water Purification
OC dog Loyalty
CHUEN monkey Sexuality
EB grass Small problems
BEN reed Potential
IX jaguar Shadow self
MEN eagle Vision
CIB owl Flexibility
CABAN earthquake Solid grounding
ETZNAB mirror Decision
CAUAC storm Change
AHAU sun Power

Purpose or Intent of Tone

1                  UNITY
2                  DUALITY
3                  ACTION
4                  STABILITY
5                  EMPOWERMENT
6                  FLOW
7                  REFLECTION
8                  JUSTICE
9                  PATIENCE
10                MANIFESTATION
11                RESOLUTION
12                UNDERSTANDING
13                ASCENSION

Days numbered 1 are good for starting projects, especially those which relate to that daysign’s energy.  This is the start of a week (trecena) and the energy carries over until the next 1.

Days numbered 2-4 are low-energy days.  The energy may be muted.  These are days of contemplation and stillnes rather than action.

Days numbered 5-9 are balanced.  The energy is palpable.  These are optimal days of action and work.

Days numbered 10-12 are high-energy days.  The energy may be overwhelming.  These are also days of action, but cautious action — it’s easy to lose control and do too much.

Days numbered 13 are high-energy days and also time to end projects in a frantic final burst. (December 21, 2012 is the 13th day of the Maya calendar system).



According to some sources, the Maya prophecies that survived alongside the living Maya of today speak of man prophecies that have in fact; already came true. Their first prophecy talks about ‘The Time of No-Time’, a period of 20 years, which they call a Katun, which is the last 20 years of the Sun’s 5,125 year cycle. This cycle is from 1992 – 2012.

“They predicted that during these times, solar winds would become more intense and could be seen on the Sun. This would be a time of great realization and great change for mankind, and it would be our own lack of preservation and contamination of the planet that would contribute to these changes. According to the Mayans, these changes would happen so that mankind comprehends how the universe works so we could advance to superior levels, leaving behind superficial materialism and liberating ourselves from suffering.

The Mayans say that seven years after the start of Katun, so in 1999, we would enter a time of darkness which would force us to confront our own conduct where we will look at ourselves and analyze our behaviors. This will be a time in which all of humanity, by individual conscious decisions, decides to change and eliminate fear and lack of respect from all of our relationships. The Mayans prophesied that the start of this period would be marked by a solar eclipse on August 11, 1999, known to them as 13 Ahau, 8 Cauac. This also would coincide with an unprecedented planetary alignment, the ‘Grand Cross’ alignment. This would be the beginning of the last 13 years of the Katun period, the last opportunity for our civilization to realize the changes that are coming at the moment of our spiritual regeneration.” -source

A lot of what we know from the Ancient Maya prophecy comes from the Izalpa Maya site; which according to many scholars such as John Major Jenkins, the people of Izalpa may have at one time helped to revise and complete the Tzolkin long count. Stella 11 of the Izalpa site is a monument to “1 Hunab Ku” or the father of the Hero Twins of their creation mythos.

“The concept of Father Sun being reborn at the end of the age is very similar to the events in Maya Creation mythology (the Popol Vuh) in which First Father / One Hunahpu is reborn in the underworld ballcourt. The ballgame metaphor, too, encodes the alignment. If we look at accepted notions of ballgame symbolism, we learn that it is basically about the rebirth of the sun on the temporal levels of day, year, and World Age. The sun is reborn daily at dawn, yearly at the December solstice, and, in terms of World Ages, on December 21, 2012-when the December solstice sun aligns with the Galactic Plane, which is the precession cycle’s “finish line.” The dark-rift that lies along this plane is the “goal” toward which the December solstice sun, as the gameball, moves over many millennia. In this way, the Maya conceived of the gameball going into the goalring as a replication of cosmic time’s end-game.” – John Major Jenkins


The “Mystery Play” as it is often called is thus an esoteric reenactment of the alignment with our Galactic Center. The Ball Court at Izalpa even aligns with the December Solstice Sun and the pre-dawn hours before sunrise would even display the band of the Milky Way. 3000 years ago the position of the solstice sun was observed as away from the buldge, or galactic center of the Milkyway, but was heading towards this place.

The Cross-Roads and the Dark Rift are both within the “buldge” of the nuclear center and can be thought of as the Galactic Womb (as the creation mythos of the Maya being that this center, or Hunab Ku the “great mother”, is the source of all life and consciousness.

“The Mayans had a glyph that represented a ‘black hole’ in the center of our galaxy. They tied their philosophy entirely on what they observed in the heavens. They believed that the center of our galaxy was a ‘Cosmic Mother Womb’ and that it gave birth to our world that went through cycles of birth, death and rebirth.” -Source

The sun’s ecliptic will be making a “Great Cross” or “Heavenly Cross” with the Galactic Plane once again. This cross purportedly takes place approximately every half-point in our precessional cycle. This is known as the Galactic Alignment and is the basis for Mayan creationism and cosmology. The Tzolkin or long Count was created as a way to measure the Ages, or cycles of man according to this alignment (the alignment being a “zero point” or a return to the beginning).


The Harmony of Natural Cycles

Then there is also the math that makes this date simply unlike any other. This math is based on harmonics – not simply a calendar like the kind we use today – but one based on natural gestation cycles, venus transits, solar cycles and more – all of which relate to numbers that rotate in and around each other in a cog of a wheel format that literally count in on itself to explain levels of creation and consciousness, not destruction as is popularized by todays fiction.

“A Great Celestial Conjunction is the merger of two important zodiac crosses for a period of 39 years. The current Great Celestial Conjunction occurs in between the years 1978-2017 and is called era-2012 because it coincides with the ending of the Maya Long Count calendar on the Winter Solstice of 2012. The two zodiac crosses that now merge are the rotating Equinox-Solstice cross (due to precession) and a fixed Galactic cross. It is because the Solstice axis of the first cross merges with the axis of the Galactic cross in era-2012, that Galactic Alignment occurs on both the Summer and Winter Solstice.” – John Major Jenkins


The Platonic Year

The Mayan prophecy speaks about 5 suns, foreshadowing more “suns” or ages for humanity as well. A period of a Sun – which is best understood as a period of time that marks the transition between the Ages – takes approximately 5125 years and 132 days to complete. If we were to take this number (of 5125) and multiply it by 5 (the five ages of man purported by the Maya mythos) and we would have a period of about 25,626 years and 296 days.

It has been a well known fact in cosmology and astrological studies that the apparent path of the Sun as it traverses the Milky Way combines with the slight “wobble” of the Earth to create a precessional or retrograde movement of the stars fixed in the sky (called precessional because going from right to left versus our typical clock-wise pattern). The cause of precession is factored by many things that I will detail later in my book, “The Essence of Prophecy” and uses more harmonic cycles that are measurable based on planetary and celestial happenings.

It has been known and recorded for thousands of years that one complete cycle (a point when the Sun has returned to its point of origin at the start of it’s rotation around our galactic center) takes about 25,800 years. This is called a “Platonic Year” as the followers of Plato would say. This cycle is divided into two halves similar to our day and night. The half closest to our galactic or “central sun” is what has been considered by the Ancients as the “solar system’s day”, while the half at its most distal point being the “solar system’s night”. Each day and each night lasts 12,800 years.

“The Mayans discovered that every grand cycle has its minor cycles, that carry the same characteristics. One galactic day of 25,625 years is divided into five cycles of 5,125 years. The first cycle is the galactic morning, when our solar system is just coming out of the darkness to enter the light. The second cycle is the mid-day, when our solar system is closest to the central light. The third cycle is the afternoon, when our solar system begins to come out of the light. The fourth cycle is the late-night, when our solar system has entered its furthest cycle from the central light. The fifth and last cycle is night before dawn, when our solar system is in its last cycle of darkness before starting again. This is the cycle we are currently coming out of.” – Source



Change the consciousness and you change the reality. Focus your concentration on aspects of reality and you will create a “fast track” to manifesting whatever reality we pay attention to at that particular point in “time”. – Eric Anthony Crew

These are points about consciousness recognized, yet rarely followed. These factors alone make 2012 one of the most significant years (and dates) of this Age. The astrological implications of each Age are actually just the “consciousness aspects” of what the energies that the Sun manifests in each of our  (collective and individual) archetypal subconsciousness.

Astrology has been demonized and watered down in this Age to the point that it is almost laughable when someone wants to give you a “reading” or the like; however in history it is actually only the Christian faith that has disregarded the practices of Astrology as a divine insight into personal and collective truths (as a guideline and not a dictation mind you). Think about that, out of every religion in the world, only Christianity has lead the war on the consciousness related to astrology.That being said let us address the “science of the consciousness” or “astrology of the Ages”.

As the initiate "illuminates" himself, the dawn of "light" or information reveals the truth of the "Heavens" or stars above.

As the initiate “illuminates” himself, the dawn of “light” or information reveals the truth of the “Heavens” or stars above.

In Astrology, Fixed Signs are associated with stabilization, determination, depth and persistence. They are powerful and willfull in all they do, often achieving much more than the other two qualities. On the other hand, they are also inflexible, rigid, stubborn, opinionated and single-minded. These traits are often paired with the need to be considered “right”: they will ruthlessly fight on behalf of their beliefs, regardless of any contrary beliefs. Only during moments of importance or necessity would they consider changing an opinion.

The four fixed signs of the Zodiac are:

  • Taurus (Taurus.svg) : spring in northern hemisphere and autumn in southern hemisphere.
  • Leo (Leo.svg) : summer in northern hemisphere and winter in southern hemisphere.
  • Scorpio (Scorpio.svg) : autumn in northern hemisphere and spring in southern hemisphere.
  • Aquarius (Aquarius.svg) : winter in northern hemisphere and summer in southern hemisphere.

 Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 6.30.06 PM

Now that we understand a little more about the FIXED sign we are entering, it is important to understand the HEAVENLY CROSS or “galactic cross” seen in the “Heavens” or stars above. As the sun traverses the 12 signs of the zodiac or constellations each 2000 or so years, so does the sun on a smaller scale travel through the 12 months (microcosm of the 12 constellations) in which we experience 4 seasons.

Just the same on the smaller scale so shall we see it on the larger, macrocosm; meaning that as the Sun travels through the 12 constellations, so do we experience 4 stages of consciousness evolution. This is called the YUGA cycle of the Vedas and is structured like an ascending and descending wheel, for as one cycle ends so does another begin and so on. I will be addressing the similar prophecies and cycles of consciousness in full detail in my book, “The Essence of Prophecy” but for now it is important to focus on this particular prophecy as it is pertinent to our current state of being.

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 6.29.58 PM
For the past 2000 (+) years we have been in the Age of Pisces; a mutable sign:

Mutable sign: A sign that can be adjustable, understanding, analyser, extrovert. The sign that comes under the mutable section can be associated with the positive qualities as it can act on any sides of Cardinal as well as the Fixed signs. The mutable signs are:

  • Gemini (Gemini.svg) : between the spring and summer seasons.

  • Virgo (Virgo.svg) : between the summer and autumn seasons.

  • Sagittarius (Sagittarius.svg) : between the autumn and winter seasons.

  • Pisces (Pisces.svg) : between the winter and spring seasons.

These “mutable” characteristics have been more than prevalent in this day and “Age” as each of the Equinoxes and Solstices have been in these signs every year for over two millennia. Come December 21, 2012; a miraculous thing will happen (at least according to those unacquainted with the precession) the solstices and equinoxes will have shifted to the “fixed” signs (and characteristics) of the zodiac/constellations.

Basically it goes like this:

From (before) the year 1 BCE to December 21, 2012:

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 6.37.21 PM

The Vernal or Spring Equinox of March 21  = Pisces (mutable)

The Autumnal or Fall Equinox of June 21    = Virgo (mutable)
The Summer Solstice of September 22  = Gemini (mutable)
The Winter Solstice of December 21  = Sagittarius (mutable)

Now after December 21, 2012:

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 6.37.37 PM

The Vernal or Spring Equinox of March 21  = Aquarius (fixed)

The Autumnal or Fall Equinox of June 21    = Leo (fixed)
The Summer Solstice of September 22  = Taurus (fixed)
The Winter Solstice of December 21  = Scorpio (fixed)

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 6.25.38 PM


For most of this section I will be using the summaries of John Major Jenkins, one of the original experts in the field of Maya Cosmology as his descriptions are made of years of personal experience within the Mayan community and his research bares the signs of reason.

“The Dark Rift is a series of overlapping, non-luminous, molecular dust clouds that are located between our Solar System and the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way at a distance 300 light years from Earth, starting at the constellation of Cygnus stretching to Aquila, then to Ophiuchus, where it broadens out, then reaching Sagittarius, where it obscures the Galactic Center and the supermassive black hole, Sag* A, about 28,000 light-years awayweighing some four million times the sun’s mass, and finally to Centaurus.

The solstice-galaxy alignment was conceived as the union of the male principle (December solstice sun) with the female principle (the Milky Way’s center).  The region of the Milky Way that the solstice sun will unite with contains not only the nuclear bulge of the Galactic but also a “dark-rift” feature caused by interstellar dust.  The modern Maya call this dark-rift or Great Cleft the xibalba be — the Road to the Underworld.

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 6.26.16 PMScreen shot 2012-12-11 at 9.34.07 PM

We can have a more general discussion of galactic alignments in history if we consider that the solstice axis aligns with the galactic equator every half precession cycle. Likewise, the equinox axis aligns with the galactic equator every half precession cycle. Thus, galactic alignments, more generally speaking, occur in era 2012 (1980 – 2016) and every quarter precession cycle before and after era 2012.

In terms of Mayan astronomy and mythology, the Dark Rift feature (which the Maya called the Black Road or Xibalba be) lies along the galactic equator (the Milky Way) in the place where the December solstice sun will be in 2012. (More precisely, the December solstice sun will reach the southern terminus of the Dark Rift, where it touches the ecliptic in Sagittarius.)

Thus, in terms of Mayan mythology, we can also describe the Galactic Alignment of era-2012 as the alignment of the December solstice sun and the Dark Rift).

