One Point Six One Eight
The Aurea Mean
1    Why,
1    I
2    wonder,
3    do we not
5    learn the truth of things?
8    What would we gain to understand?
13    In a vein attempt to define our differences,
21    We lose sight of the similarities that originate within all living things.
34    I am reminded of Archimedes and the irony of his simplistic spiral, depicting the orderly creations of man.
55    Human creations tend to follow this design; from the coils of clay to the reed of a basket weave, even paper towel rolls expand exponentially, yet are confined by our limited static materials.
89    The unconstrained products of nature follow a more complex design, using living materials that increase gradually in mathematical precision, Nature’s spiral is found in all life; it matches the curve of still forming fetuses, the curl of muscles over human hearts, the columns of a seashell, even the leaf placement as a plant grows.
144    Since life on Earth follows this code, it’s safe to assume the Universe does the same. As difficult as it may be to comprehend, one needs only to open their eyes to your surroundings and the answer becomes clear. Bend over to pick up a flower and your seemingly unconnected movement is proportionate to the motion of the bending of your arm and even the curl of your hand as you pluck the pretty petals from its’ own beautiful spiral. Knowing this, who then could argue that we are not all connected, if we are all indeed the same thing. A perfect equation.

For this piece I used the Fibonacci Sequence meaning I used the gradual increase of the number plus the one before it – or another way is to multiply the number by 1.618 – I continued instead of retreating back to zero and the numbers are in the syllables of each word and section. Just an attempt at something different and I would have to say the most difficult peice of writing I have conjured up as of yet. Took me over a day… Anyway, I hope this introduced some people to this incredible ‘truth’ and to others in the know, I hope maybe this inspired you as well… cheers…




Nature by Numbers

A movie inspired on numbers, geometry and nature, by Cristóbal Vila.