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“Silence is the only language spacious enough to include everything and to keep us from slipping back into dualistic judgments and divisive words.” – Richard Rohr, Silence & Strain

Contemplations of Quietude

By Eric Anthony Crew

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The first of three interlocking segments of my personal philosophical entries pertaining to the ontological quest for truth; specifically what can be known with certainty?

Are there any absolute truths that can be known or is everything that we know truly a dream made reality by the immense power of our consciousness?

In my first video, “The Fear of Truth & The Death of Ego,” I examine the natural Fear most humans experience towards learning and contemplating new possibilities both in a historical and biological context.

Next I end the segment by offering my assertion of the ego; it’s origin, use, and why a complete so called “death” of the human ego is not necessarily possible nor helpful in a biological sense.

I hope these videos will assist in the coming and current rise of consciousness, please feel free to share and spread these videos to all your friends and family. We live in a beautifully integral time, namaste.

Eric Anthony Crew

The original conference material can be seen by its official online review…

As The Storm Rages
A powerful thunder rolls over the sky like a dragon,
It’s hypnotic song dances through the malevolent clouds,
The darkness that encroached the land brightens before my very eyes.

Explosions of light strike down at the beaten Earth,

As if to remind the living of a stronger Force.
The sky is sullen and wary; ready for its renewal,
Yet, in the absence of color and light; there is still beauty,
That magnificent void that can be seen without eyes,Experienced without flesh and heard with no sound.
Yet under these blanketing clouds, I find redemption;
In the shifting rain, I find your comfort,
The pressure of each drip is like your hand guiding me forward.
In the howling wind, I hear your wisdom,
The sounds of your whispers are all around me and within,
And through the Darkness, I can feel your Light,
Your Soul,
Your presence,
And I know.
I understand;
That in me,
 Your love will live forever.



Dining With Pulchritude

Delicately perched and displaced from their gazes,

She postures herself so as not to forget,

The curse that courses through all of her graces,

From her disengaged grin to her dress’ own slit,

If else had noticed, it was not on their faces,

As her insides recede to a cavernous pit,

But hers is a curse in demand in these places,

And by those who seem to have only a bit.

Surely this hexing must then be a blessing,

Cold emerald eyes like a dead president’s print,

No pestering questions too ponderous or pressing,

A toast with her glass of swirled liquor and mint,

She’s immaculate and lavish and yet patently known,

That her table is empty for she dines all alone.

Eric Anthony Crew
March 14, 2009

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