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The Philosophy Contemplations Series


Contemplations of Empathy

 “God sells us all things at the price of labor.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci speaking not so cryptically about the law of karma. In all aspects of life, you get what you put in.

When I was growing up, I had quite a hard life and yet I was always told that it will get better. “Don’t worry,” someone would assure me, “it will get better.”

Even my mother, the amazing soul she is, could see the suffering that I was going through and would try to make a promise she knew she could not keep by telling me the same. But for some of us, life won’t necessarily get any better; and depending on your mindset, that might not actually be a bad thing.

There is a certain type of miracle in simply being alive, and at our present time with such a wealth of information available at our fingertips. Anything and everything that our curiosity demands appears available, streaming even. With so much capacity for gaining knowledge in today’s society, ranging from the spiritual to the mundane, it truly presses the notion that each of us incarnated at this particular time for a particular lesson to be learned.


One way of looking at life is that the more experience a person has, the more opportunities there are for each individual to actually learn from the lessons they were meant to, which in turn enables the growth their soul actually incarnated for, (it sounds a lot easier than it is apparently).

There is this beautiful concept in Eastern Philosophy called Wu Wei, while Taoist in nature, Wu Wei offers a rather stoic perspective of life that I often use to help myself understand the changing energies around me. Wu Wei literally translates the the action of non-action. Or what you are doing when you are doing nothing. This is basically a concept to get you to understand that first without action, there is still action being taken and those actions are your thoughts _ which in turn is the only thing we have under our full control over in life.

Heraclitus explains the natural evolution of the concept of Wu
Wei rather well with his infamous quote, “You can never step into the same river twice.”

Is the main concept trying to be put forth is that nothing remains the same and the only thing that remains constant is the flux.edb585c95bfdf4fd03275a24af54818c

This flux is basically that ever-changing push of life that takes our unrealized potential toward something new, for better or worse depending entirely upon our actions and intentions.

A large part of why I am so grateful for all that has transpired in my life can be attributed to the idea and philosophy continuing from the notion of flux.

When I look back in remembrance of everything, I have to smile and enjoy all of it because they were my experiences to have had. All the loves I burned so brightly for; all the amazing individuals that have crossed my path; the immense struggles that taught me vigilance through the strife; and especially the intense pain that gave me the strength to rise above it all.

Without the struggle, the beauty of our paths would fade in its importance. Yet, thanks to the Laws of Karma (in return for my reactions to this struggle), I was given a great gift of empathic wisdom.


What is empathy? And what does being an empath or having a strong sense of empathic guidance mean?

Understanding empathy and what the difference is between empathy and sympathy is a good way of understanding a lot of the issues stemming from the many different personality types there are out there, which in turn stems from each person’s unique interpretation of reality.

There is only one reality, but with each sentient being capable of their own observation, there are also equal amounts (so likely infinite amounts) of interpretations of the one reality.  And as I showed in article, “The Current Shift in Consciousness“, scientists have learned from observations such as “The Double Slit Experiment” that we really do impact the reality around us simply by observing it. Thus, each of us truly co-creates all that we live and see, and strangely enough, a lot of what we don’t see as well.

Empathy is the phenomenon that occurs when one person triggers an empathic reaction in another based on a mutual understanding coming directly from a certain kind of connection that goes far beyond language. This is a physical, as well as an electrical reaction, one that can even be seen on the EM spectrum and is in actuality caused by a chemical response  in the heart. What some people call our “heart consciousness“.

Having a heightened level of empathy helps connect beings from an understanding of having physically, emotionally as well as spiritually having experienced something individually that connects each person to that same energy of that experience.

These are emotions dealing with a preternatural sense of knowing and feeling thing that a completely different person is feeling and knowing, simultaneously. Somewhat like the metaphysical equivalent of the soul’s emotional deja vu, but reality is not contingent upon our acceptance of its connectivity, it is merely colored by it. Neither is our awareness of any of this.


is more of a psychological reaction to something, the difference of empathy and sympathy in this regard would mean you are dealing with a spiritual and emotional reaction (empathy) versus one solely based on the logic of cause and effect (sympathy). At some point as well in our contrasting of these two terms, we are perhaps simply only dealing with a certain level of vernacular, or how people choose to word things.

