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(Book Preview – Chapter One)




Man is a creature of mind and matter. To the realm of mind belongs metaphysical thought which, whether trained or untrained, is peculiar to each individual and is subject for its development or restraint to his will. It is the basis of religion in the generally accepted sense of this word ; it is purely spiritual and can reach the height of mysticism. From it issue creeds or doc- trines and the erection of a theological system of beliefs. Imparted to other individuals and accepted by them, the metaphysical thought of a few great minds has become the basis of religious systems. Upon its teaching was grafted a Ritual or Law, disciplining the life, mystic, moral, social and even physical, of its adherents or believers. From the exercise of such laws, theocracy or the rule of priesthood was evolved. It is to be found in every religion regardless of the fact that in some instances like in the Buddhist doctrine of Gautama and in the teaching of Jesus Christ, nothing is further removed than ritualism from the metaphysical thought or religious conception of the founders.

The power of theocrasy or exercise of government rule over the masses by a hierarchy of priests or adepts rested on its dual system of teaching, namely : Exote- rism and Esoterism, the former a code of discipline of the thought and mode of life of the masses, the latter the hierarchic school wherein were trained the chosen adepts destined to safeguard the rules imposed upon the people by the high priests.

Upon a close study of the manifold religious systems, the corruption of which led to theocratic rule, namely, Brahminism, the Ancient Egyptian Cult, Mosaism or Judaism, Christianism and Mahometanism, one finds the accepted belief of Monotheism as the basis of esoteric or secret belief or doctrine. Monotheism is here taken in the sense of First Principle.

Whereas the Egyptian high priesthood of Memphis kept this theory as the esoteric teaching of the high adepts, Moses, brought up as one of them, gave it as exoteric or popular belief to the Israelitic sect to which he belonged, embodying it in a deity, the terrible Jehovah of the Jews.

Another side of the esoteric teaching was that of occultism, the development of all human psychic forces which, when misused, lead to the practice of magic. The esoteric part of all religions or hermeticism, the teaching and practice of occultism, led to the development of what might be termed the religion of the secret, which eventually overshadowed and helped to dissimulate subversive activities.

It is with this that we are chiefly concerned and will endeavour, to some degree, to show its baneful influence on society of all creeds and nations. Let the reader bear in mind that it is not the object of this work to discuss the place occupied and the part played by either Metaphysics and Philosophy on the one hand, and Science and Ritualism on the other. The limitations of each and its encroachment upon the territory of the others, the ensuing conflicts, are matter for the history of fanaticism throughout the ages. Our aim is to follow the outgrowth of Esoterism and a few of its multiple ramifications in the realm of perversion and subversion.

If you enjoyed the read thus far, download the book and spread the knowledge for yourself. As always, take everything with a grain of sand and remember that history is anything but one-sided.