Contemplations of Expectations


The Pitfalls of Personal Expectations
By Eric Anthony Crew

Dance with the life you were given.

Life is all about perception and attitude; if you are unhappy with something in your life then there is always an action, attitude or perception you can learn to adopt in order free yourself from the heavy weight of personal expectation.

Life will never be what you expect, therefore it is up to us to create the advantage.


If you are not as fit as you imagined yourself to be, for instance; smile at the form you are today and then decide for yourself realistically what you able to work on and accept that which you cannot.

If you find yourself obsessing about growing old; remind yourself again that you are experiencing life not to foolishly hold on to beauty and youth. Instead, focus on what makes you happy, what makes you love, and that which will one day manifest your dreams into reality.


Never feel as though you are deserved a particular fate or life-style simply out of fairness or ideology.

Instead, create for yourself a clear and distinct idea of what your present and future states of self should be; but remember to allow yourself the patience and room to grow alongside the unexpected changes that life will inevitably bring.

Otherwise the turns and treads of life will seem as constant disappointments rather than as part of the necessary struggle we are all meant to experience in order to grow and mature as human beings.


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