As The Storm Rages
A powerful thunder rolls over the sky like a dragon,
It’s hypnotic song dances through the malevolent clouds,
The darkness that encroached the land brightens before my very eyes.

Explosions of light strike down at the beaten Earth,

As if to remind the living of a stronger Force.
The sky is sullen and wary; ready for its renewal,
Yet, in the absence of color and light; there is still beauty,
That magnificent void that can be seen without eyes,Experienced without flesh and heard with no sound.
Yet under these blanketing clouds, I find redemption;
In the shifting rain, I find your comfort,
The pressure of each drip is like your hand guiding me forward.
In the howling wind, I hear your wisdom,
The sounds of your whispers are all around me and within,
And through the Darkness, I can feel your Light,
Your Soul,
Your presence,
And I know.
I understand;
That in me,
 Your love will live forever.