This entire region is targeted by the cross formed by the Milky Way and the ecliptic between Sagittarius and Scorpio. This Cross was also recognized by the Maya, and was called the Crossroads or Sacred Tree. This entire region is embraced by what astronomers call the ‘nuclear bulge’ of the Galactic Center—the center of our Milky Way galaxy. As any amateur astronomer or naked-eye star gazer knows, this nuclear bulge is recognizable without the aid of radio telescopes. It is wider and brighter than other parts of the Milky Way. So, in a general sense we can also say that the alignment in 2012 is an alignment between the December solstice sun and the Galactic Center. However, since the nuclear bulge is quite large, this definition is not as precise as saying “the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator”, which occurs in the range 1980 – 2016. This is the alignment zone I refer to with the term “era-2012.” – John Major Jenkins

Screen shot 2012-12-14 at 6.27.47 PM


The ecliptic: The path followed by the sun, moon, and planets. It is the plane of our solar system. The ecliptic encircles the earth and is divided into twelve constellations, or zodiac signs.

The vernal equinox point is defined by the intersection of the ecliptic and the celestial equator.

The Celestial Equator: The earth’s equator projected into the stars. It is the plane of the earth’s rotation.

The Cross formed by the Milky Way and the ecliptic: Exactly as stated. There are two of these, one in early Sagittarius, the other in early Gemini. The former cross has the virtue of being located within the nuclear bulge of the Galactic Center.

The nuclear bulge / the Galactic Center: A bright and wide region of the Milky Way, visible to the naked eye and between Sagittarius and Scorpio. The more precise and abstract center-point of the nuclear bulge is the precise Galactic Center, located at about 6 degrees Sagittarius (sidereal) and 27 degrees in the tropical zodiac.

The Galactic equator: The precise mid-line running down the Milky Way. Analogous to the earth’s equator, it divides the galaxy into two hemispheres, or lobes.

The Dark Rift in the Milky Way: A feature caused by interstellar dust that runs along the Milky Way from the Galactic Center northward past the constellation of Aquila.

The December solstice sun: The sun, on the December solstice. It is one-half of a degree wide.

The December solstice point: The precise midpoint of the sun, on the December solstice.

The Precession of the equinoxes: The earth wobbles very slowly on its axis and this causes the position of the equinox to shift backwards, or precess, through the signs of the ecliptic at the rate of one degree every 71.5 years. The full precessional wobble is complete in roughly 25,800 years.

Earth Equinoxes and Solstices from Space


The Seven “Dusty” Sisters


The Hopis called the Pleiadians the Chuhukon, meaning those who cling together. They considered themselves direct descendents of the Pleiadians. The Navajos named the Pleiades the Sparkling Suns or the Delyahey, the home of the Black God. The Iroquois pray to them for happiness. The Cree came to have come to earth from the stars in spirit form first and then became flesh and blood.The Pleiades also known as “M45″ or the “Seven Sisters,” is the name of an open cluster in the constellation of Taurus. It is among the nearest to the Earth of all open clusters, probably the most striking visually to a night-sky watcher.

The Pleiades are a prominent in the Northern Hemisphere in winter (especially nearest the solstice) and in the Southern Hemisphere in summer seasons. They are also mentioned three times in the Bible (Job 9:9, 38:31; Amos 5:8). The pyramids at Teotihuacán (constructed by a previous Meso-American civilization) translated to, “City of the Gods” and is also aligned to the Pleiades. Another major monolithic site from ancient days that aligns with Pleiades are the Egyptian pyramids at Giza.

The nine brightest stars of the Pleiades are named for the Seven Sisters of Greek mythology: Sterope, Merope, Electra, Maia, Taygete, Celaeno and Alcyone, along with their parents Atlas and Pleione. As daughters of Atlas, the Hyades were sisters of the Pleiades.



The interesting thing about our alignment with Plaiedes (and our coming December 25th, 2012 alignment with Sol Invictus of the Orion/Pleiades region of the sky) is that the Hopi believed that we would see the “Blue Kachina” or a blue star that would mark the end of our current Age. Some researchers claimed Elenin to have been this star but I find myself recalling a “star knowledge” depiction of the Hopi as they pointed to the Heavens (the Houses of the Constellations) toward the direction of where their “savior” deity would come; marked by the entrance of the Blue Kachina into our relative vantage points from Earth. The Hopi Elder is supposed to be depicted as showing his people the arrival of the Blue Kachina, one can’t help but notice that he is clearly pointing at Pleiades.

“On December 21, 2012 ,which coincides with the Winter Solstice and as the Sun sets west of Chichen-Itza, a pattern of shadow and light will project the Plumed Serpent (Quetzalcoatl) descending on the stairs of the pyramid that has a large head of a serpent sculpted in rock at the base. This occurs twice in Chichen Itza every year, but on the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012 something very special will happen.

As the Sun sets in the early afternoon, the shadow of the pyramid’s northwest edge will project a moving pattern of light that joins and illuminates the sculpted serpent head at the base of the stairway. Within a thirty-four minute period, the serpent, formed by this play of light and shadow will appear to descend to the Earth, as the Sun leaves each stair, going from the top to the bottom. This combined effect creates the visual appearance of the body of the serpent descending the pyramid. In addition, on December 21, 2012, the tail of the serpent projected up from the top of the pyramid will be pointing precisely to the star cluster Pleiades.”


Notice the band of stars progressing above the Hopis (representing the transitions humans make during the precessional cycle of the Equinoxes). The Hopi Elder – depicted in the center – is pointing at the arrival of the Blue Kachina, which marks the end of our Age. It is also worth noticing that he is pointing directly towards Pleiades.






Mayan Spiritual Leader – Ac Tah

The reason I am posting this here rather than at the end with the other “noteworthy” theories of 2012 is because it ties into the theme of consciousness imprisonment as well as Fearful tactics meant to negate the coming change of consciousness and thus hinder or lessen the positive benefits from this “crossing over” event. First I will provide a summary by Maya Spiritual Leader Ac Tah:

“Both the Hopis and Mayans perceive that we are approaching the end of a World Age in 2012.  In both cases, however, the Hopi and Mayan elders do not prophesy that everything will come to an end –rather, this is a time of transition from one World Age into another.

“The years since 1992, up to 2012, are ones of big changes in the planet’s vibration, and ours as well,” says Ac Tah. “Our ancestors calculated one Baktun (20 years) of the energetic instability, where the energy of Earth and the human body would grow slowly, but at the same time, in a very fast way.”  The solar wind has a lot to do with it. The solar winds come in at the Earth’s North and South poles creating the aurora borealis, also known as geomagnetic storms. The Mayans see even more Sun activity up to and after 2012, which will change the electromagnetic field of the Earth. And when this changes, we change too.”

“Already there’s more consciousness to care for the Earth, animals and other human beings,” says Ac Tah. “There’s talk of energies coming in that changes us. Some people can control it, but many don’t know what to do with this energy – it can lead to being diagnosed with a mental imbalance.  We can expect more intensity in 2011, so get ready. It’s time, he says, to purify the body from toxins and negative emotions.” – SOURCE 

 As Ac Tah began to look into the consciousness imprisonment aspect of those in control over world affairs, he became extremely troubled to discover the last major experiment of the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva (a super atom smasher of about 17 miles wide, and many miles deep underground beneath Switzerland) meant to recreate the moment of the “Big Bang” to try and discover the “God Particle”.

Remember: "Days numbered 13 are high-energy days and also time to end projects in a frantic final burst. (December 21, 2012 is the 13th day of the Maya calendar system)."

Remember: “Days numbered 13 are high-energy days and also time to end projects in a frantic final burst. (December 21, 2012 is the 13th day of the Maya calendar system).”

Aside from the Fearful reactions many have given CERN (as the project is called) it is important to note that no one really knows what will happen if this experiment is successful (they can theorize but until empirically recreating the “big bang” they “know that they do not know” as Oppenheimer stated about the use and possible affects of the atom bomb – remember this as this will come into play again soon). Theories run abound from the very real possibility of creating a mini-black hole to possibly opening a “worm-hole” or “star-gate” – yet since we only know for a fact that there is a possibility, if even minute as the scientists claim, of creating a black-hole with this experiment let us address this possibility.Let us first consider that even Maya elders can be fed incorrect information about our current times. Whether CERN is actually conducting experiments on this date has yet to be confirmed as the only site that discusses this from the LHC’s own admission states the following:

Screen shot 2012-12-16 at 2.27.33 PMHowever if we click on the Timetable on the Menu to the left, we are taken to the three days and it details every action on the 19th, the 20th and yet on the 21st a curious thing happens; nothing is mentioned but the TIME table they will be conducting “tests” or experiments. The Time they are using will be ending at 11:00 (remember now the alignment is said to begin at 11:11 GMT). Here is the 21st details according to said website:

Screen shot 2012-12-16 at 2.26.12 PM

Seemingly nothing is taking place on the 21st, at least not publicly shared if so. Although the timing for the “end” of their discussion (before a coffee/lunch break taken before leaving for the day if that makes any sense) is very poignant if you pay attention.

Whether or not these scientists are brazen enough to actually complete their search for the elusive “God Particle” on this day or not may be up for debate, but the Fearful effects of the unknown remain a constant on the minds of some, which may be better spent towards channeling this new heightened vibration and concentrating it so that it’s positive affects will last longer and hopefully benefit more people at a faster rate than we would if we are all kept in the lower vibratory states of Fear during this time.


Notice the similarity of the CERN LHC structuring and the mayan glyph for the “Galactic Tree” or 8 point crossing of the Earth’s equator, the Galactic Equator, and the Sun’s ecliptic or apparent path along its revolution of the center of the Galaxy.

First let us take a look at what we can observe:

  • People are stating that CERN is going to try to recreate the moment of the Big Bang on December 21, 2012.
  • Some believe that they are using the concentrated energies of the Galactic Pulse to ensure they will be successful.
  • Some people Fear that CERN will or possibly could create a mini-black hole.
  • If this happens (the affects of which are debatable and range from collapsing on itself to swallowing up our galaxy) there will be an “alignment” of the supermassive black hole in the center of our galaxy with the minuscule mini-black hole created by the CERN scientists (as above so below?)
  • Outside of the CERN building is a 13 foot bronze statue of SHIVA the WORLD DESTROYER.

“Power players” signing deals in front of SHIVA statue outside of CERN. Shiva is said to destroy each world in order to recreate a new one in an endless “cycle” of chaos, creation, and destruction.

Here is a short video of Oppenhiemer (clearly distressed) has to say about comparing the destructive impulses of man (in setting off the atomic bomb) and comparing it to the actions of Shiva – the World Destroyer

“We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried. Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty, and to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’ I suppose we all thought that, one way or another. ” -Oppenheimer

So to recap, people are afraid of CERN creating a mini-black hole that “could” destroy the Earth. People are also afraid that the super-massive blackhole at the center of our galaxy could destroy the Earth. And outside the building that people are so Fearful of, is a statue in honor of the God that some, still to this day, Fear will destroy the Earth. Are we getting the picture yet?

Fear limits our control over our consciousness and thus it is very important that at every stage of this alignment, in every way, and at every point possible; to remain POSITIVE, HAPPY AND HOPEFUL rather than FEARFUL, ANGRY or RESENTFUL/SAD. Here is Ac Tah’s description of what will happen come December 21, 2012 (including his accounts of CERN and their intentions).


Something interesting was recently brought to my attention regarding CERN shutting down prematurely after supposedly running into a “Milestone” according to their own site today, which was also publicly shut down interestingly enough. Immediately people began questioning; did they discover the God particle? Were they warned not to conduct these tests on this day? Or is this a ploy to see if people such as Ac Tah will no longer perform his aforementioned rituals to negate the “killer protons” and energy from these experiments. One thing is for sure; the guys at CERN have a messed up sense of humor. First Shiva, now a Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference, but in context of tomorrow’s impending “countdown”, we are again lead to believe these men either want to spread Fear or perhaps know something we do not.

Here is the picture on their site:



The final beam of the three-year proton run at the LHC is dumped, with the phrase “So long and thanks for all the fish” from the control team (Image: CERN)

This morning CERN teams brought the first proton run at the Large Hadron Collider to and end with the message, “So long and thanks for all the fish,” – a phrase made famous by British writer Douglas Adams in his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. The remarkable first three-year run of the world’s most powerful particle accelerator was crowned by a new performance milestone. The space between proton bunches in the beams was halved to further increase beam intensity and the accelerator’s luminosity.

“So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish is the fourth book of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “series” written by Douglas Adams. Its title is the message left by the dolphins when they departed Planet Earth just before it was demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass, as described in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” – From another’s recent observation.

Or is it a double entendre meant to say “so long” to the Age of Pisces? My estimations would be as much as well as to likely suggest they were toying with the public by using such a popular science fiction reference.





” This will be the beginning of a new Sun or the ‘Sixth Sun’ according to the Mexicans (Aztecs) w”hom also have world ages that occur every 5000 years approx.


In the beginning it was said that GOD (or any creator as almost every creation mythos starts off this way) SPEAKS existence into being. This is esoterically understood and can be contrasted easily with our understanding of cymatics and quantum physics. The study of cymatics is the notion that sound is the basis for form and shape to manifest from matter, which is frequency vibrating at a low consistency which creates density. The higher the vibration, the less tangible the energy field is according to our third-dimensional constructs. It is actually much more simple than it sounds.

Matter itself is not really made of “things” but of electricity, empty space, and magnetism all of which are dictated by two things; the ether (or “great void” where it emanates from) and the SOUND that manifests the emanation/creation. Matter then must manifest (according to the structure of the sound waves that causes form) through any of the platonic solids, the sacred geometrical shapes I discuss in my second video on Universal Truths, “The Philosophy Behind Sacred Geometry” which can be seen here or watched below and is relevant to the main point of this article, so if you are unfamiliar with Sacred Geometry, please watch.

Thus the science of cymatics is a well known, yet astoundingly misunderstood fact that sound (or frequency/harmonics) has a direct affect on the shape and output of reality/matter. Watch these short videos demonstrating the amazing properties of sound (vibration).