But in terms of an empathic versus a sympathetic reaction to something you are typically dealing with an (feminine/yin) emotional versus (male/yang) logistical reaction.  Knowing the difference between these two types of reactions and when to apply them can be very beneficial knowing which reactions are better suited to which problem or unexpected life event.

An example of a sympathetic reaction would be that a teacher feels bad that he has to fail a student that he likes based on his test scores, but the student did not do well enough on his test for a passing grade. The teacher exhibits a healthy level of sympathy in feeling bad for the student, but (using the male dominant logic of cause and effect) logically the teacher understands that the student and the teacher are both merely obliging to the structure and rules of their pedagogy and that an emotional or empathic reaction probably wouldn’t benefit the situation.



Resigning yourself to the fact that the only thing that ever really stays the same is change, allows a certain kind of complacency which helps to align your mind with the power of the Now, which is in turn just the feeling and act of being completely present at that moment in time.

So in essence, it is we that must adapt to that concept that change is not only imminent, but necessary. Which is the same as realizing that you, yourself, are causing your own disappointments in life and could very well be holding yourself back from creating experiences that could change your life profoundly.

Life truly is an expression of your thoughts, which are in turn a half-step of the actions you will take, all of which end up reflecting your character, soul and purpose in life.

Remember that every intention has a purpose; but ask yourself; whose purpose are you serving? And are you ok with that…? If so, then you are in a beautiful place because no one can take that away from you; you are free.

Eric Anthony Crew


Bestselling author, political adviser and social and ethical prophet Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and our society. Taken from a lecture given by Jeremy Rifkin as part of the RSA’s free public events program..




“Silence is the only language spacious enough to include everything and to keep us from slipping back into dualistic judgments and divisive words.” – Richard Rohr, Silence & Strain

Contemplations of Quietude

By Eric Anthony Crew

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The first of three interlocking segments of my personal philosophical entries pertaining to the ontological quest for truth; specifically what can be known with certainty?

Are there any absolute truths that can be known or is everything that we know truly a dream made reality by the immense power of our consciousness?

In my first video, “The Fear of Truth & The Death of Ego,” I examine the natural Fear most humans experience towards learning and contemplating new possibilities both in a historical and biological context.

Next I end the segment by offering my assertion of the ego; it’s origin, use, and why a complete so called “death” of the human ego is not necessarily possible nor helpful in a biological sense.

I hope these videos will assist in the coming and current rise of consciousness, please feel free to share and spread these videos to all your friends and family. We live in a beautifully integral time, namaste.

Eric Anthony Crew

The original conference material can be seen by its official online review…

My “GOD” Theorem

“Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because if there be one he must approve of the homage of reason more than that of blindfolded fear.” – Thomas Jefferson

Discussions, theories and discourses on religion or theological aspects are rarely clear or cut and dry; if they were, many of us would each be in agreement with the same  idea or theory thereof. That being stated, I would like to write out my own theory for why there is only one entity that some call “god” and my supporting thesis as to why we are all part of this same entity.

God (or fill in the “___” with your own desired nomenclature) is only capable of being ONE physical entity; meaning there is only ONE source for everything.

There is a great story that I will paraphrase for my use in explaining the perspective that most of us begin with; which is the idea of rejecting infinite regress, meaning that one does not believe in time as an endless stream, which would demand a “cause” & “effect” and “beginning” & end”.

Two Greek philosophers were curious about Atlas, the deity charged with holding the great weight of the world upon his shoulders.

As the one philosopher queried, “If Atlas holds up the Earth, what holds up Atlas?”

To which the other philosopher answered, “Well that’s simple my friend, Atlas is standing upon the back of a giant tortoise shell.”

At this the first man pondered for a moment and then asked again, “But then what does that tortoise stand on?”

As if anticipating this question the philosopher smiled and said, “Why, my good man! Its tortoises all the way down!”

