The Contemplations Series – A Modern Application of Philosophy 

Contemplations of Greatness

There is a driving force each of us feels inside that pushes us toward greater things. Some people find this motivation easily, while others struggle to find the energy.

We are each aware at some level of that nagging sensation we get when we begin to feel of your dreams slipping away. Since this feeling comes from something within us, is it something that each of us can discover and use to our benefit?

Look within and you may discover that the exact same sensation that drives you can also be used to transform your life into the one of your dreams.

Sometimes this push can at first come from others, seeing the flame of potential in yourself and wanting to see you do better. But to truly reach this potential, it has to be a conscious choice to want to do better.

In philosophy, there is something known as an internal drive, created by an element of our individual destiny.

This drive is called our entelechy, better known as an awareness of your full potential from your actual present state.  Aristotle believed that our destiny is driven by our entelechy and that entelechy is the essential part of what drives our development, from cellular to emotional and physical systems.

Our entelechy pushes us toward growth because personal growth is only attained after introspective reflection is conducted, without judgement.

Discernment, patience and an ability to be honest with yourself are all virtues needed so that one day you may seize your own moment of greatness.

If you are struggling to reach your own level of greatness, you only need to reconnect with yourself to find your own way. If you search your heart long enough you will find that drive, your inner entelechy, and you will know what you need to do for yourself to reach your potential. Most likely you already know the greatest impedance on reaching greatness is your greatest enemy, your fear of yourself.

Fear of failing or anxiety over certain achievements can cause a lot of self doubt, but these too should be met with an impartial eye. Otherwise, you will only continue to hold yourself back.

Ask yourself, “Why am I so afraid of trying?”

We can become very comfortable with ourselves as we let our dreams slip past us like the night sky. But one day you will wake up and realize what dreams you made a reality will either be your demise or your own ascent to greatness.

If you let your dreams die out of fear of your own potential, you’ll never know what could have been. It would be like buying a fireworks display that you are too afraid to fire. You can imagine how great and spectacular the lights could have been, but the grand finale never happens. Not without a choice.

Imagine how many beautiful lights and dazzling displays are never shown because of self doubt?

Ask yourself the question and be ready for the answer.


Am I holding myself back from reaching greatness?

If your answer is yes, find the strength to look into your psyche and be able to detach yourself from your emotional reactions through what you witness during this process. Not all of what you discover about yourself will be pretty; but the aversion you feel is created by that same energy that is compelling you forward, toward greatness.

Go with that feeling, go with the aversion.

That which plagues you or makes you feel uncomfortable should be confronted. This will be hard and is the exact opposite of how we are normally wired to react to things; but there is a reason to go toward the pain, rather than away from it.

A reward.

When you find the sensation of anxiety or something that makes you feel uncomfortable  about yourself, you are finding the source that drives you. Your entelechy.

Go with the pain.

If you do you will find something miraculous. Not only will you reconnect with your inner drive and find that motivation toward greatness. You will find a strength has grown in place of your pain and you are a different person because of it; and that alone is a feat of greatness worthy to be proud of.


Eric Anthony Crew

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.” _ Helen Keller