The Highest Low I Know – Verbal Poetry

The Highest Low I Know

Stare at me again, to fill that empty space,
A hole that tears down deeper than the creases in my face,

As my brow begins to fall like heavy stones of thought,
These walls can scream so loudly, all this silence that you brought,

Your actions pressed upon me just more than I can take,
And from the words retorted, a feeling that doesn’t break,

Your soul escapes my presence though I know your burning bright,
My life a silhouette now because you left me to the night,

A pen can place these words to pretend as though I’ve made,
My kingdom upon this darkness, the foundations in the shade,

I press my hands against the wall seeking comfort with the feel,
Imagining your heat now, instead the coldness of the steel,

I ponder our existence and how to battle fate,
I wonder where’s my armor and has the fight come far too late,

They say that lightning never strikes and rain could never fall,
Without precipitation, a certain buildup to it all,

You speak of retribution and action for your deeds,
But love cannot be told to wait, a reaction to you needs,

So stare at me again, for there’s much too empty space,
The highest low I know of, is in dreaming of your face.

Eric Anthony Crew
January 13, 2010