Conversations With My Father: Sacred Geometry & Consciousness

In the first segment of three, I have decided to track down all of the online conversations I had with my father; I do not feel this wisdom should be left to the abyss of social networking and wanted to track it down as best as I could.

My research would not have even taken as serious a direction had we not exchanged these conversations; which started after my reading of Drunvalo’s Sacred Geometry work and watching this video. Below are the pictures I drew while taking notes and the ensuing conversation was inspired by the star-tetrahedron (part of why this sacred depiction of hyper-dimensional physics is so important to me, it expanded my consciousness as well as my heart).

Daniel Crew:

“The universal structure supports life. Even if it is not carbon/O2 based. We live in a seashore of life, some old, some new, some black, some blue. 🙂

Life always finds a way. Even in the most hostile environs (think sub-sea +200 F, high Ph, no light, etc). Now, think why that is… And, next, what does that imply? Are we a young species over the past 13.6 Billion years? Imagine….”

  • Eric Anthony Crew:The above should be able to illustrate how much can be known just by using Sacred Geometry… my mind was opened and the dialogue with my father began just after my introduction and posts regarding Drunvalo’s work… which first showed me a version of the above journal entry I made to which my father’s subsequent comments started everything for me and the floodgates were forever opened.

    September 6 at 12:27pm
  • Daniel Crew:“Dr. Hugh Ross, et al. are a group that promote the theory that unification of religious (biblical) references to the big bang exist, and thus, provide a theory that there is a unification between science and spirituality. Which, is true. Kinda’. Keep in mind, the Big Bang is still in flux with some in the 11 dimension, multi-verse, string theory crowd (like me). The unification of the quanta and our spiritual nature is extraordinarily obvious to those of us in the science community. But, it always drives to a universal/individual spiritual context, which is stripped of the religious dogma seen in the current version of the Constantine stripped, revised, and re-written Bible (Google: ‘Constantine purges‘).If you have not already read the ‘Book of Thomas’ (which is hard to find), I would highly suggest it. If you want a good reconstruction, write to me.The quotes are directly from the teacher Jesus, during his life, who repeatedly focused that all men are of God, and can be one with God, if we focus within; and not that one should be worshipping within a particular church or TO an individual (especially Him). Constantine was a genius, and realized that power and control could be contained, if the Catholic Church was retained as the center of focus and power, and thus, the purges… And thus, the modern Bible.So, Hugh, Hawking, et al. are correct, but a little off in that, we humans are connected to a universal flow that does have an incredible, beautiful, and a wondrous design; but, unfortunately, it is not related to dogma. The more one understands our quantum world, the closer we will really understand our true human nature in our universe. Big Bang or not…. Daniel Crew.(September 6 at 12:41pm)

  • Eric Anthony Crew :Love it. Completely agree. I was reading about (perhaps it was the Gospel of Thomas, I can’t remember) but it was found about 40-60 years ago and suggests the teachings of Jesus were really very much like Buddhism, suggesting as you say, to look for the Christ within. The yogi’s in the Himalayan’s meditate on the Shiva within etc. It seems that the ancients were very aware of the fact that the heavens and hierarchy of the angels aka heavenly bodies of the planets were all inside of us and these religious texts work as a metaphor for such.(September 6, 2010 at 5:24pm)

  • Daniel Crew:
    “Good job, son. Keep reading, studying, and learning. It is never complete. Just when you think you understand it all, there are fractal elements that send you off into a different/deeper understanding of nature, which coincide with your current understanding. It is truly, “The dance of the Universe”. 🙂 (you know what I mean). Keep in mind, the more you know, the farther you may distance yourself from people. I deal with it by dumbing myself down on purpose, and just being cool with it.It’s not hard, just have fun with your day-to-day life; but keep a compartmentalized intellectual side that you turn on and off. You probably already do this instinctively. I would suggest one thing. And, it takes years: Learn the language of nature (as best we understand). Mathematics. Up to multivariate calculus, and differential equations; and then follow-up with quantum physics.You will be amazed at the correlation between the language of mathematics and spirituality. It really brings home the concept that there is design in nature. Then you are ready to grab the pebble from the hand, move on, and start to understand…. Cheers! Sorry to jump into your thread, but I could not resist… :)(September 6, 2010 at 5:57pm)

