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Eric Iris Nebula

“Reaching Outward” (Self Portrait Over Deep Space Nebulas) © Golden Spiral Photography

This is a short video that is the first of many I intend to create detailing the Soul.

What is it? Is it demonstrable? What can we do beyond the 5 senses? And what does DMT have to do with accessing this energy?

In the feature film “Soul Affirmations” I will be tackling all of these questions and more as I explore the deeper aspects of the Soul, from concept to actuality.

For this first video, a preview or “trailer” of things to come, I made this video immediately after realizing my dog Persephone could hear the thoughts I said to her in my head. Astounded at the implications of this, and even more so that she would act out the commands I gave her simply by looking at her and thinking them; I set out to make flashcards and record this amazing connection so I could share this amazing discovery.

Imagine your thoughts traveling outward from you, like waves of energy, colliding with and observing into everything around you. Because thoughts are made of energy and energy cannot be displaced or destroyed, your thoughts will affect everything they collide with. This is actually how it is in the “quantum foam” part of reality, a physical substrate of energy that is accessible to all beings.

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Waking Meditation


This is a short documentary film about the morning rituals of a Mixed-Martial Arts & Eastern philosophy student.

In this film I reveal a brief moment of my daily ritual in which I meditate first thing in10623573_10204656470829507_1074325430517503386_o the morning on all of the things I need to do in order to get out of the house for the day. If my mind wonders, I allow this and then focus on bringing myself back into center before moving forward.

As the film progresses and my mind wanders again I find myself visualizing practicing my martial arts katas while in various locations focusing on channeling each of the elements through each of the four very different styles of martial arts form training or “katas”.

During the final element, the audience will get to see one of the “avatars” I channel; visualizing myself as the embodiment of the consciousness and energy of this element while focusing on keeping my energy contained, for specific reasons.

It was a blast to make and even more fun to watch after so…


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