I believe in the rejection of infinite regress is incorrect and that time is really just an illusion caused in part by our dualistic perspective and the necessity of mass adhering to the vibrational frequency of our third dimensional constructs. This partly explains why the greatest minds of our time and were never able to get past the issues of “time”, “god”, or the “Big-Bang” in most philosophical contexts – nor were they able to fully convince others of their ideas either.

So; if we are to accept that “time” is merely a fallacy demanded by our need to measure the immeasurable and that there is no true beginning nor end to anything (think of the very pertinent looping shape of the infinity symbol) we are finally able to let go of the largest hurdles in contemplating the divine. Continuing with this pattern of thought, let us also then accept the postulation that time is not inherent in the Universe and so there never was a beginning to “God” nor will there be an end. By accepting this we are able to somewhat fix the problems we have when trying to explain the origins of the Universe; as we always get caught up on the beginning of things.

“A twisted ring of gas, one that stretches more than 600 light-years across the heart of the Milky Way galaxy, has been discovered by astronomers using the powerful infrared Herschel space telescope. The gaseous ring, which gives birth to new stars, has a kink in the middle, such that it looks like a cosmic infinity symbol.”

Moving on from this we now have to assume that there is a FIRST source, or a FIRST MOVER, or God if you will (that which is unmoved by others, uncontrolled by others and thus not contingent upon the existence of anything other than itself) … and so now there is 1.

From this 1 (“god”) we get everything.The proof of this is the idea that “god” made us all from itself; if you can accept the above postulation; then you must also believe that “god” was/is the only and first entity that had to use its own fabric/self to create everything else. If this was not the case then we would instead have 2 original entities; “god” and the “fabric” or the material from which “god” created all forms of life. If there were 2 original entities (god & the fabric), we would the have to reject infinite regress again because something would have had to have “made” the fabric and “god” or one to have come before the other; which again would not make sense within the parameters of infinite regress.

Therefore, “god”, or the Source, must have made all forms of life, matter and frequencies from its own material; else again there would have been two sources. Thus we now have a passable explanation for the idea that there not only a first source – often referred to as God – but that we are all made of this being and thus… are all god.

Eric Anthony Crew

Contemplations of Expectations


The Pitfalls of Personal Expectations
By Eric Anthony Crew

Dance with the life you were given.

Life is all about perception and attitude; if you are unhappy with something in your life then there is always an action, attitude or perception you can learn to adopt in order free yourself from the heavy weight of personal expectation.

Life will never be what you expect, therefore it is up to us to create the advantage.


If you are not as fit as you imagined yourself to be, for instance; smile at the form you are today and then decide for yourself realistically what you able to work on and accept that which you cannot.

If you find yourself obsessing about growing old; remind yourself again that you are experiencing life not to foolishly hold on to beauty and youth. Instead, focus on what makes you happy, what makes you love, and that which will one day manifest your dreams into reality.


Never feel as though you are deserved a particular fate or life-style simply out of fairness or ideology.

Instead, create for yourself a clear and distinct idea of what your present and future states of self should be; but remember to allow yourself the patience and room to grow alongside the unexpected changes that life will inevitably bring.

Otherwise the turns and treads of life will seem as constant disappointments rather than as part of the necessary struggle we are all meant to experience in order to grow and mature as human beings.


Aquarian Philosophy


It’s Me – A Self Portrait

A Self Portrait

It’s me;

I am the order strewn about my floor in sporadic chaos.
Each paper blooming out from the other like a fire,
Twisting in fragments of neglected thoughts and ink,
Forgotten like a kaleidoscope of partial dreams.

Scrutinize the pallets and I am there;

I tread slowly along the solemn blues in my sobriety.
My desire for affection is splayed in the spotty smears of desperate reds.
And my envy has its roots deep beneath the incorrigible greens,
Begrudging what I desire as it grows slyly across the page.

I am that surge of anticipation before starting;

That fleeting moment of clarity as a masterpiece rears its head from the future,
The lingering fetor of paint reeks of my own stubborn miasma.
Its resolve mirrors my own like the shifting consistency of clay,
Easily changed yet through fire and force I am hardened.