Evan Grant: Making sound visible through cymatics

“And as the frequency increases, so does the complexity of the images”

Cymatics Experiment Mozart “Una Donna a Quindici Anni”

Watch this AMAZING video of a woman singing to affect cymatics in order to show how just the voice of a person affects matter (then think thoughts, then think about the collective consciousness and I think you will understand where I am going with this)

Much like how we updated our televisions from analog to digital; if you change the frequency, the matter will alter according to the sound waves “instructing” it to do so. By heightening the frequency, a geometric shape will manifest (similar to what we just saw create the “star of david” simply by a woman singing proper notes), yet if you lower that frequency again to the original tone, the original shape will occur again! This not only shows us that the patterns are not random, but are part of a “sacred” structure of creation that is inherent in all creation.

In his philosophy (and even scientific studies) Aristotle proposed substance to be the base material of the Universe, yet Ancient philosophy as well as modern studies in quantum physics (the real future of science) tells us a different story entirely; that it is CONSCIOUSNESS itself that structures the ebb and flow of the Universe.

It can be demonstrated time and time again that a person’s reality is only as relevant as the level of consciousness contained (or should I say OBTAINED) by said individual (it can probably be also described in reverse as the same thing).

By believing the Universe to be primarily material (matter) in nature is the reason why materialism has taken hold of humanity and also portends to why people struggle to obtain so many (material) possessions in their life-times because believing in a “material world” often leads to the rejection of the “spiritual world” while neglecting the implications of a conscious and consciously evolving Universe.

Orthodox scientists are still baffled by the atom, by gravity and by quantum physics at large.

As Muarice Cotterell asks profoundly in his epic book, “Future Science,” Why doesn’t the atom spring apart? Given that it is filled with positive charges in the nucleus. Why dont’ the orbiting negatively charged electrons get sucked into the positively charged nucleus?”

We are told that atoms are the building blocks of matter (a/tom – for not cut or cannot cut, cannot be reduced to smaller sizes nor is made up of smaller particles – yet now such things are also known to be false). These minute, infinitesimal aspects of creation (according to today’s teachings) are almost entirely comprised of empty space. Another great question at this point would be, “how can a material world be comprised of vibrating electrical signals “swirling” around in almost completely empty space?

Even though our textbooks and professors may have answers for us, in the world of quantum physics, OUR world ceases to make much sense unless we factor in the HUMAN element. The OBSERVER or CONSCIOUSNESS of the OBSERVER (as it OBSERVES).

Dr Quantum – Amazing Quantum Physics Double Slit Experiment

The reason we have the forms that we do on Earth is because of the Earth’s natural frequency or vibratory state allows for certain structures and forms to take shape (all through sacred geometrical shapes, if even at the “atomic” level) even our intelligence and thought patterns are a form of frequency that is governed by the vibrations (sound) of our own inner pulses (as we still cannot accurately even describe what causes the heart to pulse). This is because we are all a part of the same energy field of consciousness. The more we begin to see ourselves as one, the more the veils of separation will begin to fall; one by one, spot by spot until every person’s consciousness on the collective and individual scale has been freed and will bring with it an understanding of the Unity Consciousness once more. These things do not (in all cases) happen over-night or instantaneously; I think those that have been awaiting a mass consciousness shift to take place like lightning over the “ignorant” masses may be a little disappointed come December 21, 2012.


Usually consciousness ascension starts off at the singular individual level as a person’s thoughts and energy literally travels the expanse of the Universe, then it reaches its peak or some point of “destination” (for lack of better wording) and then returns back to us as a manifestation or “reaction”. This system of “you get what you put in” or “you are what you think you are/cogito ergo sum”  is often understood better esoterically as the cycle of KARMA.

Therefor, if humanity collectively pulls its consciousness toward ascending itself and aligning with the natural energies of the Universe it could actually “jump start” the evolution of our consciousness. If we are, however, focused on the details of the horrific wars, the occupied territories, the murderous governments, the lies of the media, or possibly even fearful of some false flag terrorist attack meant to sway our attention from the divine spark of intelligence that is at the core of the galaxy – then I believe we will get “left behind” in the ways of missing out on an opportunity to ascend both collectively and individually.


And so there you have it, while there are additional details from other noted scholars as I have provided the other positively inclined ones below – and more concerning the feminine and masculine aspects of each side of the shift that I will detail tomorrow. I think any message of love and understanding is important at this time in particular and if you (the reader) believe my observations are able to assist someone you know to come to a level of personal understanding, please share this with them.

A true message of this new Age should only be to inspire Love, Positive Future Outcomes, and New Thought Patterns (abstract or otherwise) that may help us each individually and collectively find our way toward a personal truth and Unity Consciousness. Any message, action, or thought pattern that is erratic and destructive, or negative and fear-mongering; is the consciousness constructs of the Old Piscean Age giving way, pay as little attention to these as possible as doing so may also lessen your attention and energy vibrations at a critical point in your own ascension.

If you take ANYTHING from ANY OF THIS please let it be a message of LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT, UNITY, and CONSCIOUSNESS which are all a part of the same thing as far as I am concerned. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully spread this, or similar messages that inspires actions, thoughts and emotions of LOVE and expel the negative thoughts, actions, and reactions to a FEAR-based reality.

So to end this epic observation of mine I will leave you all with a short excerpt from my father’s NASA disclosure letters to me from back in 2010. May we all find peace, let go of Fear and embrace Love; together.



 "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." Ralph Waldo Emerson
Eric Anthony Crew:

September 6, 2010

Hmm… Interesting stuff, but nonetheless am seriously skeptical about a digital influence…Here is a video about synchronicity 11:11 and digital (or mathematical influence) on our genetic coding.

48829_100000568347256_2086493_nDaniel Crew:
September 6, 2010

Jeeeze, dude. Of course there are cycles. Predictable algorithms, and calendars that can be ascribed to cyclic events in nature that are based on data gathered through the years. From DNA recombinant times, to the Mayan Short Cycle of birth and death; and even their long count calendar – everything is based on pattern. Including our mathematical language to describe nature. However, be careful of knuckleheads that have a minimal understanding of the language of nature…     Cheers.


"The Universe is awash in life, it is part of the conscious nature of it all." - Daniel Anthony Crew

“The Universe is awash in life, it is part of the conscious nature of it all.” – Daniel Anthony Crew




I am not one to say that my perspective is the only or even the “correct” one, however I think after reviewing and allowing the aforementioned information to sit and stew in your consciousness for a while, I suspect you will each come into the understanding that will work for you (and hopefully a positive one at that).

That being said I will thus post some of the best of the alternative theories (minus the gloom and doom ones, we have enough negative propaganda as it is bombarding your consciousness, if you would like one of those theories, check out Disney’s “The History Channel”).

First here is a collection of 6 Amazing & Hard to Find Ebooks Worth Downloading for FREE on my 4SHARED page

-“The Auric Time Scale & Synchronism of Planets”  – The Real Math of how 1.618 explains the entire Maya calendar (as well as why it actually ends on December 23 and not the 21st according to said studies).

-“The MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences” – Says it all, worth the read.

-“Calendar Fraud: What Day Is It Today?” – Studies into calendar frauds, recalculations, and interesting theories.

- “Awareness Itself” – Thought Provoking and Essential to Consciousness Studies.

-“Language, Thought, & Logical Paradoxes” – Another Essential Read in Understanding and Recognizing Thought Pattern.

-“The Fluoride Deception” – Read How Fluoride Is Not Only Poisonous, But Also Inhibits Mental Growth & Pineal Gland Functionality.



Ian Lungold – Secrets of the Mayan Calendar Unveiled

The Galactic Butterfly

symbol is called
the Galactic Butterfly
which is said to represent all of
the consciousness that has ever existed
in this galaxy. This is all of our physical ancestors
both human, animal, reptile, fish, shell fish, plants as well
as the consciousness which organized all of the raw material from
a whirling disk into stars then planets and solar systems. Big Meaning. So
big that the original Maya had no symbol for this. In their civilization it was like
having no name for God. Just knowing the concept was good enough. Later this pattern
was devised by Toltec or Zapatec weavers as a pattern for blankets and this is where Jose Arguelles
came across it. He called it Hunab Ku. The indigenous peoples call it “The Galactic Butterfly”. Butterflies are seen
as ancestors returning for a visit to physicality. Wearing one of these symbols is very powerful as it broadcasts your
reaching to actively join the consciousness of our galaxy.

Ian Xel Lungold




2012 Crossing Over: A New Beginning







Again, it is just my opinion but I believe the 3 days of darkness is a metaphor for our changing consciousness and that the 3 days of Darkness has to do (most likely) with celestial events that are coming and have to do with the passage of our second sun, a brown dwarf star (of which I will discuss as the main topic of my first book, “The Essence of Prophecy” ) as well as the Galactic Superwave and over time unfortunately many of these cyclical cosmic changes have been blended together. Then again, I’ve been wrong before. Regardless if I am wrong about CERN not creating a blackhole or three days of darkness; I know I am correct in saying that these will be a sort of distraction from the harmony we may attain.

So if anything happens, whether it be a fake alien invasion (as discussed by many threads as being the time the government will use our Fears to create a One World Order by making a Universal Enemy that we all unite against yet can never be defeated due to the fact that it is really still the government – sounds familiar actually, like our common enemy of a “faceless war on terror”) or the entrance of our brown dwarf star (often confused as the fabled Nibiru) – whatever may occur it is ESSENTIAL for you to keep your hearts and minds open to the healing realignments of the Universe. Do not allow the possible plans of others (think of the Connecticut killings and the time placement of one exact solar week before the New Age begins) to deter or distract you from becoming one with the harmony of creation.




Download Your FREE Copy Of  “Calendar Fraud: What Day is it Today?”  from my own 4SHARED page for more on these calculations.




HARMONICS and NUMBERS explained by David Wilcox in “The Source Code”


“The typically recognized number system given for the structure of the Mayan Calendar is very simplified and round; 20, 260, 360, 7,200 and 144,000. Each of these refer to a number of days, namely the uinal, tzolkin, tun, katun and baktun. We cannot ignore how harmonic these time cycle numbers really are, and it gives us a lot to consider when we realize that the structure of time as we know it is built up from this.

For example, 36 and 36 adds to 72, and 72 and 72 add to 144, the frequency of Light.

All numbers one through eight have specific meanings in the Octave, and nine, ten, eleven and twelve are also very fundamental for different reasons. 13 appears to be the last number that carries a unique vibration before the vibratory properties again duplicate themselves.

We are reminded that many ancient cultures including the Sumerians would use base-12 as a counting system at various times, and in this system the vibrations of the number 13 would represent an octave – the first counting unit on the next “level,” just as 10 is the next “level” of the number 1 when using a base-10 system. The vibrations of the number 13 as an octave can be seen on a conventional piano if you were to play a “chromatic” scale, where you go from C to C playing both white and black keys.

Each scale will have 12 notes before resolving to the Octave on the 13th. So again, we can see that 26 is a harmonic number in its own right, only it appears that the Maya were much more aware of it than the Sumerians.

So again, the Sun’s equator rotates in 26 Earth days.

Ten of these rotations, or 260 days, are pivotal to all higher-level Solar cycles. Therefore, the Mayan Sacred Year of 260 days would be a precise way of keeping track of solar activity.

When we expand our tzolkin number of 260, (built up from the vibrational number 13,) to its higher harmonics, we have 260 katuns in the Calendar Cycle, at roughly 20 years each. We also have 260 days in the Sacred Year.

Chatelain realized that by adding a very slight 54 days extra to the standard harmonic katun length of 7,200 days, he suddenly, magically arrived at the precise length of time between each conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

7200 days is 19 years plus 260 day

the katun not only worked for Jupiter and Saturn, but when taken as a unit, it plugged into the orbits of many other planets as well.

For the Mayas the katun of 7,254 days was not only a measure of time but also an astronomical unit to express the synodic periods of revolution of planets, or the count of days needed for each planet to be realigned with the Sun and the Earth. For example, 5 katuns were equal to 313 revolutions of Mercury, 13 katuns were equal to 121 revolutions of Mars, or 27 katuns were equal to 7 returns of Halley’s comet.

Meanwhile, the Mayas had also discovered [the Main Calendar] cycle of 1,886,040 days that represented exactly 260 conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn, 2,310 of Mars and Jupiter, 2,418 of Earth and Mars, and 3,230 of Earth and Venus.

This particular cycle was the key to the mystery of the Mayan calendar. It was based on the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn, something nobody had cared to consider… nobody had tested the conjunctions between the planets.

[Until now, they still haven’t, other than Cotterell’s notice of a cycle that tied in the , discussed in his book.]

The conjunction period of Jupiter and Saturn is in reality 7,253.445 days, but the rounded-out Mayan value of 7,254 days is valid because they did not use decimal parts and counted in whole days only. So the Great [Calendar] Cycle of the 260 Mayan conjunctions was 1,886,040 days, or 5,163.8 of our years.

And thus, we have Chatelain’s explanation of how he arrived at what he considered to be the true length of the Mayan Calendar, 5,163.8 years, and how it was measured.The measurement occurred through planetary conjunctions, the very foundations of astrology and an unchanging product of celestial mechanics. We also can see from his writings here that a great number of differing planetary conjunctions all fit into the Calendar Cycle like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Notice, though, that this system of planetary calculations fits for his number for the Mayan Calendar, at 1,886,040 days of length, and not the regular number of 1,872,000 days.Cotterell’s work does give us many crucial parts of the puzzle, but it was Chatelain’s discovery that the Mayan Calendar was directly linked to astrological conjunctions that led to his discovery of the importance of Jupiter and Saturn. In order to fit the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions that the Maya used as a counting system, Chatelain needed to modify the typically utilized dates and therefore a baktun, which is 1/13th of the whole cycle, would be 145,080 days. The standard harmonic figures take the baktun to be 144,000 days — and we again remember that this is the harmonic of the Speed of Light as well as the number of people said to Ascend in the Bible.

If we multiply the traditional baktun of 144,000 by 13, we get 1,872,000, the number of days for the common Mayan Calendar cycle. So between Chatelain’s length of 1,886,040 and the common length of 1,872,000, we can see that there is a discrepancy; the astrology-based Mayan Calendar from Chatelain is slightly longer in duration.

