I am almost done working on this book, and am looking for donations to fix my computer so that I can get the screen and hard-drive fixed to finish the book, of which I am almost done!

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These secrets have been held closely by certain circles of well managed, compartmentalized groups since the last great cataclysm and this information will be guarded and protected just as powerfully.

I am anticipating some controversy to arise from a few of the concepts I am presenting in this book, but I am more than confident that the information will become self evident in the end.


“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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I am a 28 year old research and consciousness/esoteric scholar that decided over 6 years ago that I have been tasked with discovering the way the world really works… a journey that lead me through many hours of intense “spirals” of research and eventually faced me back to my own source; my father.
My father, Daniel Crew, was a war veteran (a COMSEC officer) and former NASA scientist. Among his amazing accomplishments were to assist in fixing the arm of the Hubble Telescope and many undisclosed projects working within the ranks of the extraterrestrial/government ties until he retired and decided to reconnect with his estranged son.
Part of our new relationship was him telling me the most amazing secrets of life, reality, cosmology, and more as he watched my own research take turns toward his own; and decided to give me a grounding in reality and a direction towards truth.
3 days after sending me his last “disclosure letter” via email, my father passed away.. which in turn inspired me to create my website and write this book to get his message out to the world!
“The Truth About Everything!” is a literal road map of short chapters detailing the history of the truths revealed in his Disclosure Letters, which will be the Final Two chapters of my book.
This book is only the beginning, however, as I have documentaries and future books already planned and ready to begin… I just need a few backers who believe in a search for truth and a desire to change the world.—
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Editor of Aquarian Philosophy & Author of the upcoming, “The Truth About Everything”                – Eric Anthony Crew


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