The Christ Allegory, December 25th & Archetypal Consciousness


Be sure to listen in to my very first radio interview! On the cusp of a powerful new year I am joined with the wonderful Salini as we delve into the truth about controversial topics such as the possibilities of a historical Jesus as the last of the Ptolemy Kings, the Archetypal Consciousness and embodiment of ascended beings such as Jesus the Christos as well as some comparative mythology in the other anthropomorphized depictions of the “son of god” that all share the December 25th resurrection allegory.

Learn the cosmological influences on this important date in history and a break down of ego consciousness and the 3 parts of the Self and prepare for a great time as we look forward into the intense energies of 2014.


Listen in on my first interview ever as I am joined by Salini on her remarkable show, Emerging From the Matrix, on by Clicking the Link or Image Below.


Peace to all on this New Year!

Eric Anthony Crew
Aquarian Philosophy