Again looking back to Cotterell, we see that his own sunspot shift cycle of 1,366,040 days was very closely related to 1,366,560 days, the Mayan “Super Number” in the Dresden Codex. They are exactly 520 days apart from each other, or 2 x 260, the tzolkin number and Sacred Year, built up from the harmonic vibrations of the number 13. This should leave absolutely no doubt that the Maya were aware of the solar cycles we are discussing.

Just to recap, the harmonics of 13, expanded into the “tzolkin number” of 260, appear to be of pivotal importance in understanding all of our mystically interrelated cycles, including the Great Cycle of ~25,920 years, in many more ways than one.

The tzolkin is the anchor of the entire system, from the 26 day rotation of the Sun’s equator to the “Sacred Year” of the Maya to the number of katuns in the Mayan Calendar. The tzolkin also links the sunspot shift cycle to the “Super Number,” allowing it to expand into the Great Solar Cycle.

Now, we have just shown how it also demonstrates the harmonic link between the J-S conjunctions and the sunspot shift cycle itself.We have shown that due to the properties of aether vibration, each planet is a multidimensional body, which assembles into a geometric, crystalline form. These crystalline forms are nothing more than the holographic projections of the One; essentially, conscious energy forms.”

Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 2.35.03 PM

Another model of timeline ending with our new Age in 2012

2012 The Movie (The Positively Inclined Documentary)

Part I — THE HISTORY BEHIND 2012 — How time changes consciousness, rare 26,000 yr occurrences, how the RCC ties into 2012, 11:11, solar maximum, 2011 vs 2012, acceleration of creation, the numbers behind 2012, time speeding up, transformation of consciousness, corruption of Gregorian calendar, other 2012 end dates, the New Earth, world chakras, time travelers and 2012, Schumann resonance, alchemy and our solar system, climate change, the photon belt, the I Ching, Mayan astrology, Galactic Alignment, Mayan obsession over time, the cycles of time, the end of a world age,timewave zero

Part 2 — THE MAYAN CALENDAR EXPLAINED — Ian Lungold thoroughly explains the levels of creation in the Mayan calendar

Part 3 — CROP CIRCLES AND 2012 — Daniel Pinchbeck, David Wilcock, Geoff Stray and Gregg Braden talk about crop circles and 2012

Part 4 — FEAR AND 2012 — The roots of terrorism, 911, social engineering, how the few control the many, Illuminati, RFID chips, love, fear and spirituality, vaccinations, aspartame, fluoride, GMO’s and Monsanto, government propaganda, mind control, TV mind manipulation, ET help from above, neocons, fear mongering, consciousness and fear, Freemasons, ordo abchao (order out of chaos), 33 longitude and latitude, reduction of stress, the mind and illnesses, the gift of fear, fear and love vibrations,

Part 5 — DNA UPGRADE? — the DNA of love and fear, activation of DNA, phantom DNA effect, emotions and DNA, Fibonacci sequence, DNA upgrade, gratitude and DNA

Part 6 — SPIRITUALITY AND 2012 — negative prophecies will not occur, synchronicities and 2012, metaphysical phenomena, consciousness shapes reality, left brained versus right brained thinking, suppression of the feminine, spiritual transition of the psyche, seeking inner truth, repression of emotions, intention, how some people may get left behind, the Mandelbrot sequence, thoughts = manifestations, harmonic unity, the miracle of YOU, centering yourself spiritually, torsion fields and consciousness, the power of meditation, opening a channel to your higher self, following your intuition, the power of light, now is the time to expand your consciousness, time travel, expanded consciousness, listening to your heart, the end of a 26,000 year opportunity, research tools, the bottom line.




Here is the story of the beginning,
when there was not one bird,
not one fish,
not one mountain.
Here is the sky, all alone.
Here is the sea, all alone.
There is nothing more
–no sound, no movement.
Only the sky and the sea.
Only Heart-of-Sky, alone.
And these are his names:
Maker and Modeler,
and Hurricane.
But there is no one to speak his names.
There is no one to praise his glory.
There is no one to nurture his greatness.

And so Heart-of-Sky thinks,
“Who is there to speak my name?
Who is there to praise me?
How shall I make it dawn?”
Heart-of-Sky only says the word,
and the earth rises,
like a mist from the sea.
He only thinks of it,
and there it is.

He thinks of mountains,
and great mountains come.
He thinks of trees,
and trees grow on the land.

And so Heart-of-Sky says,
“Our work is going well.”

Now Heart-of-Sky plans the creatures of the forest
-birds, deer, jaguars and snakes.
And each is given his home.
“You the deer, sleep here along the rivers.
You the birds, your nests are in the trees.
Multiply and scatter,” he tells them.

Then Heart-of-Sky says to the animals,
“Speak, pray to us.”
But the creatures can only squawk.
The creatures only howl.
They do not speak like humans.
They do not praise Heart-of-Sky
And so the animals are humbled.
They will serve those who will worship Heart-of-Sky.

And Heart-of-Sky tries again.
Tries to make a giver of respect.
Tries to make a giver of praise.

Here is the new creation,
made of mud and earth.
It doesn’t look very good.
It keeps crumbing and softening.
It looks lopsided and twisted.
It only speaks nonsense.
It cannot multiply.
So Heart-of-Sky lets it dissolved away.

Now Heart-of-Sky plans again.
Our Grandfather and Our Grandmother are summoned.
They are the most wise spirits.
“Determine if we should carve people from wood,”
commands Heart-of-Sky.

They run their hands over the kernels of corn.
They run their hands over the coral seeds.
“What can we make that will speak and pray?
asks Our Grandfather.
What can we make that will nurture and provide?”
asks Our Grandmother.
They count the days,
the lots of four,
seeking an answer for Heart-of-Sky.

Now they give the answer,
“It is good to make your people with wood.
They will speak your name.
They will walk about and multiply.”
“So it is,” replies Heart-of-Sky.

And as the words are spoken, it is done.
The doll-people are made
with faces carved from wood.
But they have no blood, no sweat.
They have nothing in their minds.
They have no respect for Heart-of-Sky.
They are just walking about,
But they accomplish nothing.

“This is not what I had in mind,”
says Heart-of-Sky.
And so it is decided to destroy
these wooden people.

Hurricane makes a great rain.
It rains all day and rains all night.
There is a terrible flood
and the earth is blackened.
The creatures of the forest
come into the homes of the doll-people.

“You have chased us from our homes
so now we will take yours,”
they growl.
And their dogs and turkeys cry out,
“You have abused us
so now we shall eat you!”
Even their pots and grinding stones speak,
“We will burn you and pound on you
just as you have done to us!”

The wooden people scatter into the forest.
Their faces are crushed,
and they are turned into monkeys.
And this is why monkeys look like humans.
They are what is left of what came before,
an experiment in human design.

Caves under pyramids

The following is a short conversation and officially concludes the “Conversations With My Father” series (the “conversations with my father” series being a collection of comments and emails from a short period of contact ranging from our first contact in 2010 to our final conversation in 2011). This particular conversation took place between May 10 and May 13 of 2010.

The wisdom that my father has imparted to me has proven itself priceless time and time again and has given me the direction and fortitude to follow; not only in his steps, but in the steps of the “giants” that have walked before me in the fields of philosophy, cosmology and in quantum physics, which have also helped guide the way. In this conversation my father comments under a few articles I had posted about the (then) recent finds under the pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx.

We end the conversation with his brief hinting toward the Galactic Superwave cycle – something many people feared would occur during the winter solstice of December 21, 2012, which can be explained by clicking the aforementioned date by my all encompassing article, “The Harmonic Time Count of the Ages”.

The Superwave Theory will be explained at length (along with other forgotten truths) in my first book, “The Essence of Prophecy” which will be completed in 2013. Also check the bottom of the article for a link to my 4shared page for a free download of the esoteric classic, “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”.



Eric Anthony Crew:
May 10, 2010

Some “new” findings in the Giza Plateau; Complex tunnels and rooms have been discovered under the Sphinx, extending into the nearby town and caves. Seems like our friend, Mr. Cayce was right after all. Let’s all keep an eye on the interesting things unfolding over the next several months in that area. Thanks for the information dad.

Cave Complex Allegedly Found Under Giza Pyramids

“We explored the caves before the air became too thin to continue. They are highly dangerous, with unseen pits and hollows, colonies of bats and venomous spiders,” said Collins. According to Collins, the caves — which are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years old — may have both inspired the development of the pyramid field and the ancient Egyptian’s belief in an underworld.

“Ancient funerary texts clearly allude to the existence of a subterranean world in the vicinity of the Giza pyramids,”

Egyptian authorities try to hide the cave discovery

According to Collins,

“Dr Hawass [Secretary General for Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities] actually denied the existence of the caves. He has done this publicly. Why he has done this is a matter of debate.The most easiest explanation is that the preliminary investigations that he did following our visit to inform him of the discovery of this cave, in April 2008, meant that his people went in the tomb overlooked the entrance, as we did initially.”

Fifteen months later, bowing to the inquiries made by the press and Egyptian scholars, Dr Hawass confirmed that he has ordered an all-Egyptian team to explore the tomb at the center of the “controversy”. Controversy? How could a discovery on such a scale be controversial?

“We are clearing this system now, and it is a Late Period catacomb, like many others around Egypt,” he stated this week. “There is no mystery about it, and there is no connection with esoteric topics. We will publish our results as part of our normal process.”

While applauding Dr Hawass’s new interest in the site, Collins remains sceptical of his motives. “We knew in August that he had started clearing the tomb,” he said. “The excavations began almost immediately after knowledge of the cave discovery hit the internet.”

Collins is also unconvinced by Hawass’s explanation of what he calls the “catacomb”. “Does his use of the term ‘system’ now suggest that he has found and entered the caves, which he previously denied even existed? he asks.

“My colleagues and I have examined photographic evidence of dynastic catacombs throughout Egypt, and these all appear to be carved by human hands.”

- Zahi Hawass


Horrible music here, but this is a collection of the Giza plateau excavation in video form.

The Conversation

Daniel Crew:

The B of the bunch is that looting and illegal digging have been underway since Sept ’09. I would not doubt that the Egyptian Antiquities Authority have been behind it. They have been attempting to protect the myth that Egyptian culture is responsible for construction of the Pyramids. The Egyptian’s built several structures, but not the 10,000+ year old Pyramids. Khufu is rolling in his sarcophagus – wherever he is now for the $5 mil purchase price.

I knew it. I have been saying for YEARS that the pyramids were far more ancient than Hawass or any of those controlled Egyptologists claim… and the digging and pumping of flooded waters underneath were to find and seal or removed the hall of records so that we wouldn’t discover that this has probably happened a few times already or at least much older than what they claim.

Daniel Crew :

Your intuition is very good. In 1991 the first team travelled to Egypt to perform analysis of the Sphinx and perform GPR under its surFace. Their findings indicated the body of the Sphinx was over 10,000 years old, but other parts (including the face) were from 3,000-ish years ago. And, there were rooms under the beasty. Dr. Hawass (Egyptian Antiquities) kicked them out of Egypt, claiming fraud; without evidence to counter the claims. His rationale was based on his cultural beliefs.pyramidcaves.bottom

Eric Anthony Crew :

I’ve heard that the last great flood was part of why they had to remake part of the Sphinx… curiouser and curiouser…

Daniel Crew :

Yes, kind-of. There are event alignments since a lot occurred within a few hundred years. 11,000-12,000 years ago was the end of our last ice age, when we experienced our last galactic energy burst from the core (which occur in 12,000 yr-ish cycles). These energy cycles cause large very energetic solar flares, which disturb the geo-magnetic structure of the Earth. A few side effects are heat and rain. The Earth warmed, and polar regions melted quickly – thus the flood. The civilization existing at that time was decimated by the huge energy/mass solar ejections. The flood did not help either. You both are smart enough to fill in the blanks.Cheers.

@Eric: BTW, I sent a more detailed accounting of, “interesting history with Bonzo”  Check your FB mail. Part III is probably difficult to accept; but, look inside and you will see the truth of it.

AP Note: “Interesting History With Bonzo” was his code name for the disclosure emails that he sent to me in the period leading up to his passing. Part IV, “The Current State of Weapon Technology” was never sent as he passed away 3 days after his last letter to me, suggesting me to leave my former residence of Chicago.

The emails I have dubbed, “My Father’s Disclosure Files” and although were once available here on Aquarian Philosophy with an email subscription (to safeguard access) I have since decided to include the letters in the last chapter of my book, an homage as well as a testament to the knowledge of a man whom far exceeded anyone I have ever met, and doubt I ever will.

The emails, now cemented into my consciousness as a jump-off towards greater truths, will be shared with the world once again as the last chapter of my book, “The Essence of Prophecy”, which will be completed in late 2013.



“The Mystery of the Sphinx”
March 25, 2012

Robert Schoch – Interview With Red Ice Radio Correspondent Henrik Palmgren

“Robert Schoch, a full-time faculty member at the College of General Studies at Boston University since 1984, earned his Ph.D. in Geology and Geophysics at Yale University. In the early 1990s, Dr. Schoch’s geological analyses of the Great Sphinx of Egypt demonstrated that the statue is thousands of years older than the conventional dating of 2500 BCE, bringing him worldwide fame. In his new book Forgotten Civilization Robert reveals scientific evidence of advanced civilization predating ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and Greece, as well as the catastrophe that destroyed it nearly 12,000 years ago and what its legacy can teach us about our own future. In the first hour we discuss the weathering of the Sphinx, its origin, the chamber underneath and the mysterious Sphinx temple. We also discuss Edgar Cayce’ s Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) and the current situation in Egypt.”

Drilling under the Sphinx (Featuring Dr Zahi Hawass and Dr Mark Lehner)

Dr Zahi Hawass and Dr Mark Lehner talk about the latest conservation tests being carried out at the Great Sphinx, Giza, to test whether this iconic Egyptian landmark is at risk of a rising water table. Assisted by the Cairo University, the team are making holes around the Sphinx to check the porosity of the limestone underneath, as well as a side-benefit of being able to test the theories of whether there are hidden chambers and tunnels underneath.