  • Daniel Crew:
    One last post. I promise, and I’ll move on to football and beer. 🙂 I read Darren’s post just now. Sorry. That is the heart of QED (our reality perception/influence/outcome). It’s pretty old physics, but it’s one of the hallmarks that basically says, we influence the outcome of an observation by observing. It’s been proven in multiple labs, and was the reason Einstein made his famous exclamation, “God does not play dice with the universe”. Makes you think about preconceived notions. Even if you have a 160 IQ. Think about that….(September 6, 2010 at 7:28pm)
  • Eric Anthony Crew:

    Wow… compelling statement about the IQ and the dice quote… Never took that quote in that context but now it makes a hell of a lot more sense actually, and never apologize about jumping in… that’s why I put so much out there… to create discussions or at the very least have people start the process of actually using their brains for once.I keep getting small affirmations from random people who I influence in some ways, even if just to plant a seed mentally to be grown at a later date when they are ready for it. Man my “deja vu” feeling has been going effin CRAZY the entire time I’ve been writing this… interesting. And yes; unfortunately I have had to learn to “dumb myself down” as you say for years now. But I think I have found a good balance for it these days, I don’t push my so-called “crazy” ideas on other people but if asked I rarely shut up about them.But they continue to grow or fall apart into better and more tangible theories and ideas because I know that the more I know, the less I really do… I’ve been stagnant in a phase solely consisting of my dumbed down period because I felt I could handle too much more than that when I was focusing on healing. Now I feel starved for that portion of myself and is likely the primary reason I have been online all bloody day… looking for the answers to questions that lead to more questions… but better ones I should say. (September 6, 2010 at 8:24pm)
  • Daniel Crew:Understood. Consider that you and I think on a level that most would rather consume their valuable neural GABA, potassium, and sodium receptors with dopamine influences. Or, at with visuals of XYZ. 🙂

    (September 6 at 12:42pm)
  • Eric Anthony Crew:I guess that’s why some people always take these things to a “negative” place when I tell them what I’ve learned. It’s not negative nor positive until they bring it there… tho perhaps if it utilizes too much of their dopamine that it is just not their fault for feeling that way.. because their brain is too untrained to be receptive of such on an equilateral level as to not take it there.. very interesting … thanks for the food for thought daddio ;)(September 6, 2010 at 9:51pm)
  • Daniel Crew:Strangers in a strange land… Deal with it.(September 6, 2010 at 9:54pm)
    Daniel Crew:
    One more addition to this thread that will add to the fine structure changes that are observed.Using The Special Theory of Relativity: E=Mc^2. By manipulating this well-known equation (and I’ll not bore you with the derivation), it can be written as:  c=((E(v/deltaT))/(F))^0.5.Now this is an ugly form of the equation, but the language basically says, if you impart an external force (F) on a particle with some internal energy (E) in a vacuum, the observer in his reference frame will see a change in the speed of light (c). Or, if there is a change in the progression of time (deltaT), the speed of light will change.
    Now, most Physicists believe the speed of light is constant, and that there is nothing about space that can provide an external force on a light particle, but some are starting to think that is wrong. What if Dark Matter and Dark Energy provide external forces on light particles that affect their speed? If that is true, then we would see an object in a position that is different than if the speed of light remained constant.If light slows slightly through space as it travels to our eye, we would be wrong about thinking the universe is expanding; or at least it would not be expanding as fast as we think it is. Then, maybe the big bang theory is wrong. And, in localized areas of high Dark Energy concentration, the fine structure can be variable. See how one manipulation of the GR equation, and a little thought experiment can change the way you think of things?But, then again, think of Schroedinger’s Cat. :)(September 15, 2010 at 3:35am)

