Contemplations of Faith

Have faith in yourself.

Faith is after-all, the most important part of trusting something. You cannot trust anything without faith. Faith is what aligns our heart with our mind and tells us it is ok to go on trusting in something.

Faith is therefore an ultimate expression of Love.


Love yourself.

Without a full understanding of what love is (and isn’t) we can still understand the importance of Loving one’s self. Without Love for the self; there can be no trusting of the self (or by extension, others).

Trusting one’s self is imperative to balancing a person’s heart, mind and soul with what is happening in the Now. If you go on not trusting or loving yourself; the reflection of this inaction will be chaotic in your life: a bruised heart, an inflated ego or a mighty wall built for keeping all others out. Keeping in mind the notion that we are each a reflection of those around us (as well as those around us are, in turn, a reflection of ourselves) and you are left with the conclusion that you are also building a wall that is keeping out yourself, or more accurately; one that is keeping yourself from fully knowing, trusting or loving yourself.

Where do we go from here?

The question may seem complicated, but the answer is very simple. You begin right where you already are. The first step is the one you take in any direction of your choosing, the distinction is this; happiness, faith and love are not destinations that are to be set out for, rather these are a state of being fully designed and articulated by the mind.

Like all other intense feelings; Faith is one that can become a vice if you allow its energy to become imbalanced. A healthy balance with faith, love and understanding is dictated by the heart (not the mind) and living within this balance you will most certainly feel the spark of Happiness in your being.

Go with Love.

Eric Anthony Crew


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Shingon Teaching

Shingon is a form of Japanese Esoteric Buddhism, it is also called Shingon Mikkyo. This school was founded in 804 AD by Kukai (Kobo Daishi) in Japan. The teachings of Shingon are based on the Mahavairocana Sutra and the Vajrasekhara Sutra, the fundamental sutras of Shingon. Through the cultivation of three secrets, the actions of body, speech and mind, we are able to attain enlightenment in this very body. When we can sustain this state of mind, we can become one with the life force of the Universe, known as Mahavairocana Buddha. The symbolic activities are present anywhere in the universe. Natural phenomena such as mountains and oceans and even humans express the truth described in the sutras.

The universe itself embodies and can not be separated from the teaching.