I looked on to the roaring crowds of protestors in Egypt and hoped to myself that this would happen, and thought silently to myself of the above conversation and its relevant to that our history and how hopeful I was (and still am) that these secrets protected by men such as Hawass, will be re-released to the world.

Zahi Hawass: Epitome of Egyptian Corruption

Written on February 15, 2011 by Salem Muhammod in Egypt, Region
As this article is being written there is a tank positioned in front of the Egyptian office of Antiquities. Why? To protect the Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass.  The crowds in front of the building are made up of the same sort of people who drove Hosni Mubarak from power and they are going for Mr. Hawass.More specifically there are angry Egyptian archaeologists there as well. Zahi Hawass is said to have plundered the Egyptian populace out of a lot of money.The protesters turned to the Egyptian Army with a list of demands hoping they would be able to come through:Prosecuting Zahi Hawass for corruption and accountability for the theft of 18 masterpieces from the Cairo Museum

Dr. Zahi Hawass, Fake Chamber Scandal

“Dr. Zahi Hawass could be in trouble again, evidence has emerged that he has been lying to the Egyptian Public, history, and the world!”

“It appears that there isn’t just one shaft, there is in fact two shafts, one original, and a second counterfeit shaft.

So the original shaft was filmed prior to the robot being deployed, then with a switch of the cameras, the second and fake shaft was filmed whilst the robot was sent in to drill.

But why would that be the case? what would that achieve?

Well its a slight of hand trick, the old swap the card while the eye is’nt looking game, Zahi Hawass had us believe that the chamber was going to be drilled, and its secrets would be revealed, live on t.v., before the world. When in actually fact he used a fake chamber, a fake door, which was drilled, revealing nothing but a coarse slab, fooling the world into believing that nothing of any interest lay behind the mysterious door, thus keeping the original and real chamber for himself, and also the secrets that lay beyond it.”



The Great Sphinx and Napoleon Bonaparte

If the aforementioned mysteries have shown us anything, it is that the Sphinx is far older than most of the “ancient world mysteries”, we now know it came from a civilization that pre-dates what we consider Ancient Egypt (part of the reason Zahi Hawass was so concerned with people making truthful discoveries in Egypt). We also know and at least suspect there to be more buried beneath these sites than we were ever told and more and more amazing discoveries pour in each day.

The true nature of the pyramids at Giza were in fact used for “free energy” and “healing tones” – which is what Nikola Tesla discovered upon his visit to the esoteric homelands. Check out these amazing, and completely truthful, documentaries by Carmen Boulter called, “The Pyramid Code” to learn more about this vortex technology.

The Riddle of The Sphinx

In conclusion, I leave you with the classic riddle of the Sphinx, and two interpretations which may leave you with more clues about the nature, and origin, of these ancient relics.

In Greek mythology, the Sphinx sat outside of Thebes and asked this riddle of all travelers who passed by. If the traveler failed to solve the riddle, then the Sphinx strangled them. The word “sphinx” is translated from the Greek Σφιγξ – Sphinx, apparently from the verb σφιγγω – and sphingo: meaning “to strangle”.

If the traveler answered the riddle correctly, then the Sphinx would destroy herself. The riddle: “What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?

Oedipus solved the riddle, saying, “A man, who crawls on all fours as a baby, walks on two legs as an adult, and walks with a cane in old age.” The riddle finally being solved the sphinx  threw herself from her high rock and died.

One way to interpret this is that “morning, noon, and night” are metaphors for the times in a man’s own life. However esoteric riddles are known to have (at least) two meanings, a meaning for the common man (the exoteric, or literal translation) and the meaning for the initiated (or the illuminated, or mystery school adept).


The other way to interpret this has been hinted by the Masonic scholar, Manly P. Hall in his epic, “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” (available here for free download on my 4shared page) and is as follows;

“There is still another answer to the riddle of the sphinx, an answer best revealed by a consideration of the Pythagorean values of numbers. The 4, the 2 and the 3 produce the sum of 9, which is the natural number of man and also of the lower worlds. The 4 represents the ignorant man, the 2 the intellectual man, and the 3 the spiritual man. Infant humanity walks on four legs, evolving humanity on two legs, and to the power of his own mind the redeemed and illumined magus adds the staff of wisdom. The sphinx is therefore the mystery of Nature, the embodiment of the secret doctrine, and all who cannot solve her riddle perish. To pass the sphinx is to attain personal immortality.”


Eric Anthony Crew
Aquarian Age Productions

The Lost Caves of Giza

The Lost Caves of Giza

“In 2008 a set of mysterious and long-forgotten caves was rediscovered by a British exploration team comprised of Andrew Collins, Sue Collins, and Nigel Skinner-Simpson with the help of engineer Rodney Hale.

The caves were found through solid background research and precise calculations based on stellar alignments and a forgotten archaeological diary made by the British diplomat Henry Salt in 1817.

After the discovery was officially reported to Dr. Zahi Hawass, Hawass denied that the caves existed but soon took a film crew into the cave system for a reality TV show.

In this intriguing documentary, interviews with all of the team members are interspersed with recreations of Henry Salt and actual film and photos of the cave system under the Giza pyramid complex and its initial rediscovery.”

The Current Shift in Consciousness

For today’s world it is sometimes necessary to explain the same thing to different people in more than one particular way; this is due to the many different versions of the way we each perceive the same reality. That being said I think I have the perfect 3 ways to explain this current consciousness shift for anyone in a way that would help them to understand and accept it as a reality no matter your vantage point or base perspective.


For the Spiritualists: You have already felt, or have begun to feel the changes already and understand that intention manifests the reality you desire (for both negative and positive consequences, depending on your intention).

For the Scientists: (Think Double Slit Experiment); Quantum physics explains that our world is PROBABILISTIC, not OBJECTIVE. This is a simple, yet profound way of saying that solids (particles) behave like waves (frequencies) depending on whether or not they are being measured (observed or watched). In other words, we directly impact our reality based on our level of awareness and perception.

For the Pessimists: Think about “group hysteria” and or “mass hypnosis” – a very real, demonstrable part of the human collective consciousness – and consider that when enough people are each both individually and collectively concentrated on a particular thing; it will become a suggestive part of their literal reality. The result would be either a positive infusion of accelerating ascending consciousness, or a detrimental setback based on ignorance, intention and action.

There are so many unique ways to participate in the coming (and current) ascension of humanity’s vibrational frequency as we return towards a unity consciousness; our “return” proposed by some as a passing from our current state of a heightened 3rd dimensional frequency to that of a level that is most likely one energy quanta level above where we currently reside.Unity consciousness can be best understood as that which encompasses the knowledge of a unified Universe.

This is largely all due to the fact that on December 21, 2012 our solstice sun will once again be in the constellation of Aquarius, meaning we have indeed made it to the Age of Aquarius (check here for my all-encompassing article as I detail the 2012 event for the last and final time). Many just beginning this journey may feel the need to constantly challenge the status quo, or to “correct” others from acting upon their lower impulses in order to better cohere with what is to come.While this may work for some, it is not always a necessary task to undertake.Those that have experienced the difficulty of trying to push your discoveries onto others (I prefer the term and action of nudging) will be able to empathize with the frustration and general nature of dealing with another’s ego and psyche during this process. Unfortunately, many losses of friendships and family may occur due to this. The problem at this point is a lack of vision in the person that is “ascending”.It is important to understand that the action of pushing these viewpoints onto others is only one way to help (and sometimes that is not quite the word I would use) to be as the Bodhisattva and to assist others during this transition; but there is another way.

Through  the many ways we each may take toward our own personal path of “enlightenment” we can take comfort in knowing that when you concentrate on just your own energy, on_ raising just your own frequency through your own conception of personal ascension by whatever means you feel appropriate you will also be, in turn, helping to raise the vibrational frequency of all of humanity because (as we remember now from quantum physics) we are all connected. This is in actuality, a much more effective way of assisting others during this time. I write this in hopes that I may help other whom find themselves frustrated in wondering what they can do to help; and to that person I say, do you.

Eric Anthony Crew

(Start video at 2:17 to skip music video portion)

Starting with a short music video inspired by the ascension process and features the artwork of Alex Grey; the final segment in my philosophical trilogy addresses the alternative media fed “hype” of the upcoming and current ascension of consciousness for humanity; namely whether if is it real, if it is it measurable… and has this happened before? This segments concludes with the ideas of Universally known truths with the proposal of consciousness in of itself as the root for all measurement and offers an anecdote for the personal involvement in assisting our world with the very real changes ahead.

Please enjoy and check back soon for my first book, “The Truth About Everything“, due out in late 2014 as well as new videos to follow.



The Songs of the Spheres


Songs of the Spheres: A Precessional Poem

by Eric Crew

As the sky pours out the heavens and the stars begin to fall,

When our days become much shorter and our words have grown too tall.

A forgetful trend of bitterness; our History that’s ensued, The stars will start their game again, the pieces have been renewed.

The Suns set soon upon the board; two Kings are all but left, Our minds yet turn to other things, more pressing than of this theft.

For the pawns have all retreated, our Time now put to test, In Space a tone has sounded; the Storm that follows rest.

Change will come chaotically and not at all as planned, With knowledge of these changes; the seers seen as damned.

At least by eyes untrained to see the truth of days that passed, But recognition is self-evident and with it happens fast;

The consciousness of duality, with its void laid bare to see, Which cocreates reality; which in turn will set you free.

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Conversations With My Father: HAARP, MKULTRA & Tesla Technology

“Next, the aerial spraying issue. Yes there is some use of this process, and some of it is related to HAARP. By using the aluminum oxide and barium oxide mixtures, it can act as a “reflector” enabling the HAARP pulses to work over the horizon for imaging and other purposes. But, some of it is not related to HAARP, and I don’t have direct knowledge of the why-for’s.” – Daniel Crew (taken from his disclosure letters).

The following excerpt is from a short communication between my father and I regarding a video on HAARP that I had posted on a social media network only a few years back, yet still fairly naive in certain areas. After our discourse I invite you to take a look into the findings that I and others have found; as well as videos, official documentations and even a copy of the US Patent proving the existence and purported intention behind HAARP technology so that you can make up your own mind as to what exactly this technology is being used for and why so many of us are unaware of such an important part of the modern ascension of technology.

Eric Anthony Crew

February 22, 2010
All about HAARP, straight from the horses mouths themseves. If you’ve ever been curious about Nikola Tessla technology (“tessla coil”, free energy, earthquake and the weather modification technology patents that companies like Raytheon obtained) check it out. Interesting documentary, highly informative and definitely one that makes you think…

“HAARP can be used for many purposes. Enormous quantities of energy can be controlled by manipulating the electrical characteristics of the atmosphere. If used as a military weapon this can have a devastating impact on an enemy. HAARP can deliver millions of times more energy to a given area than any other conventional transmitter. The energy can also be aimed at a moving target which should constitute a potential anti-missile system.”

Daniel Crew
February 23, 2010
Yup. From first hand experience, most of what some call “transfer technology”, is very advanced and has been in use for many years. Some of the web’s info is bogus, but some is correct. My second hat in the military was as a COMSEC Officer at the G-2/J-2 level, and I was well aware directly and indirectly of some “interesting” capabilities and programs we have in use.

Even with a TS-SBI clearance, I only knew what I was supposed to know; but guys in these programs talk with friends that are cleared. It’s interesting from my perspective to see some of this stuff come out on the web; what its right, and what is not correct.
The HAARP stuff is correct for the most part, but it is not very accurate/precise yet …. Cheers.


HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.

The HAARP program is committed to developing a world class ionospheric research facility consisting of:
      * The Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high power transmitter facility operating in the High Frequency (HF) range. The IRI will be used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere for scientific study.
* A sophisticated suite of scientific (or diagnostic) instruments that will be used to observe the physical processes that occur in the excited region.

Observation of the processes resulting from the use of the IRI in a controlled manner will allow scientists to better understand processes that occur continuously under the natural stimulation of the sun.”

VIDEO BREAKDOWN: How HAARP Is Used In Seismic Warfare!

“The United States has three ionospheric heating facilities: the HAARP, the HIPAS, near Fairbanks, Alaska, and (currently offline for modifications) one at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. The European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) operates an ionospheric heating facility, capable of transmitting over 1 GW (1,000,000,000 watts) effective radiated power (ERP), near Tromsø in Norway. Russia has the Sura ionospheric heating facility, in Vasilsursk near Nizhniy Novgorod, capable of transmitting 190 MW ERP.Another site, operated by military sub-contractor under unknown arrangement between the US and Canadian government, is located near Cape Race, Newfoundland, Canada, at N46° 38.649′ W53° 9.010′ There is minimal or no grid power available at this site, so this may be a passive listening post for the transmissions emitted by other HAARP sites.In August 2002, further support for those critical of HAARP technology came from the State Duma (parliament) of Russia.

The Duma published a critical report on the HAARP written by the international affairs and defense committees, signed by 90 deputies and presented to then President Vladimir Putin. The report claimed that “the U.S. is creating new integral geophysical weapons that may influence the near-Earth medium with high-frequency radio waves … The significance of this qualitative leap could be compared to the transition from cold steel to firearms, or from conventional weapons to nuclear weapons. This new type of weapons differs from previous types in that the near-Earth medium becomes at once an object of direct influence and its component.” However, given the timing of the Russian intervention, it is possible that it was related to a controversy at the time concerning the US withdrawal in June 2002 from the Russian-American Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. This high level concern is paralleled in the April 1997 statement by the U.S. Secretary of Defense over the power of such electromagnetic weaponry. Russia owns and operates an ionospheric heater system as powerful as the HAARP, called ‘Sura,’ which is located roughly 150 km from the city of Nizhny Novgorod.

The objectives of the HAARP project became the subject of controversy in the mid-1990s, following claims that the antennas could be used as a weapon. A small group of American physicists aired complaints in scientific journals such as Physics and Society, charging that the HAARP could be seeking ways to destroy or disable enemy spacecraft or disrupt communications over large portions of the planet. The physicist critics of the HAARP have had little complaint about the project’s current stage, but have expressed fears that it could in the future be expanded into an experimental weapon, especially given that its funding comes from the Office of Naval Research and the Air Force Research Laboratory.These concerns were amplified by Bernard Eastlund, a physicist who developed some of the concepts behind the HAARP in the 1980s and proposed using high-frequency radio waves to beam large amounts of power into the ionosphere, energizing its electrons and ions in order to disable incoming missiles and knock out enemy satellite communications.

