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PHOTO / VIDEO CROWD SOURCING: Be given credit for your submission! I am putting together videos for a visual youtube version of each of my first original four interviews with the wonderfully insightful Salini on her radio program Emerging from the Matrix. I have heard wonderful things about Crowd Sourcing (the use of asking others to submit NON trademarked and thus free to use material) to obtain videos and images that can be used that is relative to the material. If anyone has any video or pictures that are free to use and relative to the following topics please email me:

  • People doing amazing things (feats of psychic, physical, mental abilities).
  • Whistleblowers and truth sayers (acts of such or retaliation of acts).
  • Random passerby’s or groups of people coming together to help one another in moments of disaster or emergency.
  • Chemtrail (stratospheric aerosol spraying program) use or production).
  • Random acts of kindness.
  • Examples of humans influenced by Archetypal Consciousness.
  • Examples of Consciousness Growth or Ascension.
  • MKULTRA / Project Monarch (videos and/or photos of past and current projects and examples of).
  • Human Trafficking, Mind Control (MKULTRA or not) & sex slavery examples in today’s society. Whether it be glorification of such through representation (meaning symbology typically shown in our media) or actual footage of (but please follow guidelines below).
  • Or anything relative to my interviews on Emerging from the Matrix.

To submit EMAIL me at in the Subject line write “Crowd Sourcing” and in the message field write; your name, the subject material and content and lastly whether or not the nature of the material js graphic or not (I do not want to be surprised or given anything that is not germane to the topics). images-4
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