Death Watch

Angels In Heaven watch down on me,
Even though I do not see,

Keeping Death away at bay,
No matter what I do or say,

He’s come for me once before,
My soul was claimed and was no more,

My heart was silent, I took no breath,
Until my Angels took me from Death,

Rekindled was my breath and heart,
A second chance for life to start,

Perhaps that’s why I cannot see,
These Angels that watch down on me,

Keeping Death away at bay,
No matter what I do or say.

Eric Anthony Crew

AP Note: This poem was written by me many years back, during a time when I did not understand my place in the world and was often obsessed with my stint with Death.

I was dead for over 7 minutes and later was in a coma for a while when I was only 14, an event that would later shape my understanding of… everything. But only after a period of transition, this poem marked the beginning of that transition.

I guess my point for bringing this up is to say that everything changes; even the darkest of nights ends in a beautiful dawn.

-Eric A Crew