The US military became interested in the idea as an alternative to the laser-based Strategic Defense Initiative. However, Eastlund’s ideas were eventually dropped as SDI itself mutated into the more limited National Missile Defense of today. The contractors selected to build HAARP have denied that any of Eastlund’s patents were used in the development of the project.After the physicists raised early concerns, the controversy was stoked by local activism. In September 1995, a book entitled Angels Don’t Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology by the former teacher Nick Begich, Jr., son of the late Congressman Nick Begich (D-AK) and brother of U.S. Senator Mark Begich (D-AK), claimed that the project in its present stage could be used for “geophysical warfare.”



Below is a copy of the HAARP patent made available by

A link to to the original version at the patent office website is here.
(The below copy is easier to read.)

The HAARP patent includes a proposal to release large clouds of barium in order to increase electron precipitation. 
Scroll down to see it in red.

United States Patent

Eastlund August 11, 1987

Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere


A method and apparatus for altering at least one selected region which normally exists above the earth’s surface. The region is excited by electron cyclotron resonance heating to thereby increase its charged particle density. In one embodiment, circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation is transmitted upward in a direction substantially parallel to and along a field line which extends through the region of plasma to be altered. The radiation is transmitted at a frequency which excites electron cyclotron resonance to heat and accelerate the charged particles. This increase in energy can cause ionization of neutral particles which are then absorbed as part of the region thereby increasing the charged particle density of the region.

Inventors: Eastlund; Bernard J. (Spring, TX)
Assignee: APTI, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)
Appl. No.: 06/690,333
Filed: January 10, 1985
Current U.S. Class: 361/231 ; 244/158.1; 380/59; 89/1.11
Current International Class: H05H 1/02 (20060101); H05H 1/18 (20060101); F41G 7/20 (20060101); F41G 7/22 (20060101); F41H 13/00 (20060101); H01Q 1/36 (20060101); H05B 006/64 (); H05C 003/00 (); H05H 001/46 ()
Field of Search: 361/230,231 244/158R 376/100 89/1.11 380/59

References Cited [Referenced By]

Other References

Liberty Magazine, (2/35) p. 7 N. Tesla. .New York Times (9/22/40) Section 2, p. 7 W. L. Laurence. .New York Times (12/8/15) p. 8 Col. 3..

Primary Examiner: Cangialosi; Salvatore

Attorney, Agent or Firm: MacDonald; Roderick W.


I claim:

1. A method for altering at least one region normally existing above the earth’s surface with electromagnetic radiation using naturally-occurring and diverging magnetic field lines of the earth comprising transmitting first electromagnetic radiation at a frequency between 20 and 7200 kHz from the earth’s surface, said transmitting being conducted essentially at the outset of transmission substantially parallel to and along at least one of said field lines, adjusting the frequency of said first radiation to a value which will excite electron cyclotron resonance at an initial elevation at least 50 km above the earth’s surface, whereby in the region in which said electron cyclotron resonance takes place heating, further ionization, and movement of both charged and neutral particles is effected, said cyclotron resonance excitation of said region is continued until the electron concentration of said region reaches a value of at least 10.sup.6 per cubic centimeter and has an ion energy of at least 2 ev.

2. The method of claim 1 including the step of providing artificial particles in said at least one region which are excited by said electron cyclotron resonance.

3. The method of claim 2 wherein said artificial particles are provided by injecting same into said at least one region from an orbiting satellite.

4. The method of claim 1 wherein said threshold excitation of electron cyclotron resonance is about 1 watt per cubic centimeter and is sufficient to cause movement of a plasma region along said diverging magnetic field lines to an altitude higher than the altitude at which said excitation was initiated.

5. The method of claim 4 wherein said rising plasma region pulls with it a substantial portion of neutral particles of the atmosphere which exist in or near said plasma region.

6. The method of claim 1 wherein there is provided at least one separate source of second electromagnetic radiation, said second radiation having at least one frequency different from said first radiation, impinging said at least one second radiation on said region while said region is undergoing electron cyclotron resonance excitation caused by said first radiation.

7. The method of claim 6 wherein said second radiation has a frequency which is absorbed by said region.

8. The method of claim 6 wherein said region is plasma in the ionosphere and said second radiation excites plasma waves within said ionosphere.

9. The method of claim 8 wherein said electron concentration reaches a value of at least 10.sup.12 per cubic centimeter.

10. The method of claim 8 wherein said excitation of electron cyclotron resonance is initially carried out within the ionosphere and is continued for a time sufficient to allow said region to rise above said ionosphere.

11. The method of claim 1 wherein said excitation of electron cyclotron resonance is carried out above about 500 kilometers and for a time of from 0.1 to 1200 seconds such that multiple heating of said plasma region is achieved by means of stochastic heating in the magnetosphere.

12. The method of claim 1 wherein said first electromagnetic radiation is right hand circularly polarized in the northern hemisphere and left hand circularly polarized in the southern hemisphere.

13. The method of claim 1 wherein said electromagnetic radiation is generated at the site of a naturally-occurring hydrocarbon fuel source, said fuel source being located in at least one of northerly or southerly magnetic latitudes.

14. The method of claim 13 wherein said fuel source is natural gas and electricity for generating said electromagnetic radiation is obtained by burning said natural gas in at least one of magnetohydrodynamic, gas turbine, fuel cell, and EGD electric generators located at the site where said natural gas naturally occurs in the earth.

15. The method of claim 14 wherein said site of natural gas is within the magnetic latitudes that encompass Alaska.



1. Technical Field

This invention relates to a method and apparatus for altering at least one selected region normally existing above the earth’s surface and more particularly relates to a method and apparatus for altering said at least one region by initially transmitting electromagnetic radiation from the earth’s surface essentially parallel to and along naturally-occurring, divergent magnetic field lines which extend from the earth’s surface through the region or regions to be altered.

2. Background Art

In the late 1950’s, it was discovered that naturally-occuring belts exist at high altitudes above the earth’s surface, and it is now established that these belts result from charged electrons and ions becoming trapped along the magnetic lines of force (field lines) of the earth’s essentially dipole magnetic field. The trapped electrons and ions are confined along the field lines between two magnetic mirrors which exist at spaced apart points along those field lines. The trapped electrons and ions move in helical paths around their particular field lines and “bounce” back and forth between the magnetic mirrors. These trapped electrons and ions can oscillate along the field lines for long periods of time.

In the past several years, substantial effort has been made to understand and explain the phenomena involved in belts of trapped electrons and ions, and to explore possible ways to control and use these phenomena for beneficial purposes. For example, in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s both the United States and U.S.S.R. detonated a series of nuclear devices of various yields to generate large numbers of charged particles at various altitudes, e.g., 200 kilometers (km) or greater. This was done in order to establish and study artifical belts of trapped electrons and ions. These experiments established that at least some of the extraneous electrons and ions from the detonated devices did become trapped along field lines in the earth’s magnetosphere to form artificial belts which were stable for prolonged periods of time. For a discussion of these experiments see “The Radiation Belt and Magnetosphere”, W. N. Hess, Blaisdell Publishing Co., 1968, pps. 155 et sec.

Other proposals which have been advanced for altering existing belts of trapped electrons and ions and/or establishing similar artificial belts include injecting charged particles from a satellite carrying a payload of radioactive beta-decay material or alpha emitters; and injecting charged particles from a satellite-borne electron accelerator. Still another approach is described in U.S. Pat. No. 4,042,196 wherein a low energy ionized gas, e.g., hydrogen, is released from a synchronous orbiting satellite near the apex of a radiation belt which is naturally-occurring in the earth’s magnetosphere to produce a substantial increase in energetic particle precipitation and, under certain conditions, produce a limit in the number of particles that can be stably trapped. This precipitation effect arises from an enhancement of the whistler-mode and ion-cyclotron mode interactions that result from the ionized gas or “cold plasma” injection.

It has also been proposed to release large clouds of barium in the magnetosphere so that photoionization will increase the cold plasma density, thereby producing electron precipitation through enhanced whistler-mode interactions. 

However, in all of the above-mentioned approaches, the mechanisms involved in triggering the change in the trapped particle phenomena must be actually positioned within the affected zone, e.g., the magnetosphere, before they can be actuated to effect the desired change.

The earth’s ionosphere is not considered to be a “trapped” belt since there are few trapped particles therein. The term “trapped” herein refers to situations where the force of gravity on the trapped particles is balanced by magnetic forces rather than hydrostatic or collisional forces. The charged electrons and ions in the ionosphere also follow helical paths around magnetic field lines within the ionosphere but are not trapped between mirrors, as in the case of the trapped belts in the magnetosphere, since the gravitational force on the particles is balanced by collisional or hydrostatic forces.

In recent years, a number of experiments have actually been carried out to modify the ionosphere in some controlled manner to investigate the possibility of a beneficial result. For detailed discussions of these operations see the following papers: (1) Ionospheric Modification Theory; G. Meltz and F. W. Perkins; (2) The Platteville High Power Facility; Carrol et al.; (3) Arecibo Heating Experiments; W. E. Gordon and H. C. Carlson, Jr.; and (4) Ionospheric Heating by Powerful Radio Waves; Meltz et al., all published in Radio Science, Vol. 9, No. 11, November, 1974, at pages 885-888; 889-894; 1041-1047; and 1049-1063, respectively, all of which are incorporated herein by reference. In such experiments, certain regions of the ionosphere are heated to change the electron density and temperature within these regions. This is accomplished by transmitting from earth-based antennae high frequency electromagnetic radiation at a substantial angle to, not parallel to, the ionosphere’s magnetic field to heat the ionospheric particles primarily by ohmic heating. The electron temperature of the ionosphere has been raised by hundreds of degrees in these experiments, and electrons with several electron volts of energy have been produced in numbers sufficient to enhance airglow. Electron concentrations have been reduced by a few percent, due to expansion of the plasma as a result of increased temperature.

In the Elmo Bumpy Torus (EBT), a controlled fusion device at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, all heating is provided by microwaves at the electron cyclotron resonance interaction. A ring of hot electrons is formed at the earth’s surface in the magnetic mirror by a combination of electron cyclotron resonance and stochastic heating. In the EBT, the ring electrons are produced with an average “temperature” of 250 kilo electron volts or kev (2.5.times.10.sup.9 K) and a plasma beta between 0.1 and 0.4; see, “A Theoretical Study of Electron–Cyclotron Absorption in Elmo Bumpy Torus”, Batchelor and Goldfinger, Nuclear Fusion, Vol. 20, No. 4 (1980) pps. 403-418.

Electron cyclotron resonance heating has been used in experiments on the earth’s surface to produce and accelerate plasmas in a diverging magnetic field. Kosmahl et al. showed that power was transferred from the electromagnetic waves and that a fully ionized plasma was accelerated with a divergence angle of roughly 13 degrees. Optimum neutral gas density was 1.7.times.10.sup.14 per cubic centimeter; see, “Plasma Acceleration with Microwaves Near Cyclotron Resonance”, Kosmahl et al., Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 38, No. 12, Nov., 1967, pps. 4576-4582.


The present invention provides a method and apparatus for altering at least one selected region which normally exists above the earth’s surface. The region is excited by electron cyclotron resonance heating of electrons which are already present and/or artifically created in the region to thereby increase the charged particle energy and ultimately the density of the region.

In one embodiment this is done by transmitting circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation from the earth’s surface at or near the location where a naturally-occurring dipole magnetic field (force) line intersects the earth’s surface. Right hand circular polarization is used in the northern hemisphere and left hand circular polarization is used in the southern hemisphere. The radiation is deliberately transmitted at the outset in a direction substantially parallel to and along a field line which extends upwardly through the region to be altered. The radiation is transmitted at a frequency which is based on the gyrofrequency of the charged particles and which, when applied to the at least one region, excites electron cyclotron resonance within the region or regions to heat and accelerate the charged particles in their respective helical paths around and along the field line. Sufficient energy is employed to cause ionization of neutral particles (molecules of oxygen, nitrogen and the like, particulates, etc.) which then become a part of the region thereby increasing the charged particle density of the region. This effect can further be enhanced by providing artificial particles, e.g., electrons, ions, etc., directly into the region to be affected from a rocket, satellite, or the like to supplement the particles in the naturally-occurring plasma. These artificial particles are also ionized by the transmitted electromagnetic radiation thereby increasing charged particle density of the resulting plasma in the region.

In another embodiment of the invention, electron cyclotron resonance heating is carried out in the selected region or regions at sufficient power levels to allow a plasma present in the region to generate a mirror force which forces the charged electrons of the altered plasma upward along the force line to an altitude which is higher than the original altitude. In this case the relevant mirror points are at the base of the altered region or regions. The charged electrons drag ions with them as well as other particles that may be present. Sufficient power, e.g., 10.sup.15 joules, can be applied so that the altered plasma can be trapped on the field line between mirror points and will oscillate in space for prolonged periods of time. By this embodiment, a plume of altered plasma can be established at selected locations for communication modification or other purposes.

In another embodiment, this invention is used to alter at least one selected region of plasma in the ionosphere to establish a defined layer of plasma having an increased charged particle density. Once this layer is established, and while maintaining the transmission of the main beam of circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation, the main beam is modulated and/or at least one second different, modulated electromagnetic radiation beam is transmitted from at least one separate source at a different frequency which will be absorbed in the plasma layer. The amplitude of the frequency of the main beam and/or the second beam or beams is modulated in resonance with at least one known oscillation mode in the selected region or regions to excite the known oscillation mode to propagate a known frequency wave or waves throughout the ionosphere.


The actual construction, operation, and apparent advantages of this invention will be better understood by referring to the drawings in which like numerals identify like parts and in which:

FIG. 1 is a simplified schematical view of the earth (not to scale) with a magnetic field (force) line along which the present invention is carried out;

FIG. 2 is one embodiment within the present invention in which a selected region of plasma is raised to a higher altitude;

FIG. 3 is a simplified, idealized representation of a physical phenomenon involved in the present invention; and

FIG. 4 is a schematic view of another embodiment within the present invention.

