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Philosophy Contemplations : “To Have Loved and Lost?”


For many years, I have heard people question the old paradigm as to whether or not it was better to have loved and lost than to have ever loved at all. It is interesting but sometimes something as vulnerable yet simplistic as saying I love you can be the tipping point in the memory of any meaningful relationship.

Never regret not having said I love you to those that matter. Say it often, even if you are angry; because nothing is ever lost from having loved anyone.

To those that have loved and yet believe that they have lost; remember that there are many in the world who question whether or not they’ve had ever even had the opportunity to experience love for themselves.

Perhaps then, what was gained was really just a lesson in what was lost.

Eric Anthony Crew


Attitude is a reaction from the Love or Fear which is created by the mind, expressed by the heart and is spoken aloud by your soul. To change your reality, you must alter your perspective on the factors that shape your “Attitude”.