  • Eric Anthony Crew:The more I look into Sacred Geometry the less I believe in a Big Bang at all… I think the book, “The Magical Message According To Ioness” (AP Note: available for free download on my 4shared page). Is probably the best in reference to this viewpoint as something created the Universe (an entity, trigger or deity causing it that is not the universe itself) then ultimately that would be saying that the great “deity” would not be the only divine thing which always was, that there would have to be two divine substances, that which is the maker and that which the maker creates with. So already there is duality present in this theme, which makes me wonder about the way I’ve always thought about time which is like the infinite symbol 8 and whether or not “time” just loops and loops and loops.. ending and beginning in a constant stream of both while still doing neither really…Like what the Upinashads believe about Brahma or the creator god that sits on the lotus of the Universe and opens its eyes and a world comes into being (governed by an Indra) and then closes its eyes and a world goes out of being, its life span is about 432,000 years and then it dies and the lotus dissipates or dies too…. and a new lotus is created and a new Brahma and a new Indra to govern its creation as well, all from the Lotus which grows from the navel of Vishnu whom sleeps in the cosmic ocean. To me, this old myth tells exactly of the way I think of “time”, this story is a beautiful metaphor; which is that Vishnu represents the Eternal, & Brahma is the creator or “god principle”, the lotus is the fabric with which he weaves and the Indra is anthropomorphic version the entities that inhabit and believe they rule over each creation/world/Earth.Though if you hear the story of the ‘Beautiful boy of the Upinashads’ you will see the reference even more so in its continuation and his interaction with the Indra who thought “What a great boy am I” for killing the monster that created the world’s great drought. He wanted a great palace worthy of his glory and got the architect of the gods to keep at work on one, changing his mind constantly on how grandiose it should be endlessly until finally the architect went to see the Brahma to complain, the Brahma sent the boy (he was the boy) to teach the Indra a lesson. The lesson ended up being that he was not the first Indra.The boy pointed at the ground at an army of ants, marching into the grand palace of the Indra and says “former Indras all.” And continues saying something like “you reach the highest point of your enlightenment when you figure out that all you have to do to kill the monster is to drop a lightning bolt on it and then the drought will be over, replenishing the Earth and then each one of you thinks “what a great boy am I” and then marks your decent back into a lesser form, as is represented by their next form, the ant which also is the starting point of Indra and world creation. This is infinite regress told into parable for ancient ears and minds and still holds true to this day in many ways.

    (September 15, 2010 at 2:59pm)That was a rant and a half! I never thought myths would be so amazing to learn but Joseph Campbell has really opened a new channel with me in understanding the ties between mythology and our everyday life and perception of things. Understanding the “song of the universe” or as he calls it the “song of the spheres” through these old tales is amazing and compliments the other areas of interest I have at the moment – sacred geometry and alchemy – … great book Gary, thanks again!

    (September 15, 2010 at 3:02pm)

    I think when we discover how to perceive Dark Matter, then the physics world will be forever changed.. who knows, maybe we will never be able to physically perceive it on this dimension but maybe that will our ultimate limitation as beings.


    (September 6 at 12:43pm)

Thank you for your guidance pops… This day and everyday, your wisdom and intelligence has led me to the journey of so many realizations.

FINAL THOUGHTS:Our limited observations are merely measurements based on a restricted perspective that is designed to show us our own limitations, and perhaps the reason for this is to re-learn or remember the desire to shape our reality towards one that fulfills the requirements of the soul. I have personally seen a huge change in consciousness in myself as well as others since I first began my journey into this realm of the known unknowns.Evidence for showing what will rewrite our collective consciousness will be in the learning and teaching of Sacred Geometry; which will extenuate our ability to communicate on a much higher level; biologically and mentally. The lines of understanding and miscommunication go hand-in-hand and the barriers for this are typically that of our own devices. If you would like to learn more about the Universe, the 57 known Species of Inter-galactic and inter-dimensional entities discussed in my father’s Disclosure Letters, (as well as many more amazing truths); stay tuned for my first book due out in 2013.

From Micro to Macro and Back Again…

Thank you for the love and support this site has generated, it truly is a New Age of reason, curiosity and above all, Love again. Eric Anthony Crew  नमस्ते