FIG. 5 is a schematic view of an apparatus embodiment within this invention .


The earth’s magnetic field is somewhat analogous to a dipole bar magnet. As such, the earth’s magnetic field contains numerous divergent field or force lines, each line intersecting the earth’s surface at points on opposite sides of the Equator. The field lines which intersect the earth’s surface near the poles have apexes which lie at the furthest points in the earth’s magnetosphere while those closest to the Equator have apexes which reach only the lower portion of the magnetosphere.

At various altitudes above the earth’s surface, e.g., in both the ionosphere and the magnetosphere, plasma is naturally present along these field lines. This plasma consists of equal numbers of positively and negatively charged particles (i.e., electrons and ions) which are guided by the field line. It is well established that a charged particle in a magnetic field gyrates about field lines, the center of gyration at any instance being called the “guiding center” of the particle. As the gyrating particle moves along a field line in a uniform field, it will follow a helical path about its guiding center, hence linear motion, and will remain on the field line. Electrons and ions both follow helical paths around a field line but rotate in opposite directions. The frequencies at which the electrons and ions rotate about the field line are called gyromagnetic frequencies or cyclotron frequencies because they are identical with the expression for the angular frequencies of gyration of particles in a cyclotron. The cyclotron frequency of ions in a given magnetic field is less than that of electrons, in inverse proportion to their masses.

If the particles which form the plasma along the earth’s field lines continued to move with a constant pitch angle, often designated “alpha”, they would soon impact on the earth’s surface. Pitch angle alpha is defined as the angle between the direction of the earth’s magnetic field and the velocity (V) of the particle. However, in converging force fields, the pitch angle does change in such a way as to allow the particle to turn around and avoid impact. Consider a particle moving along a field line down toward the earth. It moves into a region of increasing magnetic field strength and therefore sine alpha increases. But sine alpha can only increase to 1.0, at which point, the particle turns around and starts moving up along the field line, and alpha decreases. The point at which the particle turns around is called the mirror point, and there alpha equals ninety degrees. This process is repeated at the other end of the field line where the same magnetic field strength value B, namely Bm, exists. The particle again turns around and this is called the “conjugate point” of the original mirror point. The particle is therefore trapped and bounces between the two magnetic mirrors. The particle can continue oscillating in space in this manner for long periods of time. The actual place where a particle will mirror can be calculated from the following:


alpha.sub.o =equatorial pitch angle of particle

B.sub.o =equatorial field strength on a particular field line

B.sub.m =field strength at the mirror point

Recent discoveries have established that there are substantial regions of naturally trapped particles in space which are commonly called “trapped radiation belts”. These belts occur at altitudes greater than about 500 km and accordingly lie in the magnetosphere and mostly above the ionosphere.

The ionosphere, while it may overlap some of the trapped-particle belts, is a region in which hydrostatic forces govern its particle distribution in the gravitational field. Particle motion within the ionosphere is governed by both hydrodynamic and electrodynamic forces. While there are few trapped particles in the ionosphere, nevertheless, plasma is present along field lines in the ionosphere. The charged particles which form this plasma move between collisions with other particles along similar helical paths around the field lines and although a particular particle may diffuse downward into the earth’s lower atmosphere or lose energy and diverge from its original field line due to collisions with other particles, these charged particles are normally replaced by other available charged particles or by particles that are ionized by collision with said particle. The electron density (N.sub.e) of the plasma will vary with the actual conditions and locations involved. Also, neutral particles, ions, and electrons are present in proximity to the field lines.

The production of enhanced ionization will also alter the distribution of atomic and molecular constituents of the atmosphere, most notably through increased atomic nitrogen concentration. The upper atmosphere is normally rich in atomic oxygen (the dominant atmospheric constituent above 200 km altitude), but atomic nitrogen is normally relatively rare. This can be expected to manifest itself in increased airglow, among other effects.

As known in plasma physics, the characteristics of a plasma can be altered by adding energy to the charged particles or by ionizing or exciting additional particles to increase the density of the plasma. One way to do this is by heating the plasma which can be accomplished in different ways, e.g., ohmic, magnetic compression, shock waves, magnetic pumping, electron cyclotron resonance, and the like.

Since electron cyclotron resonance heating is involved in the present invention, a brief discussion of same is in order. Increasing the energy of electrons in a plasma by invoking electron cyclotron resonance heating, is based on a principle similar to that utilized to accelerate charged particles in a cyclotron. If a plasma is confined by a static axial magnetic field of strength B, the charged particles will gyrate about the lines of force with a frequency given, in hertz, as f.sub.g =1.54.times.10.sup.3 B/A, where: B=magnetic field strength in gauss, and A=mass number of the ion.

Suppose a time-varying field of this frequency is superimposed on the static field B confining the plasma, by passage of a radiofrequency current through a coil which is concentric with that producing the axial field, then in each half-cycle of their rotation about the field lines, the charged particles acquire energy from the oscillating electric field associated with the radio frequency. For example, if B is 10,000 gauss, the frequency of the field which is in resonance with protons in a plasma is 15.4 megahertz.

As applied to electrons, electron cyclotron resonance heating requires an oscillating field having a definite frequency determined by the strength of the confining field. The radio-frequency radiation produces time-varying fields (electric and magnetic), and the electric field accelerates the charged particle. The energized electrons share their energy with ions and neutrals by undergoing collisions with these particles, thereby effectively raising the temperature of the electrons, ions, and neutrals. The apportionment of energy among these species is determined by collision frequencies. For a more detailed understanding of the physics involved, see “Controlled Thermonuclear Reactions”, Glasstone and Lovberg, D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc., Princeton, N.J., 1960 and “The Radiation Belt and Magnetosphere”, Hess, Blaisdell Publishing Company, 1968, both of which are incorporated herein by reference.

Referring now to the drawings, the present invention provides a method and apparatus for altering at least one region of plasma which lies along a field line, particularly when it passes through the ionosphere and/or magnetosphere. FIG. 1 is a simplified illustration of the earth 10 and one of its dipole magnetic force or field lines 11. As will be understood, line 11 may be any one of the numerous naturally existing field lines and the actual geographical locations 13 and 14 of line 11 will be chosen based on a particular operation to be carried out. The actual locations at which field lines intersect the earth’s surface is documented and is readily ascertainable by those skilled in the art.

Line 11 passes through region R which lies at an altitude above the earth’s surface. A wide range of altitudes are useful given the power that can be employed by the practice of this invention. The electron cyclotron resonance heating effect can be made to act on electrons anywhere above the surface of the earth. These electrons may be already present in the atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere of the earth, or can be artificially generated by a variety of means such as x-ray beams, charged particle beams, lasers, the plasma sheath surrounding an object such as a missile or meteor, and the like. Further, artificial particles, e.g., electrons, ions, etc., can be injected directly into region R from an earth-launched rocket or orbiting satellite carrying, for example, a payload of radioactive beta-decay material; alpha emitters; an electron accelerator; and/or ionized gases such as hydrogen; see U.S. Pat. No. 4,042,196. The altitude can be greater than about 50 km if desired, e.g., can be from about 50 km to about 800 km, and, accordingly may lie in either the ionosphere or the magnetosphere or both. As explained above, plasma will be present along line 11 within region R and is represented by the helical line 12. Plasma 12 is comprised of charged particles (i.e., electrons and ions) which rotate about opposing helical paths along line 11.

Antenna 15 is positioned as close as is practical to the location 14 where line 11 intersects the earth’s surface. Antenna 15 may be of any known construction for high directionality, for example, a phased array, beam spread angle (.theta.) type. See “The MST Radar at Poker Flat, Alaska”, Radio Science, Vol. 15, No. 2, Mar.-Apr. 1980, pps. 213-223, which is incorporated herein by reference. Antenna 15 is coupled to transmitter 16 which generates a beam of high frequency electromagnetic radiation at a wide range of discrete frequencies, e.g., from about 20 to about 1800 kilohertz (kHz).

Transmitter 16 is powered by power generator means 17 which is preferably comprised of one or more large, commercial electrical generators. Some embodiments of the present invention require large amounts of power, e.g., up to 10.sup.9 to 10.sup.11 watts, in continuous wave or pulsed power. Generation of the needed power is within the state of the art. Although the electrical generators necessary for the practice of the invention can be powered in any known manner, for example, by nuclear reactors, hydroelectric facilities, hydrocarbon fuels, and the like, this invention, because of its very large power requirement in certain applications, is particularly adapted for use with certain types of fuel sources which naturally occur at strategic geographical locations around the earth. For example, large reserves of hydrocarbons (oil and natural gas) exist in Alaska and Canada. In northern Alaska, particularly the North Slope region, large reserves are currently readily available. Alaska and northern Canada also are ideally located geographically as to magnetic latitudes. Alaska provides easy access to magnetic field lines that are especially suited to the practice of this invention, since many field lines which extend to desirable altitudes for this invention intersect the earth in Alaska. Thus, in Alaska, there is a unique combination of large, accessible fuel sources at desirable field line intersections. Further, a particularly desirable fuel source for the generation of very large amounts of electricity is present in Alaska in abundance, this source being natural gas. The presence of very large amounts of clean-burning natural gas in Alaskan latitudes, particularly on the North Slope, and the availability of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD), gas turbine, fuel cell, electrogasdynamic (EGD) electric generators which operate very efficiently with natural gas provide an ideal power source for the unprecedented power requirements of certain of the applications of this invention. For a more detailed discussion of the various means for generating electricity from hydrocarbon fuels, see “Electrical Aspects of Combustion”, Lawton and Weinberg, Clarendon Press, 1969. For example, it is possible to generate the electricity directly at the high frequency needed to drive the antenna system. To do this, typically the velocity of flow of the combustion gases (v), past magnetic field perturbation of dimension d (in the case of MHD), follow the rule:

where f is the frequency at which electricity is generated. Thus, if v=1.78.times.10.sup.6 cm/sec and d=1 cm then electricity would be generated at a frequency of 1.78 mHz.

Put another way, in Alaska, the right type of fuel (natural gas) is naturally present in large amounts and at just the right magnetic latitudes for the most efficient practice of this invention, a truly unique combination of circumstances. Desirable magnetic latitudes for the practice of this invention interest the earth’s surface both northerly and southerly of the equator, particularly desirable latitudes being those, both northerly and southerly, which correspond in magnitude with the magnetic latitudes that encompass Alaska.

Referring now to FIG. 2 a first ambodiment is illustrated where a selected region R.sub.1 of plasma 12 is altered by electron cyclotron resonance heating to accelerate the electrons of plasma 12, which are following helical paths along field line 11.

To accomplish this result, electromagnetic radiation is transmitted at the outset, essentially parallel to line 11 via antenna 15 as right hand circularly polarized radiation wave 20. Wave 20 has a frequency which will excite electron cyclotron resonance with plasma 12 at its initial or original altitude. This frequency will vary depending on the electron cyclotron resonance of region R.sub.1 which, in turn, can be determined from available data based on the altitudes of region R.sub.1, the particular field line 11 being used, the strength of the earth’s magnetic field, etc. Frequencies of from about 20 to about 7200 kHz, preferably from about 20 to about 1800 kHz can be employed. Also, for any given application, there will be a threshhold (minimum power level) which is needed to produce the desired result. The minimum power level is a function of the level of plasma production and movement required, taking into consideration any loss processes that may be dominant in a particular plasma or propagation path.

As electron cyclotron resonance is established in plasma 12, energy is transferred from the electromagnetic radiation 20 into plasma 12 to heat and accelerate the electrons therein and, subsequently, ions and neutral particles. As this process continues, neutral particles which are present within R.sub.1 are ionized and absorbed into plasma 12 and this increases the electron and ion densities of plasma 12. As the electron energy is raised to values of about 1 kilo electron volt (kev), the generated mirror force (explained below) will direct the excited plasma 12 upward along line 11 to form a plume R.sub.2 at an altitude higher than that of R.sub.1.

Plasma acceleration results from the force on an electron produced by a nonuniform static magnetic field (B). The force, called the mirror force, is given by

where .mu. is the electron magnetic moment and .gradient. B is the gradient of the magnetic field, .mu. being further defined as:

where W.sub..perp. is the kinetic energy in the direction perpendicular to that of the magnetic field lines and B is the magnetic field strength at the line of force on which the guiding center of the particle is located. The force as represented by equation (2) is the force which is responsible for a particle obeying equation (1).

Since the magnetic field is divergent in region R.sub.1, it can be shown that the plasma will move upwardly from the heating region as shown in FIG. 1 and further it can be shown that

where the left hand side is the initial electron transverse kinetic energy; the first term on the right is the transverse electron kinetic energy at some point (Y) in the expanded field region, while the final term is the ion kinetic energy parallel to B at point (Y). This last term is what constitutes the desired ion flow. It is produced by an electrostatic field set up by electrons which are accelerated according to Equation (2) in the divergent field region and pulls ions along with them. Equation (3) ignores electron kinetic energy parallel to B because V.sub.e.parallel. .apprxeq.V.sub.i.parallel., so the bulk of parallel kinetic energy resides in the ions because of their greater masses. For example, if an electromagnetic energy flux of from about 1 to about 10 watts per square centimeter is applied to region R, whose altitude is 115 km, a plasma having a density (N.sub.e) of 10.sup.12 per cubic centimeter will be generated and moved upward to region R.sub.2 which has an altitude of about 1000 km. The movement of electrons in the plasma is due to the mirror force while the ions are moved by ambipolar diffusion (which results from the electrostatic field). This effectively “lifts” a layer of plasma 12 from the ionosphere and/or magnetosphere to a higher elevation R.sub.2. The total energy required to create a plasma with a base area of 3 square kilometers and a height of 1000 km is about 3.times.10.sup.13 joules.