I am that dreadful resentment upon completion;

The ache of a medium as it fades from potential to actual.
I am the question that follows and thus always remain the answer.
I realize then that I am not an artisan, for it is art that dictates me.
I am contingent of art and of its existence and otherwise just wouldn’t be.

Eric Anthony Crew


Originally Written 4/16/2010

Laughter As Therapy


 “Of course I’m crazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.” -Robert Anton Wilson

“There’s a phrase we live by in America: “In God We Trust”. It’s right there where Jesus would want it: on our money.” – Stephen Colbert

“All my life, I always wanted to be somebody.  Now I see that I should have been more specific.”  ~Jane Wagner, The Search For Intelligent Life In The Universe, performed by Lily Tomlin

The Importance of Laughter

At the worst of times it is so important to smile and in the face of adversity it is most important to laugh, if anything I say to anyone is ever retained let it be this; feel things out with your heart, more than just your mind – and weigh them out together.

Laugh at the little things.

Have no distinctions between the little things and the bigger things and laugh at it all. If you need to find something worth laughing about then just think of what makes you love. Either way this mental exercise is better than any of the usual barrage of negative thoughts we can become accustomed to when stressed.

Just a thought. ♥


Laughing Yoga
This guy always cracks me up

CFA – How Stress Effects Your Brain

Amazing Video…

Stress and Memory

Stress Response Animation

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Stress: Your brain and body:
What is stress and can it be good for you? Does it kill off your brain cells and can it cause depression? How does your brain perceive a terrifying situation and prepare your body for survival?

Renew – Stress on the Brain

Quantum Mechanics of Stress, Aging and disease

S. K. Ramesh, MD., PhD., DSc. Board Director – University of Integrated Sciences, California:, USA International Advisor – Energetic Wellness Academy, Brussels, Europe Traumatologist and Wellness Consultant, Futuristic Clinic, Dubai


There has been so much of research from the point of view of managing the problems of aging. Science has made major discoveries from the point of view of developing anti oxidants, hormone replacement therapies and now the new knowledge about DNA and telomeres, which would in

future produce something to grow the length of telomere to continue cell division. I always wondered what the missing link is. What is it that makes us Tick? If we break ourselves down into smaller and smaller particles we would ultimately become molecules, atoms and finally sub atomic particles, namely electrons, muons, pions and the smallest known particle as per Stanford Research called as Tao-nutrinos. These are the building blocks of all forms of matter,

be it DNA, the endocrine glands, the environments etc. All these particles are constantly in a state of motion ie to say vibration and in-order to

vibrate it needs energy. This energy comes from the surrounding and is constant. As per Einstein, nothing is destroyed, whether energy converts to matter or matter converts to energy.

Next question that arises is, if we are made of these particles and if these are vibrating then there must be something which holds it in a certain space and organization or else we would be disintegrating all the time and would never have this physical appearance of ours. This space of our particles is called the Subtle Organizing Energy Field (SOEF). This is the most important link between energy and matter.

(Article continued here; )

When Needed Most

Pathways – Philosophical Poetry



In all the choices we make,

beneath our feet in the directions we choose to step,

the effects of our own mindset are all around us,

the energy we exude collides with the spirals of light we cross,

the emotion we portray billows into the empathy of another,

the thoughts we believe are sacred will influence the stranger you just passed,

and the truth behind it all is within your eyes,

and to behold the truth one need only to look inside,

for we always knew and always will know,

that life is tangible, pliable and easily changed,

so why then do you ask of me,
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Dining With Pulchritude

Delicately perched and displaced from their gazes,

She postures herself so as not to forget,

The curse that courses through all of her graces,

From her disengaged grin to her dress’ own slit,

If else had noticed, it was not on their faces,

As her insides recede to a cavernous pit,

But hers is a curse in demand in these places,

And by those who seem to have only a bit.

Surely this hexing must then be a blessing,

Cold emerald eyes like a dead president’s print,

No pestering questions too ponderous or pressing,

A toast with her glass of swirled liquor and mint,

She’s immaculate and lavish and yet patently known,

That her table is empty for she dines all alone.

Eric Anthony Crew
March 14, 2009

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