After, life.
I present to you a semi-fictional, philosophical satyr with its “informational” inspirations deep-rooted in a blend of my favorite mythos and a few of my own ideas of what one might experience, in this “After-Life For Dummies Book” – I will be releasing this first-person perspective, serial novella as a monthly series until the book is completed. Enjoy.
-Eric Anthony Crew

“Don’t worry, life is just a ride.”

“It goes up, it goes down, it has thrills and chills… but it’s just a ride.”

 Bill Hicks

The Answers:
An Afterlife Serial Novella


I can see light.

Emptiness and light and nothing else.


in this light;

colors in spectrums I’ve never seen before blaze abound in the most intricate spirals around me. Looking down at me I am me and yet… not. I am still formed as male, naked and standing tall amidst this… nothingness.


I look unto myself and yet now vanished is the form I understand as me,

replaced now by…



Excuse me?


It’s quite simple really, 

but unfortunately we are going to have to start off slow for you.

What are you?

I am you,

 though I am not an ‘am’ insofar as I am actually more of  ‘the’.


The is a word in your conceptual English language that allows you to connect nouns and verbs together, 

I am going to use this as an analogy of myself so that we may get this part out of the way, 

because what truly matters is…

Clouds of images, shapes and symbols flooded me suddenly; and there was everything.

Everything I have ever known and so much more… too much more.

Then emptiness again.

Yes, the “too much more” is the reason we are taking this slowly.


I am just a compilation of thoughts here?

I have no body,

no mouth from which to speak with and the rest of me…

I am finding it harder to even remember what I looked like.

Have I really died?

I have no feelings towards this; so it must be so.

Why are you no longer communicating with me… does that mean that you really are just me?

Some innate part of me that I am not yet aware of;

answering my remedial questions with random information I had already obtained somehow while living?

It is always best for you to begin to think for yourself;
even if you are wrong. 

Finding out your physical body had deceased was inevitable,

it was necessary for your ascension and further development from what you believed to be yourself. 

And of course I am you; 
but more importantly I am the rest of what you didn’t know you already were.

I am here to guide you toward the harmony of the universe, 

I am the essence of what you already know and that which your previous vessel was not comprehending.

Part of it was pure self-induced ignorance,

but the other half  stems from a lack of your vessel’s ability to fathom certain frequencies.

But we can get to that later. 

Now we must begin.