FIG. 3 is an idealized representation of movement of plasma 12 upon excitation by electron cyclotron resonance within the earth’s divergent force field. Electrons (e) are accelerated to velocities required to generate the necessary mirror force to cause their upward movement. At the same time neutral particles (n) which are present along line 11 in region R.sub.1 are ionized and become part of plasma 12. As electrons (e) move upward along line 11, they drag ions (i) and neutrals (n) with them but at an angle .theta. of about 13 degrees to field line 11. Also, any particulates that may be present in region R.sub.1, will be swept upwardly with the plasma. As the charged particles of plasma 12 move upward, other particles such as neutrals within or below R.sub.1, move in to replace the upwardly moving particles. These neutrals, under some conditions, can drag with them charged particles.

For example, as a plasma moves upward, other particles at the same altitude as the plasma move horizontally into the region to replace the rising plasma and to form new plasma. The kinetic energy developed by said other particles as they move horizontally is, for example, on the same order of magnitude as the total zonal kinetic energy of stratospheric winds known to exist.

Referring again to FIG. 2, plasma 12 in region R.sub.1 is moved upward along field line 11. The plasma 12 will then form a plume (cross-hatched area in FIG. 2) which will be relatively stable for prolonged periods of time. The exact period of time will vary widely and be determined by gravitational forces and a combination of radiative and diffusive loss terms. In the previous detailed example, the calculations were based on forming a plume by producing 0.sup.+ energies of 2 ev/particle. About 10 ev per particle would be required to expand plasma 12 to apex point C (FIG. 1). There at least some of the particles of plasma 12 will be trapped and will oscillate between mirror points along field line 11. This oscillation will then allow additional heating of the trapped plasma 12 by stochastic heating which is associated with trapped and oscillating particles. See “A New Mechanism for Accelerating Electrons in the Outer Ionosphere” by R. A. Helliwell and T. F. Bell, Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 65, No. 6, June, 1960. This is preferably carried out at an altitude of at least 500 km.

The plasma of the typical example might be employed to modify or disrupt microwave transmissions of satellites. If less than total black-out of transmission is desired (e.g., scrambling by phase shifting digital signals), the density of the plasma (N.sub.e) need only be at least about 10.sup.6 per cubic centimeter for a plasma orginating at an altitude of from about 250 to about 400 km and accordingly less energy (i.e., electromagnetic radiation), e.g., 10.sup.8 joules need be provided. Likewise, if the density N.sub.e is on the order of 10.sup.8, a properly positioned plume will provide a reflecting surface for VHF waves and can be used to enhance, interfere with, or otherwise modify communication transmissions. It can be seen from the foregoing that by appropriate application of various aspects of this invention at strategic locations and with adequate power sources, a means and method is provided to cause interference with or even total disruption of communications over a very large portion of the earth. This invention could be employed to disrupt not only land based communications, both civilian and military, but also airborne communications and sea communications (both surface and subsurface). This would have significant military implications, particularly as a barrier to or confusing factor for hostile missiles or airplanes. The belt or belts of enhanced ionization produced by the method and apparatus of this invention, particularly if set up over Northern Alaska and Canada, could be employed as an early warning device, as well as a communications disruption medium. Further, the simple ability to produce such a situation in a practical time period can by itself be a deterring force to hostile action. The ideal combination of suitable field lines intersecting the earth’s surface at the point where substantial fuel sources are available for generation of very large quantitities of electromagnetic power, such as the North Slope of Alaska, provides the wherewithal to accomplish the foregoing in a practical time period, e.g., strategic requirements could necessitate achieving the desired altered regions in time periods of two minutes or less and this is achievable with this invention, especially when the combination of natural gas and magnetohydrodynamic, gas turbine, fuel cell and/or EGD electric generators are employed at the point where the useful field lines intersect the earth’s surface. One feature of this invention which satisfies a basic requirement of a weapon system, i.e., continuous checking of operability, is that small amounts of power can be generated for operability checking purposes. Further, in the exploitation of this invention, since the main electromagnetic beam which generates the enhanced ionized belt of this invention can be modulated itself and/or one or more additional electromagnetic radiation waves can be impinged on the ionized region formed by this invention as will be described in greater detail herein after with respect to FIG. 4, a substantial amount of randomly modulated signals of very large power magnitude can be generated in a highly nonlinear mode. This can cause confusion of or interference with or even complete disruption of guidance systems employed by even the most sophisticated of airplanes and missiles. The ability to employ and transmit over very wide areas of the earth a plurality of electromagnetic waves of varying frequencies and to change same at will in a random manner, provides a unique ability to interfere with all modes of communications, land, sea, and/or air, at the same time. Because of the unique juxtaposition of usable fuel source at the point where desirable field lines intersect the earth’s surface, such wide ranging and complete communication interference can be achieved in a resonably short period of time. Because of the mirroring phenomenon discussed hereinabove, it can also be prolonged for substantial time periods so that it would not be a mere transient effect that could simply be waited out by an opposing force. Thus, this invention provides the ability to put unprecedented amounts of power in the earth’s atmosphere at strategic locations and to maintain the power injection level, particularly if random pulsing is employed, in a manner far more precise and better controlled than heretofore accomplished by the prior art, particularly by the detonation of nuclear devices of various yeilds at various altitudes. Where the prior art approaches yielded merely transitory effects, the unique combination of fuel and desirable field lines at the point where the fuel occurs allows the establishment of, compared to prior art approaches, precisely controlled and long-lasting effects which cannot, practically speaking, simply be waited out. Further, by knowing the frequencies of the various electromagnetic beams employed in the practice of this invention, it is possible not only to interfere with third party communications but to take advantage of one or more such beams to carry out a communications network even though the rest of the world’s communications are disrupted. Put another way, what is used to disrupt another’s communications can be employed by one knowledgeable of this invention as a communications network at the same time. In addition, once one’s own communication network is established, the far-reaching extent of the effects of this invention could be employed to pick up communication signals of other for intelligence purposes. Thus, it can be seen that the disrupting effects achievable by this invention can be employed to benefit by the party who is practicing this invention since knowledge of the various electromagnetic waves being employed and how they will vary in frequency and magnitude can be used to an advantage for positive communication and eavesdropping purposes at the same time. However, this invention is not limited to locations where the fuel source naturally exists or where desirable field lines naturally intersect the earth’s surface. For example, fuel, particularly hydrocarbon fuel, can be transported by pipeline and the like to the location where the invention is to be practiced.

FIG. 4 illustrates another embodiment wherein a selected region of plasma R.sub.3 which lies within the earth’s ionosphere is altered to increase the density thereof whereby a relatively stable layer 30 of relatively dense plasma is maintained within region R.sub.3. Electromagnetic radiation is transmitted at the outset essentially parallel to field line 11 via antenna 15 as a right hand circularly polarized wave and at a frequency (e.g., 1.78 megahertz when the magnetic field at the desired altitude is 0.66 gauss) capable of exciting electron cyclotron resonance in plasma 12 at the particular altitude of plasma 12. This causes heating of the particles (electrons, ions, neutrals, and particulates) and ionization of the uncharged particles adjacent line 11, all of which are absorbed into plasma 12 to increase the density thereof. The power transmitted, e.g., 2.times.10.sup.6 watts for up to 2 minutes heating time, is less than that required to generate the mirror force F required to move plasma 12 upward as in the previous embodiment.

While continuing to transmit electromagnetic radiation 20 from antenna 15, a second electromagnetic radiation beam 31, which is at a defined frequency different from the radiation from antenna 15, is transmitted from one or more second sources via antenna 32 into layer 30 and is absorbed into a portion of layer 30 (cross-hatched area in FIG. 4). The electromagnetic radiation wave from antenna 32 is amplitude modulated to match a known mode of oscillation f.sub.3 in layer 30. This creates a resonance in layer 30 which excites a new plasma wave 33 which also has a frequency of f.sub.3 and which then propogates through the ionosphere. Wave 33 can be used to improve or disrupt communications or both depending on what is desired in a particular application. Of course, more than one new wave 33 can be generated and the various new waves can be modulated at will and in a highly nonlinear fashion.

FIG. 5 shows apparatus useful in this invention, particularly when those applications of this invention are employed which require extremely large amounts of power. In FIG. 5 there is shown the earth’s surface 40 with a well 41 extending downwardly thereinto until it penetrates hydrocarbon producing reservoir 42. Hydrocarbon reservoir 42 produces natural gas alone or in combination with crude oil. Hydrocarbons are produced from reservoir 42 through well 41 and wellhead 43 to a treating system 44 by way of pipe 45. In treater 44, desirable liquids such as crude oil and gas condensates are separated and recovered by way of pipe 46 while undesirable gases and liquids such as water, H.sub.2 S, and the like are separated by way of pipe 47. Desirable gases such as carbon dioxide are separated by way of pipe 48, and the remaining natural gas stream is removed from treater 44 by way of pipe 49 for storage in conventional tankage means (not shown) for future use and/or use in an electrical generator such as a magnetohydrodynamic, gas turbine, fuel cell or EGD generator 50. Any desired number and combination of different types of electric generators can be employed in the practice of this invention. The natural gas is burned in generator 50 to produce substantial quantities of electricity which is then stored and/or passed by way of wire 51 to a transmitter 52 which generates the electromagnetic radiation to be used in the method of this invention. The electromagnetic radiation is then passed by way of wire 53 to antenna 54 which is located at or near the end of field line 11. Antenna 54 sends circularly polarized radiation wave 20 upwards along field line 11 to carry out the various methods of this invention as described hereinabove.

Of course, the fuel source need not be used in its naturally-occurring state but could first be converted to another second energy source form such as hydrogen, hydrazine and the like, and electricity then generated from said second energy source form.

It can be seen from the foregoing that when desirable field line 11 intersects earth’s surface 40 at or near a large naturally-occurring hydrocarbon source 42, exceedingly large amounts of power can be very efficiently produced and transmitted in the direction of field lines. This is particularly so when the fuel source is natural gas and magnetohydrodynamic generators are employed. Further, this can all be accomplished in a relatively small physical area when there is the unique coincidence of fuel source 42 and desirable field line 11. Of course, only one set of equipment is shown in FIG. 5 for sake of simplicity. For a large hydrocarbon reservoir 42, a plurality of wells 41 can be employed to feed one or more storage means and/or treaters and as large a number of generators 55 as needed to power one or more transmitters 52 and one or more antennas 54. Since all of the apparatus 44 through 54 can be employed and used essentially at the sight where naturally-occurring fuel source 42 is located, all the necessary electromagnetic radiation 20 is generated essentially at the same location as fuel source 42. This provides for a maximum amount of usable electromagnetic radiation 20 since there are no significant storage or transportation losses to be incurred. In other words, the apparatus is brought to the sight of the fuel source where desirable field line 11 intersects the earth’s surface 40 on or near the geographical location of fuel source 42, fuel source 42 being at a desirable magnetic latitude for the practice of this invention, for example, Alaska.

The generation of electricity by motion of a conducting fluid through a magnetic field, i.e., magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), provides a method of electric power generation without moving mechanical parts and when the conducting fluid is a plasma formed by combustion of a fuel such as natural gas, an idealized combination of apparatus is realized since the very clean-burning natural gas forms the conducting plasma in an efficient manner and the thus formed plasma, when passed through a magnetic field, generates electricity in a very efficient manner. Thus, the use of fuel source 42 to generate a plasma by combustion thereof for the generation of electricity essentially at the site of occurrence of the fuel source is unique and ideal when high power levels are required and desirable field lines 11 intersect the earth’s surface 40 at or near the site of fuel source 42. A particular advantage for MHD generators is that they can be made to generate large amounts of power with a small volume, light weight device. For example, a 1000 megawatt MHD generator can be construed using superconducting magnets to weigh roughly 42,000 pounds and can be readily air lifted.

This invention has a phenomenal variety of possible ramifications and potential future developments. As alluded to earlier, missile or aircraft destruction, deflection, or confusion could result, particularly when relativistic particles are employed. Also, large regions of the atmosphere could be lifted to an unexpectedly high altitude so that missiles encounter unexpected and unplanned drag forces with resultant destruction or deflection of same. Weather modification is possible by, for example, altering upper atmosphere wind patterns or altering solar absorption patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device. Also as alluded to earlier, molecular modifications of the atmosphere can take place so that positive environmental effects can be achieved. Besides actually changing the molecular composition of an atmospheric region, a particular molecule or molecules can be chosen for increased presence. For example, ozone, nitrogen, etc. concentrations in the atmosphere could be artificially increased. Similarly, environmental enhancement could be achieved by causing the breakup of various chemical entities such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, and the like. Transportation of entities can also be realized when advantage is taken of the drag effects caused by regions of the atmosphere moving up along diverging field lines. Small micron sized particles can be then transported, and, under certain circumstances and with the availability of sufficient energy, larger particles or objects could be similarly affected. Particles with desired characteristics such as tackiness, reflectivity, absorptivity, etc., can be transported for specific purposes or effects. For example, a plume of tacky particles could be established to increase the drag on a missile or satellite passing therethrough. Even plumes of plasma having substantially less charged particle density than described above will produce drag effects on missiles which will affect a lightweight (dummy) missile in a manner substantially different than a heavy (live) missile and this affect can be used to distinguish between the two types of missiles. A moving plume could also serve as a means for supplying a space station or for focusing vast amount of sunlight on selected portions of the earth. Surveys of global scope could also be realized because the earth’s natural magnetic field could be significantly altered in a controlled manner by plasma beta effects resulting in, for example, improved magnetotelluric surveys. Electromagnetic pulse defenses are also possible. The earth’s magnetic field could be decreased or disrupted at appropriate altitudes to modify or eliminate the magnetic field in high Compton electron generation (e.g., from high altitude nuclear bursts) regions. High intensity, well controlled electrical fields can be provided in selected locations for various purposes. For example, the plasma sheath surrounding a missile or satellite could be used as a trigger for activating such a high intensity field to destroy the missile or satellite. Further, irregularities can be created in the ionosphere which will interfere with the normal operation of various types of radar, e.g., synthetic aperture radar. The present invention can also be used to create artificial belts of trapped particles which in turn can be studied to determine the stability of such parties. Still further, plumes in accordance with the present invention can be formed to simulate and/or perform the same functions as performed by the detonation of a “heave” type nuclear device without actually having to detonate such a device. Thus it can be seen that the ramifications are numerous, far-reaching, and exceedingly varied in usefulness.

* * * * *


 * * * * *

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